Records from WANAKA Farm AMA – 13th Mar 2022

Wanaka Farm AMA
Wanaka Farm AMA

Hello. How is your weekend?

Marketing | Leo Ngo

Good morning. Yesterday it was a surprise that wana almost made a x2. Is there something insteresting going on ?


–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: Seem some people like the project , haha

Hi Wanaka Team, this week has been bountiful for me!
What’s the news for upcoming week?

Scarecrow Collector

–>CPO | Sang Nguyen: hot fix and some small new things in df land

Good morning team. The weight and quality of the harvested crops are random? Is there a need to irrigate a mutated crop since only irrigation influences the breed? Have you thought about applying a genetic system where the seeds have star ranks?, where a 3 star seed has more benefits?. Thank you <3.


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: ya, that’s true for now, but weight and quantity will have more effect later on even as mutant plants
a genetic system => good hint thanks

Hi Wanaka team. some people are having problem unstaking after 3 month lock is over. any update with regards to that?


–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: So i heard, let me check back on that

hello wanaka team, now that the scholarships are about to come out and knowing that continuing to give away so much wai in missions will generate a lot of inflation in the economy in the future as happened in Axie Infinity. With those two things figured out, do you think you’ll be able to apply smart marketing to attract new sponsors and players to the game?
@CEO | Truong Tran @CPO | Sang Nguyen @CTO | Thuan Nguyen @WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM


–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: there will be some adjustments regarding the Df land player. In next couple weeks, there some guilds testing our game they will give us feedback on the game
–> mubent860: Great, that is very good news although some do not take it into account.
–> idarrib: Which adjustment will be made for df lands? Can you give us more information? Thanks
–> Marketing | Leo Ngo :can’t be disclosed yet , srry

hello! I wanted to know if at any time the energy of those who have land will increase, for example when more space is unlocked? and another doubt, will the inventory increase as the land is leveled up?


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: the energy increase will probably not be necessary until other energy-requiring activities are added to the game i think
About inventory, as said before, we expect items to be used instead of stored, but the warehouse expansion has also been considered.
Funjunkman: This past weeks server issues caused problems for me due to the inentory size. I have 4 lands and pets doing auto harvest and plant. They could not function as I could not sell items quickly as it was taking 25 seconds to list one item. I think it is a real issue to increase the inventory. Not to store but to be able to function with more than a couple of lands. It seems the game is designed to untimetly have 4 different lands with a lot of different items. 400 will not be near enough in the future. 4 level 15 lands uses 264 slots of land so even with scheduling it is almost impossible to harvest plant breed and sell that many items without running out of room. Thanks for your hard work

Also I have an idea having a tool/calculator that shows profit for the day, Like a daily report in mail like Harvest Moon games that shows profit for the day. This way, farmers can calculate and see how much profit they earned for the day easily. Also would like to add in game price equivalent of WANA and WAI

Scarecrow Collector

–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: noted

Hello. Can you explain a little more about the expected economic effect the scholarship Will have on the economy and the new sinergy between token wai and wana with those scholarships? Thanks a lot for the answer and keep the good work. A lot of us think that we are going towards the good direction!


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: It will bring value to land owners, and new players who do not have land will also have the opportunity to play instead of using the default land in a limited way as it is now.

Hi team
first of all excellent work
1-I have noticed that there is an error when breeding with pets, if I have 120 energy and want to breed 10 apples, it shows me an error, because sometimes the energy is deducted per apple and not per breed, although it is only the visual error since then they continue to count the energy
2- the technical support system has been very slow lately, previously in 12 hours I had an answer but now it has been almost 3 days and nothing
3-the discord group in Spanish is very abandoned by mods, this sometimes leads to spam being shared or people coming to throw fud
4- it would be nice to put an option to consume more than one product at a time to generate energy
long live wanaka
wanaka to the moon

Lgsus Reborn

–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: noted. we’ll get on that matters

Could we please do an update soon to fix the issues with the audio settings please? Thanks a lot. I would be a minor update hehe


–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: Sure, bug are fixed, next release will be soon.

