Records from WANAKA Farm AMA – 20th Feb 2022

r/WANAKAFarm_2022 - Records from WANAKA Farm AMA - 20th Feb 2022
Top interested topic this AMA: Land Rental


Marketing | Leo Ngo: New patch released, hope you guys having some feedbacks and suggestions for us !!

Art lead | 3K: Hello everyone. Any issues/suggestion related to in-game graphics and UI/UX, you guys just tag me, pls Thank you

Attica: With forest land coming end of quarter, can u tease us what mechanic/function will the forest land bring or will it be the same farming like basic land?

–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: i really want different gameplay thinking…

–> Attica: I think it would be nice if trees could be planted and cut down to build tools to work basic land faster (especially cabbages) and also furniture for the house that would help recover energy. They could find some poisonous mushrooms or berries that would drain energy. And also some animals with which to create clothes that increase energy…

T.P.A | Ozaru: Are the rents going to be ready this week?

–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: not yet sir. We will ann when it ready.

EeLieEars: Will there be 1 last update before the Feb come to an end?

–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: errrrr, ATM, I can say that we not planed for any update this week. But if there are any critical issue, we will, but even if we update, it’s just for bug fixing, not the new feature one.GENERAL GAMEPLAY

r/WANAKAFarm_2022 - Records from WANAKA Farm AMA - 20th Feb 2022
Decor for spring theme

jvillegas506: Are you thinking of creating a town? That is to say, move the wanatrade to a building and that the players have to go there to interact

–> Dev | Binh Nguyen: yes, this is just one of their planned features.

–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: Well, we planned it

–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: Yeah WanaTown should be it’s name i think

–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: Look like it’s in plan

–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: The idea of moving wanatrade to town is not bad but it’s will complicate for the player, especially the mobile player, instead of do stuff on UI, now u have to move to town, that’s a litle bit fruistrating

Rubys: I have one proposal about new slots when you upgrade the land. I think we should choose what slots to upgrade. I mean, there are a lot of lands with only 16 slots per lake. I think it would pe helpfull for those players to increase lake slot. Another one. Increase the maximum water and feed on wana shop. Not only 50. If someone who have 70 slots and grow only cows and fishes, they need to buy it twice. He can not using the pet in offline because he will not have enough food. Thanks

–> Dev | Binh Nguyen: the expansion of the lake, we noted and find a way to implement it. By limiting water and feed, we are aiming for users to self-supply and demand for water and feed in the market, through buying and selling on wanashop.

Sultica: – Increase the amount of water and feeding to buy from 50 to 100 – Reduce the time it takes to sow and harvest, it becomes eternal and boring. I propose the same thing that lasts to collect. -Urgently increase the amount of WAI that we can get, I propose 50,000 every 15 days – Harvest cabbage can be done in 1 single click of 2 energy.
– Those of us who have more than 1 land, we need to identify them to know how many items we have planted, please allow us to name our lands ? – Urgently eliminate the snowstorm, my cows have frozen and I have lost 3 crops due to the cold ? – [ ]

–>CPO | Sang Nguyen: thanks we noted not all of them can be made easy, but at least spring is coming soonGENERAL GAME ECONOMY

ddm248u/CEO | Truong Tran u/CTO | Thuan Nguyen u/Marketing | Leo Ngo Where are the financial advisers? The only way for this Game to pick up is with a restructuring of the economy. You have only focused on developing a beautiful game and you have left the economy aside. What attracts new investors is something attractive in economic matters. The game does not have the entry of new investors and there is no injection of Liquidity. What do you plan to do to improve this?

–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: There is no financial advisor. We’re still having many new accounts created daily.

–> ddm248: With a $5 buy-in, do you think this project will get off the ground? I think what you say is a joke. They lost confidence in the community and the charts speak and the headlines were shocked to see a green candle just sell and sell. There is no entry of Liquidity in the pool??

–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: no i don’t think so and i’m not joking. Let’s agree to disagree

Luks007: Good morning, what are your plans for multiple accounts ?

–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: We are considering the limiting multi accounts along with the land rental function.

–> Luks007: Limited to how many accounts ? Just to be prepared and not changing at the last minute. ALSO for the pets could you reduce the -5 for health and -3 for satiety when they are placed in the inventory.Thank you for the great job

–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: Landowners should don’t have any limited but default land will have i think

–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: We will announce about the account per IP when we ready, we have to check, simulate things to make sure the very first time we release this feature wont get the economy go worse.

Tola [BlockRaiders GG]: I really like the game itself and it has potential but I’m concerned about the sustainability of WAI in it’s current policy. With the current WAI minting it makes WAI unsustainable as WAI is money and you can’t create endless money forever. What are your thoughts on raising taxes, for example a withdraw tax( the higher the withdraw the higher the tax)? Those collected taxes can then flow back into the economy through rewards and events and it can then replace majority of the endless WAI minting.

–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: yeah, tax is definitely what we are thinking about and what we working on. We still considering and adjust the eco.

T.P.A | Ozaru: there are many unanswered or imprecisely answered economic questions….. this is a play to gain shouldn’t they be more aware of the economy given that in the play to gain the economy is part of the game?

–> CTO | Thuan Nguyen: The game economy will be improved when more game functions are added and especially multiplayer feature is done

–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: I don’t think so, it’s just that adjusting the economy has to go with the development of in-game functionality. The more functions in the game, the more tools we will have to regulate the economy , and like the development of in-game functions, the economy will also be adjusted gradually

EduardoSimon: I think they should add the missions with the new products, to force users to increase the level of their lands and with that burn a lot of wai and mutates

–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: yes, creating new quests are on progress

Atunmaister: I have a suggestion regarding the economy: What do you think about creating another internal “token” that can be exchanged internally with WANA? Creating a reward pool of WANA to pay the missions and everything instead of infinite minting on WAI?

