Record from Wanaka AMA 14, May, 2023

Hi guys, nice to meet you again. Prepare the question you want. We’ll start now.

Admin | Kim Chi

Hello guys

Dev | Tien Luong

Hello farmers, we hope you enjoy a great May

Content lead | Farmer

Hi guys

CTO | Thuan Nguyen

The game looks as if you are not interested, with a few simple updates you could give another image, for example we are in May, but we are still having Christmas


Content lead | Farmer: Thanks for your reminding, but changing graphic design is quite burden at the moment. We have considered many other aspects for the game design, not only the theme.

Dev | Tien Luong: We are going to change the quests. For more interest.

Mony0806: When?

Dev | Tien Luong: Maybe 2 weeks from now. I guess

MaxVo: Yeap, make something to burn all agri-products now

Tons of corn, wheat, etc in our warehouses

Hi guys! Any news for us

Was The backend built completely?


Content lead | Farmer: Hi, farmers. The game requirements and APIs have been sorted out. The new people will come in June and We will start to look for some options to implement/fine tune or build it.

Repticesor: Hi team :), thanks for the effort

Dev | Tien Luong: Thank you for standing by us

Repticesor: 🤙

Content lead | Farmer: Hello Fryvan96


→Fryvan96: Hi there!

Hi team, is there a way to show little improvements on backend side in, for example, the sneak peek channel, or maybe just open a new one for posting weekly pics from daily work of devs, or just hanging out? Not for being too obtrusive with you guys, but it feels good having a visual feedback that keeps clear that this lovely project is not abandoned. At least for me, social engagement is key to keep a community healthy


Content lead | Farmer: It is not a bad ideas, we have new office and we are recruiting more. Will reveal some photos later.

Fryvan96: Glad you agree! Thanks for considering it.

Hi team, besides the change in quest , any plans of increasing land lvl and new seeds soon ?


Content lead | Farmer: It is not that early.

Luks007: I don’t understand what you mean.

Content lead | Farmer: Ah. I mean land leveling up is not a priority now 🙂

Right? @Dev | Tien Luong

lolopopz: the game server always lags around this time

Content lead | Farmer: Server lagging is well noted

SIQR1710: x2. Lag server is so high, sometimes we cant play

I would like to know if for PC players there can be the possibility in configuration of being able to choose between the Christmas theme (white) or default theme (green), the idea is: to be able to choose in configuration and in the next load game you can see the change. I think only in PC for install file size.

Content lead | Farmer: I am not sure about that, maybe the load size package will be bigger than needed

We support you. We love you. Just don’t stop. Keep going. 

Slow and steady will always win the race 💪


Content lead | Farmer: Thanks Fawad for your greeting

Fawad: Wanaka is a turtle it’s not a rabbit.

Many love from Pakistan 😊

The chatting session today is over. Many thanks @everyone

Content lead | Farmer

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