Records from WANAKA Farm AMA – 27th Feb 2022

Wanaka Farm AMA
Wanaka Farm AMA

To the Wanaka Team This question has been repeatedly every week and we dont have a proper answer. Does Wanaka team allow multi-accounting default land users? Day after day, a certain individual in the discord community is making himself known to have more than 10 default land account, planning to make more and encouraging/promoting other to the same. No action taken against this invididual mean its ok to create multi-account? If the Wanaka team allow multi-accounting, can the team explain to us how it will not affect the game and token price in the future? If no multi-accounting is allowed, what action and restriction is the Wanaka team planning to take against multi account default land users(not rental/Scholarship)?


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: we planning give some restriction against multi account default in future (When functions are added and users who don’t even own land can become a part of the economy) by check id or change their income.

when will there be the next update you


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: Update will come in the next few days

Hi Wanaka Team, will the Pet Powers and (Farm) Pet Combine update be this week?


–> Head of Development | Duc Hoang: Yes! Update will come in the next few days.

Dear Wanaka Farm team, It is time for you to see what the WAIS leak that is killing or staging into the game economy, the Quest can no longer be giving WAI since it is not sustainable. They must give only ingredients or things that help us move forward but more not money. Eliminate the rewards of daily and weekly missions, at two weeks you will see that it was right and the disproportionate supply that there is now ceased to exist and the economy will be more healthy. We are a digital nation of farmers and duty is that people have to produce and sell them to others to be able to take benefits. They can not have a lot of people waiting for a mission to earn money, so it is not the real world. They have many mechanism to make the most solid and circular economy without supply increase every day. Already removing WAI’s rewards in the missions, if it would be worth depositing money in the pool because the currency will be difficult to win. The scarcity of a resource is what gives value.


–>CEO | Truong Tran: Thanks for your advice I think it’s good Idea, We need consider for the best @CPO | Sang Nguyen @Head of Development | Duc Hoang

Dear Wanaka Farm team, do you have an estimated date for the Lands rental Update?


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: We are trying to release rental functions before mid-March
SebastianFT: Perfect! Those are some great news!

A Lottery could be implemented only on Sundays, whose reward would be only in Wanas, but only from the participants, example: buy a ticket for 3 Wanas, if 20,000 farmers participate in the lottery, it would be 60,000 Wanas, of which 50% ( 30,000) between 2 or 3 winners and the other 50% (30,000) would go back into the game.


–>Marketing | Leo Ngo: that could take into account for consideration thanks

hi guys, i wanna know what will the game have in the next update ?


–>CPO | Sang Nguyen:
1. Combine Pet
2. Add Pet’s feature : Auto planting
3. Add Pet’s feature : Multi breeding
4. Spring theme
–> Funjunkman: Awesome. I think this will help my energy concerns a lot.
–> Krypt1c: And Halloween Pet powers also?
–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: Yes Halloween Pet will have it’s ability

Hi there, my question is about the scholarship/rent system. Will the slots that we want to put on rent be prioritized to some of our friends in a sort of a friend list?, or like wanatrade now as the offer goes public and everybody can take it? Thanks.


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: at the moment i think it’s no problem with landowners

Second suggestion – Would be nice to have expeditions where you could send your pets to. You can buy expedition tickets for 7 days, 14 days, 21 days and 28 days. The longer the ticket the less costly it is per day but the higher it is in price. The expedition could have you create a team with the pets (5 -10 pets) which would go and collect items. The expedition has a chance of success and failure. With each ticket you buy (7 day ticket for example) you send your tram once daily and they either win or lose. If they win, they could bring back different items -Seeds, delta 1, earth, mutated items. This would generate a recurring method of burning which does not generate wai. You could even add a low chance to win a land for higher tier expeditions. (1 land per month and with a low chance of that being the prize) and only for really high lvl expeditions. That could be a click to play and you either win or lose. You could even add it to the website – linked to your account.


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: noted. thank bro

Hi there, is it possible that we had any way to see how many times we have watered or feed our items so in that way I could know if I have missed any. For example 4/5 for Cows or 1/3 for Cabbages.


–> Dev | Binh Nguyen: We’ll think of a way to show it in the timeline for each item in the next features.

