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Dear Wanaka Farmers, after today AMA session, we will arrange to lower the Chat frequency into once per month, as we have quite few matters to solve, but need more time to do the backend refactoring. I hope you can understand this situation. So, the new monthly AMA plan will be the First Sunday of the month, and last 01 hour each session.
AMA will be once a month after today.
Please be noted that

Content lead | Farme

Hello everyone

Dev | Tien Luong

Greetings Wanaka team I want to start by thanking you for the good work, when we carry out the missions we must deliver harvested items the problem is selecting them since between the red color and the font it is difficult to choose which item to deliver


→Dev | Tien Luong: Please explain more about delivery, if you have sreecnshot, it is good for me to understand

→jorgelopez: I think he meant that when choosing the items when delivering missions, the numbers are so small that you can’t see the weights of the items that we are going to deliver. .

→Crafty_Buck: The friend kacum64#2445 is right, a weight and quality filter is necessary as when we process products but to deliver the missions since it does not look very good on the phone and I end up delivering super pigs in the daily quests

→kacum64: Sorry, I only use discord for wanaka and I don’t know how to send the image, try to carry out a mission and tell me if when you deliver the harvested products you can see their quality and weight

Hello everyone, when we can expect any update for game play? like any decorations, new stuff or anything new


Hi there. I’m glad to know the direction the development is taking, thanks in advance. I’m still curious about how the communication will be on this year, since the main work will be backend improvement so the monthly chat with team would be pointless (we may expect some sneak peeks here and there about backend but mot much of course). Do you have plans on taking some small action about, for example, wanatrade issues, or token values? Or maybe we could have harvest event in the meantime somehow?


Hello, team, it is appreciated that you show us the roadmap, although it really only clarifies that in six months there will be no updates if I have not misunderstood. This leads me to a question. How many active users are there right now? Because it is clear that with a game without updates it can cause monotony to leave players.


→Content lead | Farmer: DAU around 2000. We keep an eye on that to regulate the new players coming

Hi everyone! I have seen the new roadmap. It’s quite short but I’m happy to know what you are doing.


We already know that we will not have activations in 6 months and thanks for notifying me, my questions are, can you at least remove the Christmas theme? And one last question, will you manage campaigns for new players? since we will see a decline in the activity of former users

sr Yeison

→Content lead | Farmer: If you lost your belief to us, why are you still here?
We will come to decision for new position soon this month.
Any updates possible are about minor Quest tuning about rewards, and qty of item delivered.. we can tell @Dev | Tien Luong

Could you give us some details of what the metaverse will be like and how the interaction between the Land and the metaverse will be, it would be nice to have some details


→Content lead | Farmer: It cannot be told for now, indeed

The waiting time seems endless, but as long as the game is being developed with great foresight people can wait. However, we would like the team to understand that our time is not eternal. Everyone is moving fast, those with tortoise’s pace will be left behind. This is especially true in the crypto world where things can change in a minute or so.


→Content lead | Farmer: Between going to deadend, or refactoring. We chose the right way and the only to survive this

Guys you should at least consider small updates to keep current players


→Content lead | Farmer: Any updates possible are about minor Quest tuning about rewards, and qty of item delivered.. we can tell @Dev | Tien Luong

→Dev | Tien Luong: We can adjust craft formula, adjust the quests.

→Mony0806: Yes, something like that, maybe open the mainquestion, because that roadmap is a serious mistake looks like poor for so longí

Don’t you have concrete ideas of what the interaction will be like?
Could you give us some details of what the metaverse will be like and how the interaction between the Land and the metaverse will be, it would be nice to have some details?


→Content lead | Farmer
Metaverse is about user interaction between each other. But we need to define more.
It cannot be told for now, indeed

Can we customize name or something of character, nft, pet for fun
And my eyes are painful everytime I choose item for breeding, processing. The numbers are so small


→Dev | Tien Luong: Thank you for the report. We will improve the UI and UX
At first, wanaka is designed for PC , so somethings are not suitable for mobile. But we will improve it

→Crafty_Buck: magnifying glass something that allows you to see well

→kacum64: I play on PC and it is difficult for me to select the product

→Crafty_Buck: I play on mobile the game is great but I have to take screenshots and enlarge to see some numbers and sometimes it takes me out of the game it’s cumbersome

Dont be speechless guys, if we want to lie, we would not announce this. Please be patient.
Wanaka Farm is a mature project and we need more crucial actions, not short term actions to buy time..

Content lead | Farmer

I think we should have some reservation for metaverse. Will it be a panacea for the current situation? The team should have some serious debate about what the game will be in the future. Trying to replicate things people have already done usually does not work out well. A me-too product will suffer the same fate. With that being said, I wish the team with great vision, determination and courage to move forward.


→Content lead | Farmer: I believe a game that allow users to trade the assets (wanatrade) and offer hybrid scholarship (rental system) already proved what we meant about DeFi game. We will keep doing well for a real gamefi project, not ponzi project.

→jorgelopez: good answer bro

Talking about gaining new users, it is quite complicated. We cannot leave the old users playing alone but also cannot getting too much noisy to get new people disappointed about an incomplete product… if you check the Chat regularly , you will see still new people come playing, and we are trying to coach them and unite with us

Content lead | Farmer

Please be noted that next AMA will be Apr 2nd, as it is the first Sunday of April.

Content lead | Farmer

→Yani Kuu: hopefully on the next AMA, you can present a more detailed roadmap on what are the plans.

→Content lead | Farmer: I am not sure it is called ‘detailed roadmap’, but we will update some notable progress to you all.

Hi all. We will close the chat today now
See you all again on Apr 2nd.

Content lead | Farmer


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