Record from WANAKA Farm AMA – 30 October 2022

Wanaka Farm AMA
Wanaka Farm AMA

Hi @everyone, the chat-with-team session will open in some minutes. This week will last 60 minutes, many thanks in advance. 💖

We raised the Telegram ENG chat group from 49k to 68k members. Congratulations! 🎉🎈

Content lead | Farmer

Hello guys!

Dev | Tien Luong

Hello guys greetings from Cuba.

Michel Ortega

We are starting the TestNet with Firebird, a Blockchain renamed from Poulkafoundry to be specialized in GameFi & Metaverse.

Content lead | Farmer

Hey devs. when will we have main quest? How do you think about change weekly quest. I can’t do some quest in weekly quest!


β†’ Dev | Tien Luong: You are right, we will change it in version 1.1.8

Hello guys!

Art lead | 3K

I want a simple calculator in Wanatrade


β†’ Content lead | Farmer: It is a nice idea, I think. But for what example you need to calculate, can you tell us?

β†’ Facco: We often need to calculate the total value for an item pack, based on the value we want.

β†’ Dev | Tien Luong: yeah, we will change the total price to unit price

β†’ Content lead | Farmer: Sales side. I see.

β†’THE BIG SHORT: 1 simple calculation tool, please.

β†’ Dev | Tien Luong: I understood your case, in the sell page, if we change the total price to unit price, I think we will not need the calculator.

Hi team thank you for quiz, I really like it even though questions were freaky.


β†’ Content lead | Farmer: Thank you, your checking, some questions are meant to tell us all the market is still small and struggling, lets hang tight together. 🐵

The community for the most part was not very happy with the anniversary event, I think that they can do something else, perhaps some decoration item or something that characterizes the players who have trusted and are there since the 1st day, for example when you can visit the farms the new ones say “wow this farm is one of the first” obviously that item cannot be sold or traded.


Michel Ortega

Good day when the bug of wanting to buy salt or pepper is solved and they give you a pet formula or at least they allow you to sell those products in the Wana trade if said error occurs


β†’ calvidox: I also had the same problem, I opened ticket on the support page and so far, I have not received any response, this was already more than 1 month ago, and they did not offer so far, any solution either by returning the Wai or at least allow to sell the recipe and try to recover at least a part of the Wai. I think it is necessary that all of us who had this problem unite to be really heard, because it has been a very strange bug and so far, the team has not wanted to recognize its existence ignoring or claiming that this was our mistake when there are several people who have had this happen to them.

β†’ Content lead | Farmer: You can always DM Awit, Tincho, Kim Chi or Quynh Nguyen to push us. We are here!

Hello from Brazil!


β†’ Content lead | Farmer: Good to see you & @Michel Ortega as always

β†’ Facco: Yes, I always attend all events, but this one on the birthday I couldn’t attend… the requirement to enter at the right times made it impossible for me.

β†’ Content lead | Farmer: Even I made it free entry, and the participants don’t need to attend all the rounds, not many people dare joining curiously. It is really fun instead. 😂

I don’t know if it was asked, but what is the forecast of the new update?


Hello from Pakistan!


β†’ Content lead | Farmer: Hi Fawad

Sir any date for prize distribution?

And who is qualified for prizes? As prizes are 89


β†’ Content lead | Farmer: For the airdrop, end of Nov, for the Quiz, 1 week later around. 

We will deliver all the prizes as the scheme announced on the blog initially

@Dev | Tien Luong any update about the inventory solution?

Many people are also waiting for the draft of future updates of Wanaka.


β†’ Dev | Tien Luong: Yeah, I understand the situation. we are trying to do the best for all of you.

β†’ Fawad: In the next update it is resolved, or we have to wait more? Or can we use a pet bag as an inventory?

It will also increase the use of pets. And boost the pet market.

How are the forest lands, Multiplayer mode and Wanatown


Unlocking 400 to 500 items in 10k Wai is a good option


β†’ Dev | Tien Luong: We will do step by step.

β†’ Facco: Inventory could be based on the amount of land the account has, increase a little if you have more than one.

1 land = 400/ 2 lands = 500/ 3 lands = 600/ 4 lands = 700 

β†’ Fawad: It’s a good idea too. Because i have 6 accounts. Each account is attached with 2 lands, and it is very hard for me to manage inventory. 😢

β†’ ANns BaBa: Same here with 4 accounts 5th loading

β†’ Dev | Tien Luong: You are right, we will do many things to make fair for who has more lands than others.

β†’ Fawad: Yeah, sir we know that you are trying a lot for the game. All we need to know about the future updates of the game so it can at least motivate us to invest more in the project sir.

β†’ Dev | Tien Luong: Our plan is releasing the new version on Tue next week, but we got some issues, so we must delay the release. So sorry for that.

β†’ Crafty_Buck: Could you give us a small preview of what is coming in this new update? 😅

β†’ Content lead | Farmer: It is a serious investment bro.

β†’ Crafty_Buck: at some point this will be the solution for the inventory problem https://discord.com/channels/869509196935200768/929283631699091487/986807315313336340

I love the development of the game and what they present in the future, but everything remains in sneak-peek, I know that the developers concentrate on the gameplay but let’s not let the game die.