Dear wanaka team, I would like to share a measure to improve the economy in case it is useful. Each account that wishes to be active and therefore be able to carry out actions within the game, should have a stipulated amount of WANA and WAI tokens. Perhaps the minimum requirements could be adapted to the possession of land that the player possesses, differentiating the default, common lands, uncommon lands, rare lands, etc. It would be a great contribution of liquidity and it would control the almost free creation of default lands that exist today. As a second piece of advice, the creation of some system to improve the default lands so that they have the opportunity to reinvest just like the landowners do. Maybe you can level up the land and have up to 16 slots unlocked when you reach the maximum level. And finally, in search of an income without return that provides liquidity to the game, the search for companies that want to offer advertising within the game and use that capital or a large part of it to provide greater liquidity. Type billboards or hot air balloons. Greetings and thanks for your time


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: i love to see billboards in WanaTown ?

In the combination of the pets, will the level of the pets that you combine be taken into account, for example, do the average experience of the previous pets or do they start from 0?


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: you could choose the pet that you wanna keep level after combine.
–> Zhaitanhhh: how will the combine feature work? and can we combine all the way to rarity level immortal? – Also, inventory expansion could be sold on wanashop similar to slots on wanatrade. 20 slots for 2k wai and all the way up to 1,000 slots?
–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: we will show details soon before release

I have few(or a lot) of ideas I have sent before on the suggestion channel. Idk if you have seen it. These are just whims or quick ideas and may or may not be applicable to Wanaka Farm. -Reduce default energy, let us upgrade “house/barn” to increase energy -Lands gives energy depends on rarity/level -Resources such as stone, wood, etc. to craft farm NFTs (maybe on new type of lands) -Craft furniture NFTs (reduce harvest time like 1 to 10%, increase breeding rate, decrease breeding and factory cost, increase energy regeneration, etc.) but only limited per land -Crops/animals with growing time <24 hours but watering/feeding time every 12hrs or so -Pets requires furniture NFTs to increase happiness/efficiency -Crows and scarecrows functionality (have durability, requires wood to repair) -Bring back wheat stacks furnitures/food tray from beta (I like to decorate my farm) -Idk but require tools to farm (axe for trees, fishing rods for fishes, hoe for crops, brush/shears for animals) -As for above, there are consumable tools that can only use one time and NFT tools that have durability which is repairable (requires resources to craft, don’t sell it like incubator) -To farm, its either invest to be self sustainable or buy from market who specialize on selling (like me who likes to sell fish) -About specialized, we have the choice where we want to invest (invest on growing trees, invest on gathering resources like wood stone) They have different entry points, different ROI, different profit -Also about new crops/animals, instead of locked behind land levels. Be it locked from farmer level/house level -UI suggestion for WanaTrade, display current WANA/WAI price in USD (maybe not relevant with current low WANA/WAI price) -Maybe reroll weekly quest using WANA (only once per week)

Scarecrow Collector

–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: nice, thank you

Hi Team, hope you are having a good day. Game development questions @Head of Development | Duc Hoang – Are you planning to add more quests in the future only achievable without trading by high land lvs? – Are you planning to change the formula for Earth item usage? It was promoted as a key item for lvling up, but due to the other high requirements, its value its just too low. UI/UX questions: @Art lead | 3K – Please add filters to the breeding and inventory, to select item within the category (example, filter for COW or PIG)


–> Head of Development | Duc Hoang: “Are you planning to add more quests in the future only achievable without trading by high land lvs?” –> Yes Sir!
“Are you planning to change the formula for Earth item usage? It was promoted as a key item for lvling up, but due to the other high requirements, its value its just too low.” –> Noted !
–> Art lead | 3K: UI/UX questions: “@Art lead | 3K – Please add filters to the breeding and inventory, to select item within the category (example, filter for COW or PIG) Filter in inventory”: We did it, will update next version Breeding: noted

–> Raisen: Thanks for answering all my questions. One more question for Game development: @Head of Development | Duc Hoang – Are you planning to add some kind of inventory increase mechanism? Like a warehouse upgrade?
–> Head of Development | Duc Hoang:Thanks for your reminder! This function we are considering the best implementation option associated with the economic system

Any information about the scholarships? q1 is ending


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: we’re planning mid-March bro

Could it be implemented in the mobile application, which appeared in the app icon, a notification that tells us if something has been sold in the wanatrade? I don’t know if that would be possible. just like it appears on telegram when you have a message, something like that.


