Record from WANAKA Farm AMA – 18 September 2022

Admin | Kim Chi
Hello farmers
Nice to see you again, let’s start with the topic below:

  1. Concerned about update 1.1.5
  2. Update plan in September
  3. Wanaka Farm 1st Birthday Celebration Activities

Hello guys.

Dev | Tien Luong

Hi farmers, have a nice weekend everyone

CTO | Thuan Nguyen

Hello @Everyone, we are back

Content lead | Farmer

Hi guys

Art lead | 3K

Hello everybody, long time no see you

CEO | Truong Tran

We hope you all enjoy the previous update with more fun & nice experience

Content lead | Farmer

Hi team, nice to meet you all again.
What are you focusing right now? What are the next steps to follow?


→Dev | Tien Luong: Hello mate, we are trying to solve the problem of user such as : sell multi seeds in wanatrade., user can set order of planting seed of pet, many problems that can make user feel comfortable when play the game, as our slogan, RELAX and EARN

Hello everybody from Cuba

Michel Ortega

Will the team make energy higher or maybe temporary over the limit for the purpose of crafting more items?


→Dev | Tien Luong I think we have many items that recover the energy, almost product items. you dont like them?

No i mean for example. I want to craft 10x Pepower 100. I need to eat energy till i get 400 and craft 4x then repeat the process. Cant i just eat items till 1000 energy and craft 10 Pepower right away


→Dev | Tien Luong: How many people want this please raise your hand.
→0908849885: Go ahead. You got my support. Please merge

The idea is simple: there is a cap of 480 for auto energy refill. But there should be no limit if people use energy refill ingredients. So if people go over the limit, there will be no auto refill. That’s it.


→Content lead | Farmer: I think it is a good idea, you can have 1000/480 energy but then the energy recover by time will be paused, am I right?
→0908849885: Make sense
→Dev | Tien Luong: oh I understood your case. I am thinking about it. we are trying make the value of mutated item become higher
→Leyton: How? Will they have more use?
→Dev | Tien Luong: yes, I am sure. in version 1.1.7

Hi team welcome back, I hope that you had good time in your days off.
A farmer posted a picture of his farm in the 🇪🇸│spanish-chat. I was surprised to see 2 pets in the same land (one from renter and one from land owner) is this something you added in last update or its a bug?


→Art lead | 3K: Should we share generalize about the overall picture more?, to help people have an overview.
What you said above in my opinion is about gameplay, what about the other parts ?
→Dev | Tien Luong: As I said, solve the problem of user that exist too long , the problem that user request many times but we did not solve for user. that is target in version 1.1.6

Hello, when are you going to let us see the land forest blog? As the progress for the inventory is going, we expect it to come out before new seeds and land level because we don’t give vast if you have 4 land


→Content lead | Farmer: It takes quite long to introduce the initial concept. We will try to release the pdf doc and/or a series of the feature on the blog later, yes

I would like the wanatrade history to not only say the price and if you buy or sell it tells you that you bought or sold.


→Content lead | Farmer: You guys can imagine that this aniversary is to have more audience of people who want to know about wanaka farm. Interact with our community and learn about the project
→Art lead | 3K: Air drop land immortal?

So It will be an event out of the game, like the t-shirts event right?


→Content lead | Farmer: Yeah it is out of the game, but not offline event like asking you to hang around or taking photos

Did everyone notice about the quiz game on Telegram ENG group every Fri and Sun hosted by prof awit?

Content lead | Farmer

→Leyton: Will It be a quiz event?
→Content lead | Farmer: Yeah I can tell.

Any question guys, the time is running out. tik tok tik tok

Dev | Tien Luong

→Art lead | 3K: Im 1st

Do you have any surprises to give us in September, what are the plans for the rest of the month?


→Dev | Tien Luong: As the plan , we will release version 1.1.6 in 29/09/2022 . In this version, we improve some UX, and solve some problems that many people request. and in version 1.1.7. we will change many things in game. we re-balance the game.
→TheBunnyRod: This is when the rabbits come out to take care of and not kill? 1.1.7
→Art lead | 3K: unlucky. not yet

How are the advances for traditional application stores? The game is getting better and better


→Dev | Tien Luong: Yess, we are trying to make the game better and better. please stay with us to get more surprise in the future

Guys, are you aware of people how rent a land only to regenerate energy? Shouldnt It be punished some way?


