Record Wanaka Farm AMA- Nov 13, 2022

 Hello dear farmers. Nice to meet you again. Let’s start asking your questions. Thanks a lot 

Admin | Kim Chi

Yeah, we will open in some minutes

@everyone we are glad to be here again on biweekly AMA.

Content lead | Farmer

 Hi guy

Art lead | 3K



 Hi everyone!

CTO | Thuan Nguyen

 Hello guys

Dev | Tien Luong

Hello ppl!!


 We are deeply sorry about the Mutation works last week. Hope you guys can understand.

Content lead | Farmer

 Hello greetings to everyone 

Michel Ortega

When will we have new updates, forecast?


Dev | Tien Luong: I guess next week. we are trying, sorry for the delay, we really don’t want that

 «Dear Devs, first of all, congratulations for a great game and for the great effort behind its realization. I want to convey certain concerns. that they are not only personal but that this is written by a group that has been here from the beginning and represents a large part of the community with which they share all the concerns on the different networks (mainly Telegram). In life you always have to be grateful, but it is important that this gratitude be bidirectional because there are two main feelings in the community: The first, that the support of many players for the game, who began this journey with you but now it seems that you are alone. The second, that the game gives a certain appearance of abandonment. Many parts, stages and projects of the game that were talked about seem forgotten (new products, lands forest, Wanatown, etc.); the same programming problems appear over and over again (constant bugs in different areas, repetitive problems with pets and mutates), and there is almost no communication of what is happening. It’s as if Wanaka had cut his squad in half. I think it would be a good time to release a statement and for the community to know what is happening, where the project is and, also, to clarify, after so many internal changes, who are the current members of the Wanaka team. . Do not understand this as an attack, but as constructive criticism from your community that loves you, and wants this to be a great project in which we all walk together for many years. A big hug and we hope to have news soon.”


->Content lead | Farmer: Thanks Raikel, things were a bit lagging behind recently, we admit. Will try to focus more next time.

Raikel: Thanks, but at least can we know why things are really so lagging? If you have less guys in the staff can we know that? We really appreciate it.

Content lead | Farmer: Staff cuts is not a big thing, but we have some  short of breath, it is not a big deal to the team structure anyway.

Raikel: If you want to rest for a while, it is better to notify it, because I am inside the game and many of the community think that the project is gradually being abandoned, due to the fact that the updates are longer and longer, the sneak peaks are more distant, which themselves only remain in that “sneak peaks” and never become real, that kind of thing creates a lot of discontent and mistrust in a project no matter how good it seems. Many acquaintances no longer enter the game because they are unmotivated and I understand them perfectly. without more to add and grateful for reading these minutes I say goodbye and I hope that for future problems or changes, they let us know what is really happening, because we know about the team’s respite now that we have talked, why not do it They never would have told us. Great Sunday for everyone and we keep Farming!!!

Art lead | 3K: I know you’re disappointed in us. And very sad to hear that you will say goodbye to the project. We will continue to work and develop the project. We hope to see you again one day

Raikel: No no, don’t out of the project, I love wanaka really and still trust the project, but I just want to say that community it’s feeling right now.

Art lead | 3K: god bless you 

Raikel: I love this game, and that’s the reason why I’m here writing you all on Sunday spending my free time because I want this project get better and better every day. I just plasm the feelings of friends and community worries about the actual situation of the game. But I will stay here for a long time buddy’s I play every days, no matter what happens.

Dev | Tien Luong: yeah, Thank you for standing by us

Rubys: I think he said goodbye for AMA. Not for the project. 

Content lead | Farmer: As said above, the game could be updated soon. I am not understanding you clearly but I think you can take some rest now

Art lead | 3K: You are right, in the current difficult market situation, not only our project but also other companies are currently facing common difficulties. And staff cuts are inevitable.

So everything, the plans (forest land, wanatown, minigames..) will of course have an effect but I assure everyone that. With the remaining key people, we will continue to develop the project, we do not abandon our children.

