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Hi, Nice to see you guys in today’s chat. Ask anything you want? Let’s start 

Admin | Kim Chi 

 Hello everyone~

Any body found bugs in the Quests, please raise your problems?

Content lead | Farmer

 Hello everybody

Dev | Tien Luong

Hi team! If you allow me, I would like to ask a series of grouped questions:

1. Some time after the last update (in my opinion the best of all, congratulations) and also knowing that the priority of the team at the moment is to achieve a stable game with the basic lands before developing other content, what things Does the team think it should improve on the current system?

2. With the update of the missions, WANATRADE has lost volume of purchases and sales due to the need for harvested products to deliver certain missions. Does the team plan to include these items in Wanatrade soon? Or do you have any other solution to improve this valuable tool such as Wanatrade?

3. Of all the future ideas that were on hold: Wanatown, forest lands, etc., does the team plan to pick up any of them specifically or maybe develop some new mechanics? Will we be able to see a Road Map soon?

4. In my point of view, high rarity pet crafting is currently unfeasible. The current combination percentages are very low, thus alienating the most risky players who want to try their luck. What does the team think about it?

5. News about the release of Wanaka Farm on Android and Apple Store?

6. And last but not least, something basic in any Web3 game is the economic part and months ago it was removed from the greenpaper, any news about it? It is something that can attract or drive away new players who are informed about the project.


Content lead | Farmer: We are planning to release the new roadmap. Which will include infrastructure renovation actionto suit the chat and wanatown features.

Dev | Tien Luong: I will answer all your question later. Because too many questions. I need time to answer all of them. I will answer after this ama. Thank you so much

Hi team good morning , do you have an updated road map?


I have a question. why don’t you implement a payment system for rent? everyone puts whatever price they want, that means the price is very low. the price being very low, the price of nft from the market also dropped immediately. not to mention that because of this the prices of everything keep falling and there is no advantage to owning land. it is much easier to rent than to invest money in a land. for example, I think it would be good if you implemented a system like the following: for basic land, the lowest price to be given for rent should be 5 wana. for the uncommon 7 wana and so on, or something like that. depending on the land, the seasons and the number of slots, you should implement a rental system.

let’s be honest, it’s cheaper to rent a piece of land for a week than it costs a fish. I don’t think this is normal. even if in the past you said that it’s a free market and people decide how much to rent, you should think about it again, that by renting, the prices in Wanatrade decrease.

Nft fish*


Dev | Tien Luong: I think about this problem. We should ask : why the price of renting is low ?We should know the reason. Then fix it with that reason. Set the floor price  never fix the root of problem. It will make another problem

To be honest, I don’t know. Maybe they have a lot of lands, or maybe they don’t want to wait much to rent. But to rent with 1.5 wana a week… i think it should be free at that cost.


Dev | Tien Luong: Yeah I know your feeling. But fix problem like that is very dangerous.

 Hi team, do you already have something planned to increase inventory and also do we already have a new roadmap?  I would like to know what are the next steps of the game, when new features and updates come


For example i have on rent 30 pots, with 5 wana (wich is very low), uncommon land, 2 season. I put this offer after the update, and nobody rented. It doesn’t bother me because nobody rented. But the prices are not good at all. My opinion.


Dev | Tien Luong: The price is affected by the demand and supply. The demand is high. The price will be high

Wanting to obtain great benefits today with the rent is not possible. The price will rise when there is the necessary demand. To everyone who says that the rentals are free I answer the same thing: Rent them yourself and get that benefit


Rubys: Why should i rent when i invested and bought 2 lands?

TorukMakto: And why should they put a ground price on a land that I bought with a different price from yours? What seems little to you may be a lot to others. I repeat if there are no players who demand rentals, the price will not go up. Any Wanaka daily player already has their own land

Thorn: I own 17 lands and I still rent lands from other people when I see it interesting

Rubys: It look like you have a lot of free time to play so many lands. 

Thorn: I have a lot of pets, LOL.

Rubys: Nice. 

Rubys: Ok. Thanks for answering

 After update. The price is low because many cloners are no longer active because of the new quests.

Dev | Tien Luong

Before the update cloners are using rental system to drain the wai with over 100 accounts per person

So before the update the demand of renting land is higher

Dev | Tien Luong 

rI will kick-off some campaign with DeQuest soon from middle Feb. Hope to bring fresh users to our game little by little.

Content lead | Farmer

Follow our friend 3k in the project? It hasn’t been seen for a long time


Content lead | Farmer: There’s not many art works recently, my friend

I agree with Toruk about this great update. However, Wanatrade lost a lot of its activity. Thou, I think update is really good, it seems to me that now there are more people getting WAI from missions rather than trading.

