Records from WANAKA Farm AMA – 06th Mar 2022

Wanaka Farm AMA
Wanaka Farm AMA

Hey everyone, We comeback here chating together. I hope you have time fun and interesting with your farm. Ask us anything please 

CEO | Truong Tran

Hi team! Do you plan to sell Forest land this month according to the roadmap? Or will delay them? Thank you!


–>Marketing | Leo Ngo: Still working on that, relating to new items for the new land

–>CPO | Sang Nguyen: With the hope that the gameplay of forest land will be different from basic land, we think it will take more time to develop features for forestland, so sorry it will be a little later than planned.

–>CEO | Truong Tran: Our developers are hard working, forest land system seem be ready but forest land sale depend on market and DAO voting

What are you working on right now and what’s on the next update?


–>WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: Take a look around our roadmap. We updated our newest roadmap there

–>CPO | Sang Nguyen:

  • building rental system 
  • building multiplayer system 
  • wanatown 
  • chat system 
  • etc, …
  • Next update is renting land 

Good day, receive a cordial greeting from me and I congratulate the work you have been doing.

I have a concern regarding the Sliced ​​fish, it is the least tradable item in the game since only the sliced ​​fish 3 stars is useful to make Fish soup, leaving the sliced ​​fish of 1 star and 2 stars useless, even the Fish soup 3 stars cannot compete with salad as it is easier and more marketable to make salads.

I propose a solution with reworking the fish soup and adding one more component to its manufacture so that the 1 star and 2 star sliced ​​fish have a probability of manufacturing a 3 star fish soup and thus all the sliced ​​fish have a marketable value.

 thanks <3


–>CPO | Sang Nguyen: thank bro. noted

Hi Devs!! I hope all of you are great!!! I have one question about the DAO. How is going the progress in the DAO and how is going to work?

CLUB | DarthAlak

–>CTO | Thuan Nguyen: still doing and release on this month possible

–>Marketing | Leo Ngo: Our CTO working on DAO, apparently the points from staking are the voting power. As far as i know

Hello, I really like all your work, congratulations. Maybe you could make the bridge a little smaller?


–> Art lead | 3K: Yes. I’m noted

–>dingding: Hello, I like your design, I really like it, and I hope to improve the bridge over the fish pond, this is really a bit obscured, thank you!
–>Art lead | 3K: I noticed that, will fix it in the next update

Hello. I have a proposal. it would be interesting if you could add weather. for example, when it will rain, we will not have to water because it is raining, and when it is just sun / drought, we will have to water them several times to be of good quality. to monitor the weather it would be nice to have a news panel where we can find out what the weather will be like in the coming days.


–>WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: This idea is good, we though about this before but since it’s relate to the economy of the game. (watering and eating need to buy with wai) so  this feature have to be think carefully to not ruin the eco of the game

Hello, will it be possible to expand the water plots of the land? when? Thank you


–>CPO | Sang Nguyen: sorry, currently is no

I have two questions 1. In the next update will the incubators be able to be rented?  2. How are the pet farms going to work on rented land, are they going to take care of all the spaces or are only the unrented spaces?


–>CPO | Sang Nguyen:

  1. Temporarily renting an incubator will not be in the next update, but when we designed the rental system we took into account the case of renting more than just land so the incubator will be added to the land rental system in future 
  2. We’re considering about new type of pet or extend the functionality of the current pet but we haven’t decided yet

Could you reduce the animation time that it takes to watering and eating ? It is very tedious when we already have many spaces and it takes a long time.


–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: it’s already reduced many times. Now we have pet feature. It’s can help you do the job.

–> gluk: Planting/harvesting was accelerated, but watering and eating continues just as slowly.
thanks for your great work

–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: Maybe we will consider about it but the priority is very low

@CEO | Truong Tran @Marketing | Leo Ngo It is very worrying to see Wai Liquidity at 56k. An entry to the game for less than $10, there is no marketing campaign to attract new players as people just don’t want to invest in this game, the 60k players who say they are playing are people who are stuck waiting to get something back from the investment. The sale of the Incubators did not have any impact due to the aforementioned “No one wants to invest”. How will they deal with the new land sale? How are you going to recover the confidence of the investors? When the confidence of the investors is lost it is difficult to recover it, you say that you are working, but not to go so far, the game of the little plants is also working on development and now We all know the story of that game that lost all confidence… What is your solution?

the shadown

–>Marketing | Leo Ngo: Land renting will be the first. Then some adjustments will be made to create demands for reinvesting and purchasing NFT. I can’t talk much into details but we do have plans and can’t be rush.

