Record from Wanaka AMA – 07 Jan, 2024

Hello everybody,

CEO | Truong Tran

Hello farmers~

Content lead | Farmer

Hello all my dear team members 💞

Love from Pakistan


→ Content lead | Farmer: Yeah I hope you had a great new year holiday celebration last week 

Fawad: Yeah brother 😊: So any good news for us ? Team?

Good evening , i have a question, when wanaka update 😆

I wish you will update game on Tet holiday


→ CEO | Truong Tran: We  have been in the process of rebuid the architecture and gameplay, so updating new features will be delayed for a few more months 

Hi everyone, happy new year


Let’s be honest, I think it is clear that it is impossible to update at frontend level even the simplest which is to remove the snow because you do not have the team or person qualified for that task because they were fired or resigned long ago, the only update that is in your hands that you can do is at backend level, no new elements or animals or dynamics is this correct?


→ Content lead | Farmer: We said many times back then that: all the game updates would be accomplished after we rebuild the infrastructure level

like you understand and insist just now

→ CEO | Truong Tran: I confirm there is a change in staff but it only has a small impact on the overall plan,  we have been still go ahead anyway

But at present, wanaka team there are not developer for this, i dont think it “in process ” as you said


Any update or news regarding the rebuilding the infrastructure?


→ Content lead | Farmer: Save the best for the last ❤️

→ Fawad: We believe you. We trust you. I’m here to stand with the project till it’s last breath 🫁

We will update the roadmap before the Jan 2024 ends

Content lead | Farmer

→ Fawad: That’s good news

→ Luks007: Last time we waited like 2 months for the last road map that it could been done easily in a week , because of the content. Please don’t take too long if you are going to say 1 or 2 sentences like the previous road map.

→ Matguad: excellent👍

It has been many months in the same dynamic, there is no news, we are called once a month to say nothing, this is not fair and makes no sense, those of us who stay here deserve a little respect and something more than a simple we are rebuilding the architecture every month and nothing more to add.


→ Content lead | Farmer: With all the respect, we gather here to face the community and answer you all

→ calvidox: But it is always the same thing every month and there is nothing new they can tell us. They are here to face the community but they don’t say anything new, no progress. This is my point, this 1 day every month chat to said nothing new, come on.

it’s actually Lunar new year holiday to us, the “Tet”

Content lead | Farmer

What I think is if for some reason the step to reach the wanaverse turned out to be more complicated than expected, it would not be better to continue with the initial plans and not continue insisting on something that has already taken more than a year and is not possible  to achieve?


→ Content lead | Farmer: it is possible my friend

Good morning team and community


Hi, so do you have any meaningful informations for remaining players? What kind of infranstructure changes are you planing, what will be added, what changes are you planing. I get you dont develop much but at least give us any idea of what is future

What progress have been made since year of development so far


→ CEO | Truong Tran: The big task rebuilding a large system with millions of players has taken more effort than first expected, so please be patient support for us

I know you want to ask a roadmap, we will announce soon. But now I can leak for you a litte thing. The new features of game will only update after rebuild architeture have done

→ Content lead | Farmer: I can tell you that the Game was launched in Q4 2021 , was in very poor state even game content was super nice, but it is hard and messy to upgrade. That’s why we are changing the. it and through the bad season, we continue to face many other issues. But we will make it eventually, Please stay calm and I do appologize for all the delays on behalf of the team

I have a question about a possible relaunch of wanaka related to actual lands; will the lands can be used in the new upcoming versions?


Yes, you repeat that all time, please answer my question


I respect you, and I appreciate the work you have done in the past. But what I feel is what many feel


→ Content lead | Farmer: at least we will give the update on roadmap, and define what we do meanwhile, soon

→ FicHitA: Thats why im asking that, lol but no response

Last year road map was kind of joke and even nothing was made so its not rly meaningful

Not even simple issues like proportion of general waste to usage of pepower i mentioned 10 months ago was made and road map was about fixes

This way i dont see point of doing AMA every month if you are not giving any answers. Just to say Hi?


We apologize for the delayed out of roadmap, but it is a mandatory choice for sustainable development, we don’t want to make any mistakes in the future.

