Record from WANAKA Farm AMA – 14 August 2022

Wanaka Farm AMA
Wanaka Farm AMA

Hey guys!

CEO | Truong Tran

Hello family! Have a great Sunday!

Spanish CM | Tincho

Hi guys, welcome to chat-with-team today!

CTO | Thuan Nguyen

Happy to chat with you guys!

Art lead | 3K

Hello Devs, hello community, I hope everyone is doing well!

Mod | MrTamagochiMod


CPO | Sang Nguyen

Good morning team and community, it is a pleasure to greet you and congratulate you for the progress that the project has had and a special recognition for the joint work of “T-shirt Giveaway Campaign”.

They have noticed that there are problems with the quality and weight increases, it seems that the huk and banner potions are not having the desired effect, it is also happening with the pets.  A user with a higher rarity pet should not have crops with quality and weight 0.1/0.1.

Thank you!

Ice Cabbage

→CPO | Sang Nguyen: sorry, we have added to check list already

Hello, good morning team. Any updates with Wanatown?


→CPO | Sang Nguyen: About wanatown we are still working on it, but it will need more time to deal with issues related to system optimization, or operating costs and more.

→Leyton: So basically you can’t pay operating costs and you also have “infraestructure problems” right? Well, you just developed a “chat system” that we saw MONTHS ago, you said that you were developing a storage system, you developed a multiplayer mode that is a copy of fall guys and now you are saying that you can’t afford to pay the operation costs. There were some weeks where you didnt stop talking about wanatown getting people hyped for no reason cause you can’t pay and can’t optimize its operation, we saw a “bet system” with duck races, another idea that dissapeared with time. Google Play and Apple store versions should be up weeks ago, documents about forest land should also be up weeks ago, problems with quality/weight were reported many weeks ago, still no answers about that. What’s happening lately? I’ve been here since the beginning, I’ve seen all the news and all the sneak peeks that you post and I am sorry about that but I’m losing faith on the team day by day.

Dev | Tien Luong: We did not say we can not pay the operating. As a product company, we must care about the cost of everything. we need to optimize everything. Please understand our situation.

About the Apple store and Google play, we pushed 2 weeks ago. After reviewing, they said, we must change something to follow the policy. We are doing it.

→0908849885: Keep calm bro. They’re still working very hard. Are you playing game actually?

→CPO | Sang Nguyen: I am very sorry if our previous statements have caused you to misunderstand. We’re not saying we can’t pay, or we can’t optimize, we’re saying we’re still doing it and there are some issues that make us reconsider, I think it important, because we don’t want them to crash just because the cost of the system is too high. About Google Play and Apple store, we have a release version to Appstore but got reject. That’s why we will need to redesign some parts to suit the market

→TheBunnyRod: Hopefully they will bring us good news soon! It’s true that the latest updates are weak. I trust wanaka! I think that releasing the blog from the forest lands will calm the anguish a little.

→Art lead | 3K: Thank you for trusting us! But as you know, we are in a very difficult period for the whole market, not just us. Of course we’d love to bring everyone as much good news as possible, but there comes a time when we should slow down and think carefully about every step we’re walking.

Why didnt the dev team utilise any or all the element(alpha,gamma etc) as one of the requirement for the item combine feature?


→Dev | Tien Luong: Thank you for the suggestion, we will think about it, we must make it balance between “get” and “cost”

→TheBunnyRod: I agree, it is necessary to make things useful, not just charge wai and energy.

I hope that in the near future, dev will host some competition for farmer to overcome challenge with big reward. from that attract more farmer to join


I dont mind charging energy but additional WAI cost is abit too much as it already cost WAI to make energy items. I am concern on how much more daily WAI i needed to spend daily when Forest Land is release.


Hello dev, greetings, thank you for all the progress. I have several questions. How was the development for the warehouse going before combining and postponed? This week will we finally have the notes of the forest lands? Who thought about renting incubators, maybe this encourages people to make more pet.


→CPO | Sang Nguyen: We are planning to redo the building items system, so the warehouse part will probably be added later. Rent incubator will be suitable for a pet system update, i think so.

Good morning, it seems to me that with wheat there is a problem with quality and weight, unlike other vegetables, it is very difficult to obtain products of high quality and weight.


Hello everybody greetings from Cuba

Michel Ortega

We’re almo as hallowing, is it necessary to encourage players more not only to plant and process, will they think about recycling the aforementioned event with changes to the rewards?


→Dev | Tien Luong: Yes, we will have an event, let’s wait information from us.

The Baner & The Huk is useless in the game. Nobody buy or even make them. Problem is we dont know the weight or star value of the vegetable/fish etc until we harvest and see them from our inventory. Thats why we dont user HUK or BANER because we not sure whether it will make any difference. Is it possible to show the weight and star value or plant/animal at the half of the time left so farmers can make decision to whether to use BANER and HUK to increase as they wish. It can also show how much of the weight or star value is increase because of the Pet etc


→0908849885: I used hulk today and I got 11.5 star

→EeLieEars: Congrats. I am not as lucky as you. over 300 huk that i use, the highest i gotten is 9.7 star

→CPO | Sang Nguyen: noted, We will review the mechanism for this problem thank for your suggestions.

I also used huk/baner and I got goats as big as 11.66kg. But maybe to clear this issue, you can show a value of the original weight, and the final weight of each product that used huk, baner and pet.


What do you think If we can monitor the weight and quality of the seeding Items. From that will know exactly which seed need huk/baner and people will use more huk and baner as well.


→Dev | Tien Luong: We will think about it, it is a nice idea to improve the usage of huk or baner.

→0908849885: Do you know why I’m always have nice ideal. Just simple because I love this f*ig awesome game

The T-shirt event was postponed to what date to find out how much I have left to make the video.


→Mod | MrTamagochi: Two more weeks, so until the first of September

I’m late, but I’m here now.. Good evening to all the team.


→CPO | Sang Nguyen: Had read your suggestion document bro many thank.

→zekecuba: Hopefully some are taken into account and help the future I want

The forest land blog, is it quite ready to share ?


→Art lead | 3K: Soon man. We trying working hard with this, small draft update forest land.

Good evening. Will we have new crops before the sale of forest land? I mean, will we need to level up our basic lands soon?


→Art lead | 3K: I don’t think the sale of forest land will take place in the near future. I mean, we need to make sure the forest land’s gameplay mechanics are really good, before the market bounces back. At that time, we considered selling forest land

→0908849885: No rush at all, Slowly but surely

→Art lead | 3K: That is exactly what we are doing. So many people are thinking that we are late with the roadmap. It is true, but the market is suuk rightnow so we need a change to fit.

→TheBunnyRod: Then they would have to update the roadmap because people are planning to get around their current roadmap.

→Attica: Sure, it looks fine to me. That’s why I wanted to ask you, if we will have new animals and plants in our basic lands. I know it’s a lot of work and we always ask for more XD

→Art lead | 3K: Actually if you are observant, you already have my answer. 😂

→zekecuba: I at least agree with this. I have no doubt that the forest lands will be a turning point in the history of Wanaka and decisive for all gamefi in general. You have to think about it and develop it very well. Perhaps many do not see it that way but at least it is my opinion. Or maybe I’m exaggerating. 😂

Will pets work during maintenance?


→Dev | Tien Luong: yes, it still work.

We are very happy with questions today. Hope to see you again in 2 weeks. We really want to hear more from all of you.

Dev | Tien Luong

Remember what I said. We will never give up and stop working, have a good day, mate!

Art lead | 3K

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