The cabbage daily mission, however, is not profitable.


Its tru, so maybe we should just get more missions? or missions should give more wai but need more actuall 3* products?

Cause its hard to sell anything beside quests. More quest required  – better demand on wana trade too


Thorn: I don’t think so. If players get WAI from missions, then there is a higher production of WAI, and that is not a good thing to happen.

They can implement lots methods for burning way. Like decorations, paths.. anything that you can spend wai. Cause if you gain more wai, you highlikely will spend more.

Activity land would be answer for all of that.. but… well


Dev | Tien Luong: You are right. We will have more sections to spend wai in the future.

Yeah, in future… that should be core method for burning wai for you. Everyone love decoration stuff.. Why delay that for next 2 years waiting for other features that maybe will give that


Thorn: I think we are in a good way… But we still need more time to see things settled down… and to see how everything affects to global Wanaka economy. There should be more pressure for land owners to upgrade their lands. With this update, that path is clear.

Stormery: I think exactly opposite. Entry level should remain low and possible to play

Content lead | Farmer: I think, more PvP activities are needed for bringing competition, achievements.

Thorn: I fully agree. In the past, it was said that there would be pets for racing, fighting and so on. That would be interesting to get new players for different games… and we would get our profit by providing pets and insumes.

Stormery: I dont think its anything we need and sound like huge chunk of development

it helps the wai burning and the thirst for buying tokens and compete with each others

Content lead | Farmer 

At least i’ve came play this to chill out… Not compete


Topics for devs:

1. It seems to me Wanaka gets a lot of power from the computer… much more than it should according to the profile of the game.

2.I also think it is hard to play it in smaller screens as some cell phones. It would be great to have some zoom option.


Get query for wanatrade working, every refresh items are reordered differently


 I think the overall questions are:

Game economy which reflects in Wanatrade / Land Rental prices after new quest mechanism.

Roadmap / New players / Marketing activities .

Some organization in the inventory feature .

Kindly noted

Content lead | Farmer

All my quest give minimum wai reward after update when this bug,ll fixed?

ANns BaBa

Content lead | Farmer: About this matter, I got 2 reports including yours, we will check and let you all know asap 

when new routmap date?


Content lead | Farmer: within this Feb, please kindly wait

Ozaru: i love u all

 For the list of @TorukMakto , @Dev | Tien Luong will answer later in this room, after AMA

Content lead | Farmer

TorukMakto: Thank you so much 

Ozaru: wana 10 usd this year? or more?

Hello! will it list on Binance wana? when you introduce new games new plants ? thanks


Content lead | Farmer: If we do the CEX, will consider 3-4 lower platforms, not Binance. And new update for growing items are not coming soon (đã chỉnh sửa)

 What you say the whole crypto market has grown and wana has remained the same. you have to change something to come new player and be more adrenaline playing. do not be upset that I say 


 Lands experience does not update when you upgrade the level, is it a bug?


Dev | Tien Luong: No, that is new from update

You must upgrade your land to get more exp.

TorukMakto: I mean I recently bought a land with 20k experience, upgraded it 5 levels and the experience is still at 20k

Dev | Tien Luong: Okay so it is a bug

 Good morning, I want to know when the next update will be, and what you plan to add or modify, and if we are going to be able to, you have more than 400 spaces, those of us who have more than one land planted in the same account, thanks


Hi Guys, are you planing to do something with the inventory? Since we got new quests we have to keep more stuff in ore inventory, because of that I’m struggling with finding a free space in my “backpack”. Was the warehouse idea scrubbed? What about allowing pet to have there own inventory, and all the seed will be transferred to theirs backpacks?

Wlasny Kocyk

Since we have to provide harvested products lvl8 and higher  can we have an option to saved them or locked them, so we dont use them when breeding or in factory


Content lead | Farmer: interesting point

Yes, very imporant


 Multiple mistake I breed lvl 8-lvl 10 products. 


 so we still can use pet mass breeding keeping 8+


I leave a suggestion about that in the suggestions channel. Hello to all


Content lead | Farmer: Hello Zeke~ We are closing the chat soon 

zekecuba: Hi, I have been very busy lately, sorry about that  

But overall, great interventions from all. Last update eas very good, but the issue of player insolation needs to be addressed I think. The long term idea is not to play solo, i believe

We need mechanics to create more synergy

We already talk about this a lot

Content lead | Farmer: we know, and it takes time~ thank you for the reminding as well

zekecuba: Yeah of course, I know.

Anyway, we are gonna close the AMA today now

Thank you all for today and see you again soon.

Content lead | Farmer 


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