CEO | Truong Tran

Thats why im asking about what is the plan, and what changes in general we can expect. If you put another roadmap like Q1-Q4 – making upgrade of the game. It still give us no information for another year. Thats not an answer

After year of development i can assume you have at least 70% of the rebuild done (with a single person work)


→ CEO | Truong Tran: I confirmed the delay and we are making it with new plan

Do you have a date to deliver the road map? Q1 or Q2 or undefined like the backend updates


→ Content lead | Farmer: Before our Lunar new year holiday please

Im sorry i may sound rude but im senior blockchain developer aswell and building game like that from scratch having chain and assets ready may take.. like 5-6 months for single person


The problem is that they do not say at least what their ideas are, it seems that they do not even have the concept or where they want to go, we do not know anything and every month it is always the same, we want at least that, what is their concept and where the game is going, it will be something different, we do not see at least 1 idea.


yes, thats exactly what im trying to ask

at this point ppl are not even sure if they lands will stay same


I’ve stopped playing like 6 months ago, just tried again last week but its getting unplayable cause probably only bots are still playing and ingame market is dieing. This is not going well even when you finish rebuild


Maybe a change in the Christmas theme would be a good idea, a wash of the game gives the impression that the project is not done, we literally have a year with the same theme


→ calvidox: I’ve said it before, they don’t have the people capable of making even that dumb change and they won’t do it

→ Content lead | Farmer: don’t blame us on the game content, as we know how to make a GameFi, like the concept of Pet or WanaTrade..

A relaunch would be neccesary with a new huge marketing campaing, otherwise all future development its pointless


→ CEO | Truong Tran: Yup thank you,sure will do

→ Stormery: So you agree that anyone in current game will lose everything?


→ Content lead | Farmer: What makes you think so? If we betrayed old players, you think new players will invest their time and money to us?

And that probably what will happen, so everyone that are sill in game will lose everything


Let me correct it. There was many unnecessary updates just to make the grinding slow. not a really meaningful update like Forest land or Wanatown that could be done base on the old backend, even changing theme or add extra language is hard, that’s why we stopped that kind of updates and tried to solve the root cause

Content lead | Farmer

Your worker just agreed it need a restart of the game


→ Content lead | Farmer: you want to distighuish restart/relaunch/reset?

this is too early to worry and I can tell you that you are worrying about wrong thing

Hi team, I gave this idea on a previous AMA, maybe @Content lead | Farmer forgot or something, but i post it again. Take a channel on Discord and start uploading pictures of team members at work or anything game-related. Believe me, if you have no new announcements to make, showing yourself will amp the vibes up and give a stronger felling of hope for this project, like i do. I still play Wanaka, I love the game. Here is another chance for you to respond “I still work on Wanaka, I love the game”


in game industry that mean it need reset to 0 so everyone can start from same point. Otherway noone rly will join like mentioned.


→ tunghero: Reset everything to zero ??? Are you crazy 🤪

→ Content lead | Farmer: it’s not how we will do

Even if it is a reset, not a hype time like 2021 to do so, only when many F0 players with full pocket of money 

We are trying to build a better future so we all thrive in 2026-2027

Thats concept of the “seasons” in games, to bring people. Noone want play game that is old and is very very behind others. That will obviously kill this game.


This is not the case for all games


→ Content lead | Farmer: Don’t lose hope my friends

Hi team, I just joined the chat and I just read about 2026-2027. Is that what would take ? 2 years to fix the backend and all the game?


→ Content lead | Farmer: Nooo omg I am talking about economy cycle kkkk

→ Stormery: This is more about next bear run

But this is true, if we wont get decent updates with huge advertising in time of current bull run this game wont survive next cycle

Hey guys!! Just passed by to give you support! I like the game,  I am the one who is still playing after all these years, for a few months now I have noticed that the marketplace is not moving as much and this is strange with the movement of all the others NTF projects. The game just needs more advertising and changing the dynamics a little so that it generates interest again.Valro


 calvidox: I’m still playing too, I’ve been there since the beginning. And what you see in the market and in the rental section is simple, people left. And it will continue as long as at least they do not show tangible things, ideas, proposals, clear concepts of what they are thinking of doing or what is expected and that is the claim we make, because we are every month in the same dynamic and we do not even see an idea or concept of what is supposed to be prepared.

→ Content lead | Farmer: I think the current time is about the end of the mini uptrend already. USA will confirm the recession in Q1-2 2024.. But anyway it’s not our business eventually. Will focus to build the product seriously in 2024.

Anyway, another ama without anything meaningful, im going. Thanks


→ Content lead | Farmer: Thanks for your patience. Don’t quit on us.

→ Stormery: Nah, i will log in again when something will change to see. Now there is no point on playing with current marketplace

But compared to others.  You have APP. The server never goes down, visually it looks good,  just need to change that Christmas theme. The marketplace is running well.


Hope for a well detailed and trustworthy road map. Happy holidays


 Content lead | Farmer: We will end the chat in 7 minutes.

@Valrod @Stormery @tunghero @Luks007 @FicHitA @calvidox @Fryvan96 @Matguad @Luks007 @Sulo Thank for your coming and wait for our new roadmap please!~ 

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