Record from Wanaka AMA – 10 Sep, 2023

Hi guys, nice to meet you again. Prepare the question you want. We’ll start now.

Admin | Kim Chi

Hello guys.
Nice to meet all of you to day

Dev | Tien Luong

Hello everyone~
Welcome back after a long break 🙂

Content lead | Farmer

Hey every body, long time no see you 👀

CEO | Truong Tran



Any new updates? or even rumors? leaks?
then at least share with the rest of us in the announcement section this kind of ideal game, even a general concept, in order to have even the slightest hype or hope


→ Content lead | Farmer: We have an ideal game design for Wanaka Farm, adding more functions of progressing and upgrading your character/land, etc… , but implement it will take time. We are also considering to hire more manpower to implement

Do you plan to list wana and wai coins in Binance, kukoin? kraken?etc thank you


→ Content lead | Farmer: Not yet, there’s no volume now, and listing cost is huge!~

→ JulianR7: okay. Then when are you advancing the game? it’s been sitting for a year you haven’t done an update nothing. a contest a new plant to encourage players to come and we who are buying wana, wai

If you don’t bring something new to the game let’s be motivated to buy wana . wai and let new players come . those who play will sell wana . wai until the currency reaches 0 . Is that what you want? How hard you worked to make the game. Thank you.


→ Content lead | Farmer: what I can say is, the more encouraging to buy the token will bring more stress to the project and the stakeholders at the moment. Please keep on your current experience of the existing game.

Personally feel sorry for the game because it was a realistic game when it started and it had adrenaline. now it’s f boring. it didn’t bring me any stress buying wana because I was in a competition with other farmers.


→ Content lead | Farmer: yeah it is hard to keep your hunger with the same gameplay in long time, we understand.

→Dev | Tien Luong: We are so sorry, we understand how you are feeling. But we still try out best to make the game great again.

update anything else? a camel . a cat . a banana a carrot a shark but put something else.


How about the update on the backend side? the one you mentioned until the 4th quarter? any updates on that? is it half way since it’s already ber months.


All that about wanting to make a good game is very good, but without players there is no game and with those answers the few of us left are going to be less and less.


Yes, you’re right, we are getting fewer and fewer. Now we should have been in the meeting with the bosses, but they’ve all given up the game.


Since they said they were going to focus on the back end we really don’t know what they are doing because there isn’t a single piece of news, if they are just giving time for the market to recover they can still say it. Nobody is going to be scared by that.


→ Content lead | Farmer: Firstly, the market to be recovered will be very late in 2025, I guess. It’s too long from now to buy time. About the backend, We are just looking for a best solution for current game infrastructure situation and the future development direction.
Secondly, we don’t charge you guys any fee for playing games, in fact we have zero income in 2 years literally. So why should we be scared? or why should we buy time?

→ pepeguess82: They charge commissions in the market and a while ago I remember that the devs sold quite a few wanas, so they have had income. If you get defensive, I won’t say anything else.

→ Content lead | Farmer: no no. i am not defensive. Market tax is very little amount these days dude~
and some devs may sell the token, just like a normal people when they got ESOP company stocks and they want to convert it into cash~. We live in a free-will world. But the CEO is still here holding the fort, don’t worry.
cc @CEO | Truong Tran

I live in Switzerland and I attracted several friends to play at first we used to compete . now they all gave up because they are bored.


→ Admin | Kim Chi: First of all, thank you so much for recommending Wanaka Farm to others. I hope that they will come back later.

→ CEO | Truong Tran: Because of that, we realize we need to slow down for comprehensive change, thank you for your information.

I understand that the Wanaka Farm team is waiting for a bull market for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. in my opinion it will start in the third quarter of 2024. I guess that’s why you wait to introduce updates and other changes half a year before the cryptocurrency boom?
I keep buying WANA currency because it is the perfect time to invest. Good job, guys . continue to work calmly and I believe in the project. Best regards, Tomek from Poland


Let’s understand that we’ll be stuck with the pig and goat for a long time to come.


Please be understanding, patient, and do what you trust about financial investment plan, never do all-in, never be desperate too much and quit on the market.

Content lead | Farmer

Guys, we just ask for any news, plans, ideas you have, what work you are doing,etc. So that at least those who still play continue doing so.


I would like to rest from the snow, is there any possibility?


Dear best friends,
We know that there are delays in development progress do effect both your mind and ours
The biggest difficulty is research a comprehensive solution for the technological and economic in-game.
The firstly, we are researching an architectural design model that flexible in all situations, and this solution needs to be cost-effective.
The second, we are completely rebuilding model growing items, rebuild items, land envairoment and in-game economy
The third, global’s economic is donwntrend, all of trade systems have small volumes or no liquidity which are difficulty for simulation and spend, that everything need to optimation, need to saved and need to timing.
How ever, We are always in here hard working with big vision and long term for the big growup near future.

CEO | Truong Tran

Have a nice Sunday everyone! Thanks bosses for answering the questions honestly.


The Christmas theme is already exhausting and although Christmas will come soon, we would like to rest from a year of winter XD, is there any possibility of at least returning to the original theme, at least for a few months?


→ Content lead | Farmer: ha ha.. I guess we don’t need to change it in this 2023 X’mas.

→ Content lead | Farmer: We can keep going another 30 minutes~

Hello team good you see you again 🤲. Looking forward for good days of Wanaka Farm.


→ Admin | Kim Chi: Thank you, I also wish you all the best 🫶🫶

Speaking of the game itself, I would like the devs to review some things:
Verify the % processing of oranges, since I am not sure that it is working very well according to the score.
Super products 8+ for daily missions, I feel that it is visibly unbalanced, since now the vast majority of days leaves super wheat (before it did not come out) and the other super pruducts leave notoriously less days.


As CEO mentioned about improved elements such as the system, items, lands, balance in game economy, etc. The player’s task is simply to wait for the uptrend xD. So, I have a question: are you confident to confirm that the game will be more interesting, engaging, magnetic than it currently does??:wana17:


→ Content lead | Farmer: Sure it is. that’s why we start to re-work on the game and stop all the unimportant updates.

→ CEO | Truong Tran: We are confident, thank you for your ask.

→ Admin | Kim Chi: 😀 CL asked the question everyone wants to ask? And this is the last question for today.
I’ll close chat now
Thanks, see you on Oct, 10

→ ChangLee: I will patienly accompany you all, keep going~

Thank you you all. Keep you trust on us.
@pepeguess82 @SIQR1710 @ChangLee @JulianR7 @Mactom

Content lead | Farmer

→ pepeguess82: Always my friend

→ Admin | Kim Chi: Moa moa🫶

→ SIQR1710: 🙌

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