β†’ Art lead | 3K: Thank you so much! 💗

β†’ Fawad: It’s ok sir. We accept the delays. If it is better for us

β†’ Dev | Tien Luong: Thank you so much!

Will we have sneak peeks today? Pls!!


β†’ Art lead | 3K: Sure man

β†’ Fawad: Your work is amazing i love your artwork. 😻

We are always here to support Wanaka. 💗


The Wanaka Farm development team is really different!! Listens to players, keeps us informed of progress, is always helping new players, is aware of changes in the global landscape. Congratulations Wanaka team!!! Thanks for the effort! We believe in the project!


We are glad to have you guys beside and motivate us. 🐳🐳

Content lead | Farmer

Sir one thing more. We have to work on the DAO system. And make it functional. If any decision was made through DAO, then nobody will complain the team.


β†’ Content lead | Farmer: What we can be assure is the functionality is ready, but the project needs more time to be mature and stabilize users, features, holders, etc.

Is there any plan for getting Wana on cex?


β†’ Content lead | Farmer: Not now man

β†’ ElBingo: well, what about in the distant future

β†’ Content lead | Farmer: It is inevitable, for sure. But we don’t have a detailed schedule for that, but it needs to be more serious on making the portfolio of what CEXes to list

β†’ Fawad: We don’t want to list on cex now. First, we want the full development of the game then cex listening.

A suggestion that will help a lot those who use Pets. Add a way to convert power items directly to Pets batteries. It’s very exhausting having to keep using the energy items to get 400, and we’ll only make 4 batteries at a time. We need to repeat these many times. ☃


β†’ Fawad: No brother sometimes we need character energy for use in factory

β†’ Facco: I know, I don’t say for all energies. But a tool that could convert items straight to drums if we wanted to.

β†’ Fawad: Yeah, that would be good

Sorry if this has been asked but I just got here. Is there something being done about mutation storage as I have no room in inventory and when I place on my lands the game lags really bad


β†’ Content lead | Farmer: You can scroll back to check, not in 1.1.7 now

β†’ sparkiid: OK. This should be priority please many people have same problem

I’m covid has twice now.

Sorry guys I have to sleep.

Have a nice day! 🙏

Art lead | 3K

There is another thing I was wondering about. Given that all projects that have two token systems sooner or later lose almost all value, what is your plan to prevent Wai from falling even further. (I don’t think that the price is critical whatsoever I would just like to see the system that will make it steadily grow overtime)


β†’ Dev | Tien Luong: You are right, we are researching every project, listening to all users to find the best way for Wanaka.

β†’ ElBingo: I must admit that I haven’t look closely at the project economics yet, but my amateur mind thinks it might be a good idea to make some actions in the game more expensive overtime

will extend the closing in chat in 5 minutes, please wrap up soon.

Content lead | Farmer

In the End Thank you so much Wanaka team for your efforts regarding the gameplay or events. We are always here to support you. 💜


Are they still working in Wanatown or is that part of the project not being developed now?


β†’ Content lead | Farmer: Many aspects are being prioritized now; you know.

β†’ Dev | Tien Luong: It is pending now.

If you manage to make a good plan for maintaining the value of Wai you have already won


Will there be no Halloween event this year?


β†’ Content lead | Farmer: No, sorry about that!

Good morning, greetings from Venezuela, first of all I want to tell you that I have been with the project since day 1, and I support it 100%, but there are things that cannot be overlooked.

I know that they are working very hard to develop things and improvements in the game and it is something that motivates me to continue playing, but they cannot leave so many loose ends, for example since May they have offered a series of improvements that we still do not have even one preview we have of Wanatown open land chat mini games etc.

Another thing is that the anniversary event should have been more emotional, fun and communal, perhaps not doing it so improvised would have been much better, one example was doing missions that would reward us with items related to Wanaka’s birthday, the best example of a good event It was last Halloween, I feel that the team was able to give more warmth and affection to this event that so many of us were looking forward to and it left us very disappointed.

The anniversary event was not bad, but it was not the right one for a birthday event, the schedules suggest that it is no longer a play and relax, rather a play and stress, since there were only 6 hours of difference, whoever scheduled surely does not sleep much the truth.

These are things that are demotivating the community and I include myself; we know that it is a long-term project, and we are supporting it on a daily basis, but they must also act in the present because if those of us who are in the present are demotivated, then what future could have the project.

Greetings and happy Sunday!


β†’ Content lead | Farmer: I fully understand your point. I admitted that we were too focused on bring marketing affect in this event is not satisfied to old players. We will change the way in future actions, don’t worry. But hei, saying out loud we are 1 year alive is also very important, thanks a lot for your understanding! 💫

I will close the session now. Let’s me 5 minutes more to reply!

Content lead | Farmer

Happy with all of you today.

wish all of you have a happy Sunday!!!

Dev | Tien Luong

Happy harvest~ in anytime you want to talk to me seriously, please tag me on Tele or Discord,

Goodbye for now! ⚡🔥

Content lead | Farmer


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