–> Art lead | 3K: About notification on Moblie, We have plan and will working on it

What is the benefit of leveling up the land to level 20 if we don’t have space at the inventory? Have you consider to increase the inventory? And to increase the energy? The more level you are, the more Inventory items you should store!!

When will the pets of Halloween available?

Reduce the amount of energy to those that do not own a land. Why they can have 480 of energy when they only need 30 a day?



–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: thanks let us consider more. “When will the pets of Halloween available?” -> next update bro

Good morning , I have some suggestions from my group , we believe that seeds in the marketplace should be able to sell in various numbers just like the rest of the products . Also could you allow multiple breeding ? Thank you


–> Art lead | 3K: Multi breeding is features on Pet Farm for next update. Pet Farm will have properties “Auto Breeding” based on Rarity/Level ( Multi Breed & Breed All)

@Art lead | 3K i love the way you work , youre good af , keep burning


–> Art lead | 3K: Big thanks/ thương ❤️

Hello everyone team, you are doing a great job with the game design, however in economic terms it leaves a lot to talk about, I have 3 questions: 1. Currently it is only monetized through the wai. Do you have another way in mind through NFT? since the theme of mutated and pets there is a great offer and little exclusivity 2. When we will have a PVP system where it encourages reinvestment and competitiveness in the project, given that currently it is usually boring and we even feel isolated from the rest for not having interactions with the rest of the players (apart from the wanatrade and the hasvest festival) 3. They have plans to make the game more open, perhaps in the style of “the sims”, and to be able to interact more with the other players, so the theme of skins would make more sense and therefore the burning… My questions today…@Art lead | 3K

Kyon Lius

–> Art lead | 3K: @CPO | Sang Nguyen will reply to you for gameplay
–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: thanks
1. Yes We are trying to keep Wai only used in the game besides creating other valuable NFTs. (Pet is just an example)
2. PvP is on progress bro, it will be a big system where players can not only communicate but also become restaurant owners, employees or singers.
Kyon Lius: excellent let’s move on

One question When listing CEX ? We are tired to listen soon It’s on Q1?Q2?Q3?Q4? Or 2022?



Btw, thank you @Art lead | 3K for wonderful design of the spring theme. Also I hope there will be a new type of scarecrow Some UI ideas: – Filters for ingredients and products such as energy items, elements, fertilizers. (As I have experienced when using salad is it changes position) Maybe allow us to use multiple energy items – or at least ingredients of different qualities are together like 3*Apple together with its 2 star and 1 star counterpart – Hover tooltip on items such as how to obtain or how many on inventory (when in Factory) – Maybe real time or updated price ticker of $WANA and $WAI on WanaTrade screen – Charts for sale history on WanaTrade like lowest and highest on 24h, 12hours, etc. (Like the one on the Telegram group sharing the changes of price in WanaTrade Bugs: – There is double clicking noise when changing tabs (idk if it’s only mine) I might have more ideas that I haven’t think of yet, I’ll just share it on the suggestion channel once.

Scarecrow Collector

–> Art lead | 3K: Yes. we have new scarecrow
– UI Ideas: Noted ❤️
– Bug : Will be need to confirm

–> TheBunnyRod: They could add missions that give us decoration items and not just wai

–> Art lead | 3K: HI @CPO | Sang Nguyen, please note this idea, sound like good
–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: sound good to me ?

@Art lead | 3K any idea to make the pond bigger? Please do the numbers for the mobile version bigger or readable Thanks


–> Art lead | 3K: Bigger pond in land df ? And if the pond is larger in land nft, it is currently due to the random mechanism of land nft Number for moblie : We are developing the “magnifying glass” feature, help you see number easier.

Can you also comment on listing items on WAnatrade? Would that be something that you guys can look at so we can list items faster? and lastly – You’re ( @Art lead | 3K ) currently carrying this game. The way you announce things and the sneak peek with the leaks is great. I think it helps a lot that you show people you’re continuously working on the game regardless of what’s going on. So, thank you. –


–> Art lead | 3K: Right now just in Inventory, WanaTrade we will consider on nexttime.Thank you for your comments

Question. Is withdraw system being increased any time soon?


–> CTO | Thuan Nguyen: Yes, will ann it soon

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