Hello @Art lead | 3K I love your little train station with the leaf and the insect V01 it is very nice for a farm.


–> Art lead | 3K: V01 will default item for all users.

Hình ảnh này chưa có thuộc tính alt; tên tệp của nó là wanaka-vehicle.jpg
V01, 02 and 03

@Art lead | 3K
I remember you sent a lot of awesome wallpaper in the sneak peek before, I wonder if it is possible that the loading screen changes everytime we login to the game. So that we can see awesome screenshots of the game

Scarecrow Collector

–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: Noted
–>Art lead | 3K: Noted, @WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: we will discuss this idea for launcher .
–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: sound great

1 when will next update take place?
2 what will include it?
3 when will renting be available?


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen:

  1. next week will have a hot fix version
  2. hot fix and some adjustments
  3. renting may be released in late mid to late March ,sorry about late, trying asap

What do you guys think about burning Lands?
Something like the Pets of joining 2+ lands having a chance to get a better land?


–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: I dont think this will be good idea. (even for df land or nft land). At least, ATM, we not planning to do this. NFT lands is item that investor have to pay money to get it, if we do the merge feature, it’ll hurt the eco of the game. And it’s not fair to the land owner.
Our game is not match 3 or merge game or something like that so I dont thing this is a good idea.

Hello team, we know that the development and game play of wanaka is wonderful, however its economy has suffered excessive inflation…
Do you think that we are economically at critical points?
And what advances could you give to the community on economic issues? talking about sneak peak @CPO | Sang Nguyen @WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM

Kyon Lius

–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: regarding the economic issue, we had meetings about that.
Also we will wait for some feedbacks and suggestions from guilds

–> Scarecrow Collector: I hope that scholarship can help ‘revive ‘ the game. I hope that guilds will have a positive feedback and see future for wanaka farm. Once this happens, I am positive that we can surpass ATH.

–> Kyon Lius: thanks, it’s good to know that they are working on game play and on the economy… they will give us more details later
–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: You’re right, but for us every moment is important, one thing we’re trying to do is make the game interesting, to be able to add more players to the economy, Adding features is a prerequisite to creating a clean economy

Thank you very much for being here on Sundays answering our questions-
Will we have new items soon?


–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: regarding the economic issue, we had meetings about that. Also we will wait for some feedbacks and suggestions from guilds

1. What is WanaTown and what will be it function in the game?
2. The means of transport will be NFT?
3. Do you think put Decoration Missions in the game? I would like receive some decorations to improve my lands.
4. Do you plan to add quests for the new items?
5. Do you plan to add new Construction Types, i would like to have some builds, like Improve Genetic Build of my animals, P&D, Greenhouse, Tractor.
6. For you, in your view, what will be the big turning point of the game, which will make the world turn its attention to the game and find it great just like us?
7. Currently the pet only brings convenience, do you think about doing something for the pet?
Because it is very expensive and consumes all the profit, sometimes it is harmful to have it on the farm.


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen:

  1. it will first be a meeting place for players, then there will be many other functions
  2. to transport , of course
  3. nice idea
  4. Yes
  5. Coollll, i like too
  6. Fun together, haha
  7. Try to upgrade it to Rare, you will get a free hand
    Have a good day guys

hello team, can you please tell us what value the advisors have contributed?


–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: Technical advice, networking, business advice ….etc
couple more minutes

Can you advance us something more? What comes after scholarships? @CPO | Sang Nguyen@Art lead | 3K


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: Maybe you can see something fun from Multiplayer system

Good morning. @WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM An idea: when clicking an item in wanatrade’s sell section, it should be a button that shows buy market of this item and viceverse, it should be also a button that allows us see our items in sell when whe are in the wanatrade market of the same item.

Ldmata TCC

–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: thanks, noted and will check this with my team.

Marketing | Leo Ngo
Thank you all for today.

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