Hello team , good morning over here in USA . This is not the first time that we have issues with mutation and pet problems. We would appreciate if you experience problems of any kind , to lets know in a short time period . We dont know what it is going on. It has been a long time that we dont have a big update.


Art lead | 3K: [Update Art team]

We’re working hard for Winter Theme, 

Concept step rightnow,hopefully release this theme in December

 What we ask is more communication between us . You ask for trust , then trust on us . Tell us the problems you are going through. If it is necessary send announcements in between the week. Dont wait every two weeks for AMA to tell us the good of bad news.


Content lead | Farmer: We are not telling good nor bad news on AMA. It is a time to see each other and it is better be more friendly communication

Luks007: Since the problem with the mutations , here is the first time that you guys are opening your feeling s and expressing that there was an error, so that’s a bad news . What I’m trying to say , it is not to wait for a AMA ,  to tell us if ther is was difficulty , any issue weeks ago. If you find a problem let’s say on Monday, then send a announcement on Monday , don just tell your mods that ” devs are aware” , “noted” but nobody from the actuall Team Dev comes out and take the time to say ,” please don’t use pets because….., to save time , resources,  wai.

We understand that your priority is build a game first,  we got that, so we are not asking now on how we are going to make profit now. We are asking for a better game. Maybe small things like more inventory , a change in the missions.

Dev | Tien Luong: we are having some problems about technical . Do not worry. we are solving it to make the game better.

about the errors of mutation and pet, we  changed somethings but it go wrong, then it make the errors. so sorry for that,

Hi, We need more communication from the devs, we want to know where we stand, we have been blindly for months without knowing what direction we are taking and where we are going, what motivation does accumulating experience give? if the cycles of the new seeds always happen the same because from there on out there is no other reason to continue accumulating exp, instead if you tell us what plans you have or what is happening we understand and we go slowly, but without personal communication they demotivated me I’ve been doing the same thing for months and the devs have not said or made any announcement talking about it about something really important, if they don’t communicate anything to us, be it bad or good, there will come a time when we will get tired, I hope you understand my dialect since I’m using the translator. PD we only ask that there be more information, more dialogue from you to us


how many developers do you currently have working, because they don’t listen to the community and instead of spending time on visual things they focus more on what the community needs (inventory problems, no use of mutates, more frequent quest adjustments, improving the recipes to give more utility to all the items in the game, notification system in wanatrade) is just a part of what the community has been asking for months and months

CLUB | TheBunnyRod

We are getting tired of visual updates, we want a gameplay update. Last news about wanaka:

1. An anniversary celebrated by a quiz.

2.An airdrop that only brings bots to the Telegram group, we need real people to enter the game no bots or people interested in getting some $ on an airdrop.

3.New HUD, visual update.

4.People complains about storage months ago, a storage system has never come.

5.Mutated and pets problems, never solved.

And that list is only a sum up.


Dev | Tien Luong: ok , i understand how you guy feel now. we are really working for a better Wanaka, we are not resting.

about the update, sometimes, you know, there is something that team should not reveal

Is it possible for the testing to do it in another server , without testing in the actual game and having issues like last weeks ?


Dev | Tien Luong: so , I am so sorry if I can not tell something sensitive

If I reveal something sensitive, everyone will go ahead, then the system will be destroyed.

To be honest, if you guys worry too much about the health of this project, we understand, but please take easy, as this market trending is crazy, not only in the crypto world. We will never abandon the project.

Content lead | Farmer

Hi Guys

Visual and gameplay are 2 different teams.

We know you need more from gameplay at this stage but please don’t get missuderstand we’re focusing on one thing. 2 teams still have their own tasks. Team art cannot code and vice versa. So the task of any team will try their best to complete the task of the team

Art lead | 3K

Leyton: I know that, sorry if my message did you misunderstand that, art works are always beautiful, but we want some improvements by the Gameplay team side

Dev | Tien Luong: yeah, we are doing it.

