Records from WANAKA Farm AMA – 03 July 2022

Hello Farmers, Are you ready for today chat-with-team? 

Content lead | Farmer

Good afternoon everyone!

Today topics are:

1. Minigames & Forest land suggestion 

2. Staking Pools 

3. App store listing progress

Marketing | Leo Ngo

Fan-made Podcast to listen again the chat-with-team

Fan-made podcast Channel from FreddyChat-with-team July 3rd, 2022 sumup in voice format (ENGLISH)
Fan-made podcast Channel from FreddyChat-with-team July 3rd, 2022 sumup in voice format (SPANISH)

Hello everybody

CEO | Truong Tran

Hi guys 💗

Art lead | 3K



Good afternoon Team


Hello people of Wanaka!

Mod | MrTamagochi

Do you have any plans on changing the weekly quests from 3-star to 2-star only?


Dev | Tien Luong: We have already plan for it, but the detail we can not tell, mate.

Ice Cabbage: Best regards friend.

The missions are difficult but not impossible, it’s a great idea to rework them but don’t do something that benefits lazy players or multi-accounts who only connect once a week to complete them.

Dev | Tien Luong: Yeah, sure mate.

chan: When will this be applied to the game?

Dev | Tien Luong: The next plan is bring our game to Google Playstore and Apple Store and the solution for 3 star quests. We do it parallel . maybe 3 weeks or 1 month, I guess.

chan: Any updates about app listing?

Dev | Tien Luong: We are doing it, just wait maybe about 2 weeks. I hope less.

When we done, it depends on the review of Apple Store and Google Playstore. The time for it we can not foretell.


Basic Land is all about farming energy. Product that are created with factory items that are found in Basic Land give energy.

Forest Land has a lot of trees and stones. An idea would be Forest Land will be a about chopping and mining materials that is needed to create NFT Building, decoration and farming item.

– The materials can be sold at WanaMarket 

– Chopping and mining require a lot of energy which will create high demand for energy product in the WanaMarket

– Forest land should not give any items that give energy.

– Chopping tree and mining stones require axe and pickaxe respectively which can be bought from WanaShop or create in factory like Watering & Feeding in Basic Land.

To summarise, the forest land will create demand for energy product which basic land user can provide and sell. Forest land user can provide and sell materials that is needed to create NFT building that can expand inventory etc.


→ Attica: I really like that idea and It would be nice if useful tools for the basic land were made with wood

Content lead | Farmer: Great thanks, we will try to create more synergy scenarios for 02 kinds of land. And everything is drafting to have a greater experience exclusive in WANAKA Farm.

Hello, any date or certain think? The Wana its too much low please we the investors need concrete news.

T.P.A | Ozaru

→ CTO | Thuan Nguyen: Thank you, please wait for positive news from us in the near future

With these latest maintenance, how are the advances for multiplayer and mini-games going? Do you think we can enjoy them this month?


Dev | Tien Luong: Before release a new feature, We must consider many things such as crypto market, the demand of users, etc, …After analyzing all of them, we will make decision when we will release a new big feature. Maybe it is ready to play, but not suitable moment to release.

Since the last update there are many problems, a lot of work, will it be solved soon?


Dev | Tien Luong: We already solve 90% problem. tomorrow will solve the remain, mate, everything is under control.

→ CTO | Thuan Nguyen: Almost of the bugs have already been fixed bro.

Hi team! What can we know about the new stacking? Dates? What difference will it have with the current Thank you!


Dev | Tien Tran: The difference is staking with a fixed APR, the reward will be claimed when it is time to unlock.

I think you should provide a safety net when breaking crops/animals, i.e. for every 5 cows a player gets 1 milk only if with those 5 cows, the player does not get any milk. Just like in gacha games

This will make a lot of players feel at ease.


Dev | Tien Luong: We will analyze the problem then make the decision.

Will it be possible to try the mini games soon and visit the progress of wanatown, in the test network?


CPO | Sang Nguyen: We’re trying to building test environment and hand over you guys asap.

Hello team! When are you going to remove marketplace v1?


→ CTO | Thuan Nguyen: May be in this month when the v2 is stable.

As like growing items devalued after new growing items how you save basic land from devalued after forest land ?