→Dev | Tien Luong: yes, I have a plan for them already
any problem you guy want us to solve, just put your hand on the keyboard and dance
→Leyton: Yeah I know.. one last question, is my suggestion getting done?
→Dev | Tien Luong: which suggestion, can you make me clear?
→Leyton:║suggestion , the one of total points to procces the harvested products
→Dev | Tien Luong: Thanks for the suggestion, that is good idea for user easier to know about the point, but it can not be done this month. I will consider and make a survey to know how many people want it. the more people want it, the higher priority of the request
and, if there is any suggestion in group “suggestion”. you guys please react to the suggestion. the more react, the higher priority of the request. I will be easier to make decision to do the request.

BTW, we received some doubts about the staking page , which showing concerns about it is real people who stakes it, or some tricks by DEV team.
We can be sure to tell you that it was not any ‘pump’ action taking be the team members. It is true that some body decided to stake $50.000+ in more than 2 millions of $WANA token. You guy can also see we already announce who are 10 people that won 9.99$ the Retweet event at this tweet:

Content lead | Farmer

→Fawad: I thought the first retweet was supposed to be selected but I’m unlucky
→0908849885: I’m not here
→Content lead | Farmer: Better luck next time!

Hi guys, can resolve the bug of pet, when do breeds show the seed’s you have, but you plants this seeds and in pet breeding display still the seeds show the same amount, only relog fix that!


→Dev | Tien Luong: Please DM me to make me clear the bug. thanks

When the new items will come? The amount of wai will increase in the same wai than before? I suggest the amount of wai should be maybe 50 k(for example) for every new levels but increase the numbers of nft needed and poisons2 as well. This way this items will get more burn.


→Dev | Tien Luong: You mean when new seeds come?
OK , please retype your suggestion in “Suggestion” group. I will review all suggestion in that. so if all suggestion in one place, it will be easier for me to review without miss any one.

Hi all! Is there a plan to implement a system in which it is possible to define the order in which the pet will plant?


→Dev | Tien Luong: You meant, we can change the order of this, right?

Pls fix pet upgrade. i burnt total 5x rolly and end up nothing. atleast put progress bar where u can burn more pet to upgrade nxt lvl. example u need 2 more pets to burn to get evolve


→Dev | Tien Luong: I have a plan for the combine pet, let’s wait us in 1.1.7
→Content lead | Farmer: I have some Suggestion for you: please stock up like 10-20 eggs, open at once, you will have many rarity variations to test the successful rate of each one you want to sacrify.
→claymore: that is gambling.. we are here to enjoy farming
Facco: What is the forecast to include new products? And will the cost for upgrading the lands follow the % increase that exists today? ~16% per level. We will need approximately 450k WAI to move the land from 19 to 25.

Another suggestion is, can you improve the feature of, pets can store seeds in their backpacks, so the inventory problem can solve in some way, and we can optimize the higher rarity pet’s and reduce time of the lands with the auto planting system, today its hard to use this because we don’t have enought space in inventory for have seeds and replanting. What you think


→Dev | Tien Luong: wow, your suggestion get many reactions, you got my notice guy

And how is going the AppStore listing? Thanks for the Amazing job here guys you rocks!!!


→Dev | Tien Luong: About Appstore. listing, we need to make the game better , more balance, many things to fix and change in game right now, if we push the game on store with bad experience, the more bad reviews we have.

Can you explain what kind of whale receives 3 transactions of 712500 wanas without buying a single token on the market…


We have no intel about that whale, by now.
I will close the chat in some minutes, please dont send more after this message
Thank you @Raikel it is a nice idea and reasonable logic

Thats all for today. Thank you with all the sharing with us.
Please have an energized week ahead with your life and Wanaka Farm beside.

Content lead | Farmer

Have a nice day guys

Art lead | 3K


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