–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: i understand what are you implying, so far have you seen it’s working?PET MECHANISM

Krypt1c: When are pet energy powers and attributes going to be released?

–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: we’re planning end of this monthLAND RENTAL MECHANISM

EeLieEars: WIth regards to Renting/Scholarship Is there any tax player have to pay when renting our land? How long are they able rent our land? weekly or monthly? does player who rent our land contribute EXP when they use our land? Does the player who rent my out land can help to water/feed other my crops

–> Dev | Binh Nguyen: Land owners can set arbitrary prices. Depending on the quantity demanded, the price changes accordingly. User can set rental time by week, min is 1 week. You can set auto-renewal if the lease expires.

The amount of exp planted is still counted in the land. If you have enough exp, the land owner will upgrade the land level.

T.P.A | Ozaru: good morning… 2 questions, from what level must a land have to be rented? and what date and what prices do you think they could be asked for?

–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: you can rent at any level (no land level required) depend on land owners

pearcer1971: First off great job so far. My main question today is are you planning on releasing any more slots on default lands?

–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: Considerating, but in the near future, I would say, we wont. Because of the rent lands feature we are developing, farmmer now can rent land so that the limited of slot on default land won’t be problem with the new investor anymore

–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: When rent feature released, if u dont have enough slot to plan, just go rent other’s.

Tony23: Do u have plans to remove default land when renting is available?

–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: carefully considering, it involves game economic cycle and gameplay.

HitmanCod47: If you remove default land, you’ll give us a slap in our face! Besides default users have the energy for work in lands as a rentals

–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: I’m not saying we will , considering many factors involved.

HitmanCod47: Thanks to the team for this amazing game, android works perfect always. Even better than PC. My question is: the only can rents lands will be the default users? But we are the guys who doesn’t have money! Jajaja there will be a way that we can rent without paying only after the use it the land? That can be possible with smart contracts

–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: rental feature is for all users, not limit default or land owner userGAME USER EXPERIENCE

MisterLemur: Graphic team is doing a great job and I appreciate the way you have introduced a way to zoom in and out in the mobile version. Said that, There are numbers that still I can´t read, such as experience of the land, wanatrade, quality or weight of the items in the factory or at the breeding. Is there any way to increase those number in the mobile version? Thank you all for your effort. Game is looking white and nice

–> Art lead | 3K: The reason we are using UI/UX from PC to mobile. So that currently there are many buttons, the number/text displayed is quite small. We realized it. But changing UI/UX takes a lot of time and human resources are focused on other more important tasks… I’m checking overall and trying to discuss with the team about allowing players to use the “magnifying glass” to make it easier to play the game.

Thank you

Anhnt: Hi bro, When is the graphic quality customization available? Android version is very hot.

–> Art lead | 3K: at the moment, not yet. Thank you

Goku-kunu/Art lead | 3K ui / ux: some windows close buttons “x” are too small. – and please add one custom message box from game dev so the waiting players can know what to do: wait / download new client / …

–> Art lead | 3K: UI/UX: Noted. Status for launcher: Noted Thank you

0908849885: Hey 3k. I just want to say the design/decord in game in fking awesome. Keep up your great fking good work

–> Art lead | 3K: Big thanks ❤️

Rhonald: Hi devs, please improve latinamerica server. I have done some test with breeding process and it takes around 30-40 secouns to get a breeding, in the other hand asia server takes less than 5sec.

–> CTO | Thuan Nguyen: The servers on the SA region is still responsive to performance. you can check your network again plz.

Doug54: Hi Devs. It is possible in the Mobile version in the wanatrade, zooming when an item is going to be sold is very small and difficult to click to write the sale price.

–> Art lead | 3K: I’m checking overall and trying to discuss with the team about allowing players to use the “magnifying glass” to make it easier to play the game.

Krypt1c: When will the “Land Rarity Filter” be added to the Marketplace? We have been asking for this for months now. This will make finding and selling land much easier and more tax revenue for the company also.

–> Dev | Hieu Nguyen: coming soon, expected this monthOTHERS

KittyNFTgirl: Hello DEVs, first of all I hope you are very well. I am here because I want to address my concern about the official Telegram group. I left that group because any investor who speaks positively of Wanaka is immediately attacked by dozens of comments from users who hate this project. But the worst thing was that I invited several friends and relatives to invest in Wanaka and none of them wanted to participate because everyone was told in the Telegram group that everything is wrong, that the game is boring and tedious, that the economy does not work and that DEVs are useless and that anyone who invests one dollar in this project is a fool. This Telegram group has become a toxic and uncomfortable place for investors and is a source of bad publicity for Wanaka that drives away new investors. Toxicity, bullying, harassment and freedom of expression are completely different things. So I ask you to please change your current moderation policy for a more active and effective one. It is your responsibility to provide us with protection and security on your official social networks. We want a safe place to talk about our positive experiences with this game without being attacked and we want to invite our family and friends to invest in Wanaka and that they don’t get attacked either. Thanks.

–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: Thank you! I alerted our admins and mod a while ago. All fuds will be deleted/banned and non-game-related conversations will be removed. We’ll try to keep a healthy community for everyone who loves playing wanaka farm.

–> 0908849885: Please. Ban any fud ban any not true about the project. Please sir

–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: will definitely do

–> 0908849885: Please. Ban any fud ban any not true about the project. Please sir

gluk: They could put billboards in the game, so advertisers pay for that advertising and that money goes into the game.

–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: yah, i think we will have it soon

Draab: are the halloween pets gonna be usefull?

–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: which ones are you talking about? I thought we mentioned it.

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