Record from Wanaka AMA – 03 Dec, 2023

Hi guys, we meet again today, time passes so quickly, doesn’t it?
We can chat in a few minutes, prepare the questions you want

Admin | Kim Chi

Hello everybody🤝

CEO | Truong Tran

Hello guys

Dev | Tien Luong

Welcome everyone. Greetings to the entire Wanaka Farm team. I see that the “WANA” currency has finally started to gain in price.!!


Admin | Kim Chi: Hi @Mactom

Hello everybody.
Hello, I hope you are well, best wishes for the upcoming Christmas holidays. I would like to know if there is anything planned for the game in the near future… Will we continue with the snow theme much longer?


Admin | Kim Chi: Thanks, Sending you a little taste of my early Christmas. I made it myself👍

CEO | Truong Tran: We are going to do for big plan where change everything but it will have been spend so long time, keep patient to wait for us next year.

lolopopz: Then this confirms our assumption about the delay of the backend changes (big updates) you mentioned 6 months ago, right?
i try to look at it again in the announcement section and it’s gone 😲

Admin | Kim Chi: I didn’t delete any notifications

CEO | Truong Tran: I confirm delay cauz it is hard but we have been working

Many people complain about the band, but in my opinion, keep doing what you need to do, according to your assumptions. I will just say to all critics that there is a team that has not left this project and in my opinion this is the most important recommendation that this project still has the potential to be a great game.


Admin | Kim Chi: Sure, thank you for always being here and trust us

Do you think that the use of artificial intelligence will be in the game in the future???


Greetings, I believe we can agree that the primary issue in these play-to-earn games, speaking generally, lies in their tokens. Wanaka has successfully developed a great game but continues to use a token with minimal value. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to consider using a stablecoin and charging a transaction fee? It has been proven that private tokens are not effective.

If we continue doing more of the same, we’ll get the same results. Let’s try using a stablecoin where users can preserve the value of their investment and not see it diminish with a worthless currency. It’s an option where everyone wins – you’ll receive profits from transactions.

Best regards.


Hi, I can understand that it doesn’t worth to invest much effort in develop big changes in the game until cripto world rises again in 2024… but I do believe there could be some small changes that would add some interest for current players, and would improve the game in the future.
Extend Wanatrade’s sales spots to at least 27 (i.e., at least complete the third screen).
To be able to sell pets in the Wanatrade, just as eggs can be sold.
Make butter the extra product of the pig, and not of the goat, which already has the horn. In this way, the 3 animals would have a base product and an extra one. Besides, butter is a product that can be obtained from pigs.
Make use of the 1 and 2 star horns. Open the possibility of something similar for the 1 and 2 star plaice bones (which do not exist now).
In the inventory, in the menu where it says “Harvested; Mutated”, add “Seeds”. In this way, in the inventory you will be able to see the available seeds.
That the default plots allow the planting of any type of product (i.e., a vegetable slot, a tree slot, a fish slot and an animal slot, but without necessarily having to be the first generation).


→CEO | Truong Tran: I understand for strong solution We need to rebuild architecture before change everything

Hello sir , could you tell me about backend process.
You said ” wait for us next year ” , but end of next year is next year too, i think it not clear…


Did you delete your announcement more than 6 months ago i think, about something not updating the game for a time being because you have a big update at the 4th quarter of this year?

cause i can’t find it anymore


→CEO | Truong Tran
I confirm the delay because many objective and subjective reasons. I hope you sharing and support us to do go ahead

Content lead | Farmer: We said generally the game updates should be halted until the backend finished.

To be clear in the next AMAs, in the current state of the game, can changes be made such as adding filters, modifying the elements given by certain animals/plants? or at this moment we cannot weigh that. I say this so that in the future I will not suggest again if it cannot be done.


CEO | Truong Tran: Will do, thank you!

Content lead | Farmer
Hi SIQR.. it cannot be done those features with current system. Sorry.

It is time to say goodbye for today. We wish you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Thanks @Thorn & @mactom For your joining today

Content lead | Farmer

Thank you for here in the last “chat with team” of 2023. See you again on January 7, 2024
Wish you a nice weekend, i’ll close chat now, byebye

Admin | Kim Chi

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❤️Thank you❤️

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