Record Wanaka AMA 12 Dec, 2022

Hello Farmers, We will have our chat session today within 60 minutes. Please prepare your questions so we can do it smoothly and effectively. 

Content lead | Farmer

Hi guys, nice to meet you again.  Today we don’t have a fixed topic, feel free to ask whatever you want

Let’s start

Admin | Kim Chi

Thanks Lily ^^

Content lead | Farmer

Hello, team, first a greeting and wish you a good AMA, everyone is going to ask you the same thing so I’ll start, what happens with the rentals? when will it be fixed? And why didn’t they report in time?


->Content lead | Farmer: I admit there was miscommunication, and it’s mostly my fault to not mention it in patch notes 1.1.7. I mean the plan to pause rental was scheduled but not specifically to be applied from 1.1.7 or 1.1.8.

Hi guys

Art lead | 3K

Hi everyone…

i think the 2 obvious questions are:

1.- do you have an answer to the rental system?

2.- when will be the next update?


Dev | Tien Luong: Rental will be opened soon 

we are trying release new version before Xmas.

Hi team, is there a Christmas and New Year event coming up? Can you reveal some more positive news?


Art lead | 3K: 1.1.9 included Xmas theme

THNX   we really apreciate your work


Hi team thanks for the hard work, I want to know when is coming the new roadmap (when is updated in the site), and if whe have new updates about incubator rent and mini games?


Content lead | Farmer: It’s a big thing to consider while we already have too big bangs in the market 2022 like FTX, Luna. It’s quite a burden if we launch too many functions when no one want to enter this market in short time.

jvillegas506: I understand, so you mean that we don’t have an ETA for the new roadmap?  Are we following a blind path?

Content lead | Farmer: I don’t think it is a blind path. You already saw the old roadmap from early of 2022

jvillegas506: yes right now the new players see the old roadmap in the site and when see the game don’t see all features, and the old players don’t know where we are

Content lead | Farmer: understand, we will try our best.

 How about new missions? Or new products?


Dev | Tien Luong: New missions is in progress

Don’t you think that maybe just increasing communication with the players would make the path easier for everyone. When you don’t know about something, human beings tend to think the worst, often without a logical reason behind it.


Greetings team, is there a way to change my account to another wallet, I mean transfer it from metamask to Trust Wallet for example


Art lead | 3K: Trust wallet is coming. @Content lead | Farmer  pls confirm

Content lead | Farmer: Yeah it is already support the Trust wallet, Thanks. But I don’t think kacum64 can change the wallet, your wallet address already bind to the game account.

Anyway we will announce the wallet supporting detail for Trust Wallet soon

 Thanks for the answer, I’ll see how I solve my problem with metamask or just close my account and open another one


Content lead | Farmer: Yeah, that’s also an option.

Understanding the dynamics of Wanaka and how changing the strategies can be, it would be good if you allowed us to change the items that take care of the pets at no cost (there are currently 3200 wai each). Also buy a pet at the market penalizes when you have to change care items.


Dev | Tien Luong: If change the item that pets take care with no cost, so what is the advantage of higher rarity pets?

SIQR1710: They already have an implicit advantage, having much greater health and satiety capacity therefore at less cost. Also buy a pet at the market penalizes when you have to change care items.

Repticesor: Maybe a lower cost?

Dev | Tien Luong: yes, maybe lower cost, but never with no cost

Yes and we really really apreciate your effort:)


 I have 2 account on trust wallet from start and working fine

ANns BaBa

I would not say that the change of the pet care item is costless, but 3200 wai seems a lot to me


Dev | Tien Luong: ok I got it, I will think about it and make some adjustments

SIQR1710: Really who has a PET lower than mythical or immortal does not frequently change their care items because there is already a strategy drawn, but the changes that make the game in a certain way penalize us having to change the strategies, lowering the cost of that change would be great .

Dev | Tien Luong: ok , thanks

Why to change recipes as pop corn when new quests were not ready?  Why the changes in recipes were not explained in the patch notes? Why there are still quests that nobody wants to do? Month after month, update after update, misscommunication and lack of transparency has been always the main problem. Rentals under manteinance? You didn’t know how to fix the WAI bleeding and the solution was to close rentals without notice and with no short-term solution.