ANns BaBa

Dev | Tien Luong: We will make every kind of land that have the relationship. they depends on each others. so do not worry about the problem of devalue of any land.

How does the “in app purchases” will work in Appstore and Playstore? people will buy WANA and WAI with Fiat or crypto? or how does it work? 🙏


CPO | Sang Nguyen: We want users to be able to buy something important, or special, but haven’t thought about being able to buy wana and wai directly

→ iguanna: This would be like having our own Robinhood… Gamers will become Crypto Gamers and investors, please consider to plan this 🙏

CPO | Sang Nguyen: Got it 💗

In my opinion, each account should choose the type of land to work basic or forest but not both at the same time that also gives greater use the basic ones create energy food those of forest another type of work and create tools that each depends on the other.


Dev | Tien Luong: Great idea, Thanks!

I have a concern about the quality of the items i get.

I noticed that when i fully water/feed my crops/animals they have low quality and weight but if i lack water/feed, the quality and weight is high

i.e. 5/5 cow is only 1 star and low weight while 2/5 cow is 9 star quality and high weight why is that? can someone please explain?


→ chan: Breaking 9-star quality and high weight animals/crops doesnt eveb guarantee me a 3-star items. I just finished harvesting my 40 pigs and luckily enough i gained 10 pigs which are 9-star quality and high weight but when i put them in the factory they only give me 2-star or 1-star pork. out of all those 10 pigs, i got no 3-star pork. So disappointing.

CPO | Sang Nguyen: So sorry about that, let me check with team to balance once again tmr

Content lead | Farmer: Try again, it is the matter of luck and possibility, we don’t make it an exact formula, mate~ 😂

RxA: When u use multi breeding with pets the 70 % ratio succed is accomplished with mininal variation. It should be the same for the 60 % ratio for crops with 8 score. Variation should be mininal and the ratio must be achieve.

Content lead | Farmer: The beautiful of maths is, greater sample size, smaller variation~

Mod | MrTamagochi: I know the feeling… but the opposite is also true, items with lower quality and weight can give 3* products, that’s how probability ranges work.

→ chan: Yes, i also encounter 0.2 star quality with low weight that gives me 3-star items. But my point here is they gave us a score sheet on wiki on how we will get 3-star items but it is not being followed which is why im disappointed. Tthey could’ve just said that everything is randomized but they told us that the higher the quality and the heavier the weight, we will get a 3-star item. But it is not the case.

Mod | MrTamagochi: I get it… but don’t worry. As they said, the percentages are going to be reviewed.

Dev | Tien Luong: thanks for the suggestion, we will consider it.

Greating to he team

I think that the forest lands are a huge opportunity for Wanaka to show the world how big it can be. I have great expectations and although so far I really like the game and the work done by the team; I would like to see it grow much more.


Forest lands (and from what I see is the general idea) are the ideal environment to introduce construction or manufacturing materials not only for products to deliver in missions. But for the creation of constructions with utility or products that give the character better possibilities. Wood, stone, minerals, precious metals, the possibilities are many. The land could have a river or stream, for example, not to fish, but to install machinery to extract minerals such as gold and the like. You would have to build this machinery with materials from the same land. I would also like it to have a cave, where precious materials could be mined.

Another interesting idea, I think, would be the introduction of “adventure” concepts. Imagine that in certain lands there could be different adventure/exploration zones (as if it were a dungeon). With a level of difficulty and percentages to receive materials that are then used to build or produce items. Materials that can only be obtained in that type of activity. Perhaps even, in a very low percentage please, some valuable NFT for its scarcity. The time that a character is in the adventure, is the time that he is not on the farm, in this way the user would have to choose which direction to give his character. Although if the character (as I suggest later) was NFT, perhaps we could even have several on the same account, fulfilling different functions.


Content lead | Farmer: I like the idea of mineral and cave 🙂

→ zekecuba: This type of adventures/dungeons I think could also be the point of introduction of combat pets. These may be earned (very rarely) as a result of the quest. The dungeons could be of various types, a cave, dark forest, the entrance to a masmorra, I don’t know, many things related to this type of land. Even the rarity of the land could influence the level of difficulty / prizes of it. This dungeon concept may be present in all other land types going forward, introducing new materials, new combat pets, and new equipment for the character.