They always say the same thing about the update. I have not played for 2 weeks because it no longer motivates me to do the same there must be new updates to make the game more fun.


Dev | Tien Luong: yeah, you want that, the team want too.

I don’t think he will leave the game @Raikel he is sick playing lol only if we lower the intensity of playing but we will continue playing, in reality we appreciate this beautiful wanaka and we know his potential and yours are really very intelligent. only if we feel abandoned, but that does not mean that we are disappointed just that we would like to know what was happening to understand us too


 when do you plan the next update?

CLUB | TheBunnyRod

 I think we need to have more patience. The market is going going down and down. Is devs will release now forest lands and the next big updates, this will not help the game and wana with nothing. No pump at all. And for what such amount of work? For nothing. I think many players still playing the game, but they are not actove on social media. This doesn’t mean that they quit the game and project. Ine more thing. Many of you are complaining that there is no point of playing and you stop playing. I think that you are making a big mistake. In this period you can accumulate a lot of wai and wana. But you need a good strategy. Don’t blame Devs for the bad things that are happening in world and with the market. They want such more than us that this game to be on top and to be played by many and many and many new players. I thnik you’re doing a good job Devs. Congrats.


Content lead | Farmer: Many thanks @Rubys .
What you guys cannot see is we are working on the economy to prevent the bleeding caused by abusers. It is the really hard and stressful job of @Dev | Tien Luong

Art lead| 3K: Thank you for understanding

We’ve given everything we have to bet on this project, so there’s no reason for us to 

Raikel: It’s good to know that. Well I got go ( to my farm ) not from project hehe. Thanks for the time this Sunday we keep farming god bless you all we keep in touch.

playing I get more than 100 k in wais a week and that is not the point the point is the gameplay, here we are not talking about profitability $ that happens to second term the money comes only when there is a great game and good synerg

ndon it. Above all else, we ourselves will lost everything if the project fails 


Rubys: Yes. They don’t see this. In such bad times with market and all, is the project isn’t sustained it can go down and dissapear. How happend woth other project this period. They want to make more money, but they don’t understand that in this dangerous period the game can suffocate. I think that who will be here and support the project, keep playing, when this bad period ends, will have a lot to win.

Rubys: Ok. I understand. But also you guys need to understand that big majore updates is created in a way that will pump wai and wana. These days no pump at all. Only FOMO.

the community would not mind waiting any longer, if they solve the inventory problem this has been requested since we were in n15 de land

CLUB | TheBunnyRod

Guys, i am so happy to receive your comments to know you are still with us, even without many questions. 

As usual we will close the chat now, if there is no more question

Content lead | Farmer 

 I think you are confused , we are not asking for a better game to make money , we are asking to make the actual game itself better , funnier . We understood the point of Devs that they want to create a game first , and then eventually playing we will see any profit. So at this point making money is not the issue , its the gameplay that we want a change. I guess that fixing the inventory for a start , it will be great.


WanakaFarmer: This guy just suddenly showed up and talked like he knew something, but all he said is pump and dump which is not what we are concerned at this point 

Luks007: What are you talking about ? I’m here since the begging of AMA.

Content lead | Farmer: I am still waiting MisterLemur

 Do you guys have a time frame for an update ?


MisterLemur: You guys know I love the game, but I feel it is stacked, it is been for a little while and I feel the community is getting tired or bored. I feel we could introduce new features in order to improve the experience. I trust the project. But maybe we need some new features.

Content lead | Farmer: The update v1.1.7 is ready but we need time to polish the server before launching.

I will close now

MisterLemur: Yes, my concern is to know if that will bring a real change in the game play in the game experience, rather than change the order of growing items with the pets.

Content lead | Farmer: Sure thing.

Thank you for all the comments. We will do our best.

Content lead | Farmer

Ok. Have a nice day guys💕💕

Art lead | 3K


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