Content lead | Farmer: Firstly, we don’t commit on profit of any quests. Secondly, the basic function of the game is still working fine and we do our best for the whole game economy. Any countries or authorities still issue shocking policy that no-one can prepare but the thing is it’s applied fairly to all citizens

Thorn: You are not a government, and we are not your citizens. This is a game, we are players, and we paid real money to play. So this is more a customer-provider relationship rather than a government-citizens one.

Content lead | Farmer: Actually I borrow the term of government and citizen to make it easier to understand. We don’t benefit from any of you so far from the Land sales and incubator sales, yet to mention the rental system was said to be in maintenance, not forever closed. What we are doing is to protect the share-reward pool from draining so quickly. Are we doing the very wrong thing? or it is violate to many people’s benefit from that rental policy? (đã chỉnh sửa)

Thorn: Yes, there is. My apologies for that… I’m almost sure that video wasn’t in the first release.

I can understand confidentiality, I really do. But you changed all averages for combining pets… from 34% to 0.1%… I can understand the change, but I ask you to talk about it once the change is done.

Content lead | Farmer: About the pet combining, previous algorithm was too easy and I believe it was a glitch, however, we never did commit on that rate. So let’s think that the honey moon of pet combining is over. Sorry.

Repticesor: Well there is not a legal contract either we are not really customer..

 I contribute ideas for the Christmas event: more snowflakes when harvesting corn, socks when harvesting goats…..Combine these items to create 1 gift. Each account has a limited number of gifts.


Is there going to be a chrismas event or only a winter theme?


Dev | Tien Luong: just a winter theme

Good day/afternoon/night we know that the crypto winter caused by Terra (Do Kwon), FTX (Sam Bankman-Fried), 3AC, etc… has caused a significant drop in the crypto economy, what plan do developers have of Wanaka Farm if it extends throughout 2023


 Could you show us a snake peek pliiiisssss?


 @Repticesor @Thorn prove me if I am wrong

Content lead | Farmer

But… as @Thorn said we would like more comunications


Dev | Tien Luong: So what kind of communications do you want , talk all days with all of you instead of every 2 weeks like this?

Repticesor: Take it easy man, i love the game… and i understand why you do that

Rental is under manteinance for weeks, so the basic function of the game is not working for several players. The problem is not the actions you take, but the lack of commmunication and transparency all the time.


Dev | Tien Luong: If we ann that, rental will be closed, then cloner will know then they will try to rent as many as they can.

Talking about communications, anything related to the economy and ‘earn feature’ is deliberately keeping the confidential until last minutes. We are sorry if that way disturb you. But we are in the P2E market, not traditional game, where you guys are really customers to pay more money after every updates. 

Content lead | Farmer 

In conclusion, we have reason to not ann before closed rental system. we are trying protect all players. And we will not change our actions because of some players.

Dev | Tien Luong

Repticesor: And we understand this… really.

No need to talk everyday. Read the first 1.1.7 patchnote. There were tons of things missing.


Content lead | Farmer: Let’s agree to disagree on this matter if my answer still not satisfy you.

Salad recipe changed, fish soup recipe changed, pop corn recipe changed, chung cake recipe changed… none of those were in the patch note.


Content lead | Farmer: thanks @Repticesor indeed

Now we can change the order for autoplanting with pets, which is great. It is mentioned but not explained in the patchnotes…


Dev | Tien Luong: Ok, next update we will make it better., clearer.

Content lead | Farmer: actually I think there’s already even a video for that feature…

Can you tell us about strategies to attract new players?


Content lead | Farmer: Right now, we are working on multi-chain partners to make it a blockchain-flat economy for all users (đã chỉnh sửa)

Goodbye for now. We will keep going our best through the downtrends and uptrends. Rest assure about that please.

I think basic concerns are still around the updates and rental policy. Please be aware that only 3 minutes left for today

Content lead | Farmer

an AMA every 2 weeks is not communication, report it through the announcement channel if it is, the questions you don’t answer say more  @Content lead | Farmer


Content lead | Farmer: There was many busy stuffs during the update 1.1.7. We will improve the way of announcement better

Get back working Xmas theme now

Happy weekend guys

Art lead | 3K 

Sorry, I’ll close the chat.  Thank you all.  Have a great weekend. . See you next time

Admin | Kim Chi


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