The concept that they propose of plots in the air is great and also offers many possibilities. For example if you want the land to have yes or yes 289 user-usable parcels, that limits other things that could be included in the land (such as caves, rivers, uncut forests, dungeons, etc). However, if there can be parcels in the air, you can include in the land all these elements that reduce usable space and then contribute all this lost space in parcels in the air. This would make better use of the land.

CPO | Sang Nguyen: Thank bro, i really love “adventure” concepts too 😍

→ zekecuba: @Content lead | Farmer, @CPO | Sang Nguyen You can DM me later if you want and I can explain the ideas in more detail.

Content lead | Farmer: We will sum up your msgs and contact with you if we can develop the concept~

When they plan to activate the rental of the incubators?


Dev | Tien Luong: It depends on the demand of users.


I think, for example, that it is the perfect and in my opinion very necessary opportunity to introduce an Experience-Levels-Skills-Specializations system for the characters. In addition to the creation of the concept of character as such, which today is very ambiguous. Explaining myself better. Today’s user is tied to the account and in the best of cases can only be customized and nothing else. For me, it’s best if the character on each account is also an NFT, although it’s not absolutely necessary. The really important thing would be that the character could gain experience with his actions within the game and grow with our work, becoming a necessary and essential element. If the character would be tied to the account or could be transferred, I’m not sure what would be best. But the sure thing is that it is better that the importance is not only in the lands (making the account irrelevant), but that the work experience accumulated by that character was very important as well.

If it were up to me, it would be this way, it is the experience system that I like the most of all the ones I have seen. Every action you do (both on the basic land and on any clear land) earns you experience (not much). But this experience belongs only to a certain category or branch. For example there could be categories like farming, animal care, breeding, training, mining, sawmilling, adventure and so on. In this way, when you gain experience (although it contributes to the character’s level in general), you gain it in a specific category. This experience in each category would allow you to access specific skills of those categories (small talent tree type) to improve them. But of course, no matter how much experience you have in general, you can only access those skills if you did the work to earn them by doing that specific job. To access these skills you need points (very scarce) that are reached when you level up the character in general.


Give more details of the staking.


Dev | Tien Tran: Staking will be with a fixed rate, rewards will be unlocked when it is time to unlock. There are 3 levels of staking bronze, silver, gold. Details of metrics will be public after mainnet deployment.


They should include an adventure mode for pets, styled as the dungeons of RPG video games.

Ice Cabbage

We’re having many cool ideas tonight 😎 Thanks guys!

Marketing | Leo Ngo

We have 30 minutes left ~ Any other concerns please~?

BTW, the T-shirts will be delivered to you all soon.We will have some photo contest for group of users. We want to promote the user communities all over the world soon.

Content lead | Farmer



Don’t forget prepare appointments if you can, to make it a nice summit~~

Content lead | Farmer

Do you have something in mind to give to the wanatrade movement? most of the goods are on the ground, barely breaking even, and let’s not imagine leveling up lands anymore, because it takes weeks to level up.

Thanks for the work, as always.


Content lead | Farmer: I think many high grade lands are making profit by selling level 15-19 product items, I have to buy 3* fish soup always~

→ alvars: Yes, but I think the rewards of the weekly missions are very few

Do you have any plans in development for functions (outside the game) to burn WAI? In this way it would be a real burning reducing the amount in circulation and increasing prices.


CPO | Sang Nguyen: Wana, yes we did. But wai, ok i think we got more exercise here 😄

Create a botton that allows players to re-roll their diary quest or weekly quest for a few wai, this way wai is burned to get quest of our preference (or may be not 😏)


CPO | Sang Nguyen:  Nice ideal :)) let me check

Let’s wrapping up. We have a quite nice chat today with an idea-machine @zekecuba , Love you 3000

Any last concerns~?

Content lead | Farmer

Hi everyone, why the energy back pack of the pet doest not increase when i breed if i use pepowers for breed in the multi breeding option? It is a bug or just the “save energy” option just work for plant harvest and feed/watering growing items?


Dev | Tien Luong: Yeah, saving energy only count for action of planting, watering, feeding, harvesting. Thanks.

Thank you all for today session.Have a good time with family and friends~

Content lead | Farmer


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