Hello good afternoon, first congratulations for your work. And two queries: Since the milk box is so difficult to obtain, don’t you think that your articles should give more energy?

And also, can we NfT land owners do something else with all the organic waste that we have accumulated?

Thank you very much


–>CPO | Sang Nguyen: thanks, let’s we note

Hello team, first congratulations for the great work of the last update, ok, I have 3 questions and excuse the frankness…

 1. Currently the burning of mutates is not enough, do you plan to touch the percentage of mutation? So that they can appreciate 

2. In the past they have said that they are focused on development and not on the economy… however it is worrying to see that many people are leaving the project, do you have an estimate of when they will focus their efforts on the economic issue 

3. On December 31 we had the land raffle, that greatly encouraged the burning of wai and raised both the value of wai and wana, do you think it would be a way to release forest land?
@Boooo | Sup Snub#2475 @sangnv#3984

Kyon Lius

–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: We understand your concerns, but as we said before, to make it easier to tweak the economy of features that need to be added, we’re doing it as quickly as possible.

–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: Appreciate your comment.

  • Dev will take into account for consideration
  • It’s not true that we don’t care about the economy of the game, it will take some time to balance things in game economy.
  • Actually, I do think about that raffle option or sort of something like an auction for new land sale.

–> Kyon Lius: thanks for clarifying point 2, and I like what you have in mind with the new lands… good luck and keep going

Hi team, congratulation for last update grafics an music are much more relaxing.

 – Regarding the rental system you have mentioned that wana will be used for payment, but I was thinking if it is possible to leave to land owner to decide which coin to use Wai or wana.


–> Dev | Binh Nguyen: Our rental system will use $wana.

–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: This will lead the market and the whole eco system become harder to control. We still brainstorming something about this feature but I not thing this is a good idea.
–> Rhonald: thank you, in that case those $wana will be deposit to our wallet or to in-game balance?

–> CTO | Thuan Nguyen: ingame balance, bro.

–> WANAKA | JV-GDev | Never DM: first will be ingame balance, and when you want it go to wallet, just withdraw from our marketplace

“mockup UI/UX Rental System”
Note: The number, items, text are only examples to serve in the design process. Not Final.

When will the next update take place? Thanks


–>CPO | Sang Nguyen: we are planning in the second half of March

Hi there, my question is about the scholarship/rent system. Will the slots that we want to put on rent be prioritized to some of our friends in a sort of a friend list?, or like wanatrade now as the offer goes public and everybody can take it? Thanks.


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: first it will be public to all like current wanatrade.

Art lead | 3K: Nobody tell me, how feel about the spring theme? A little bit sad! 

–> villegas506: Is amazing I can’t wait to be able to interact with buildings and buy beers.
–> Marketing | Leo Ngo: everybody loves it. 

The spring theme is gorgeous! The only changes I could propose are related to the bridge. The proportions seem to be a bit large. I like to place the Nova Fish in the pond by default but it is a bit uncomfortable because the bridge is very low. And the plot defaults being just below the base of the bridge can be a bit uncomfortable for farmers with account defaults. But I tell you clearly, if you leave it like that it doesn’t bother me at all.


>Art lead | 3K: I noticed that, will fix it in the next update


1. What about the IP restrictions? Will they come in the next Update?

2. What about the daily and weekly missions? Have you thought in giving items instead of WAI in order to help economy?

3. Are you going to put more missions that could help to burn the mutated items?

4. Any option to increase the inventory according to the land level?



–>CPO | Sang Nguyen:

  1. What about the IP restrictions? Will they come in the next Update?
    • => it may come out the same or later
  2. What about the daily and weekly missions? Have you thought in giving items instead of wai in order to help economy?
    • => let me consider it more 
  3. Are you going to put more missions that could help to burn the mutated items?
    • => noted 
  4. Any option to increase the inventory according to the land level?
    • => We would really like the products to be consumed or exchanged instead of being stored in the warehouse, however an expansion of the warehouse is also being considered.


Hey there. Have you thought about creating new ways of burning items like Fooder, sluged, fertilizer and earthworms ?   now days we are creating lots of those items and it’s becoming a problem because it’s more than what we need. Maybe instead of paying Wai to upgrade our lands, we should be able to use these items and it should NOT affect the token because selling these items is how we get the token. The point is that we need new ways to burn them because other than doing our weekly quest they are useless.  Maybe a montly quest using those items could help and rewards could be NFT to upgrade our lands.


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: thank bro, noted 

@CPO | Sang Nguyen We need to be able to sell or buy Seeds in the bulk market. or be able to use the purchase order. can’t you help with this?


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: Sure please w8

What about making some adjustments to the daily quest, like for example giving a pig and cow together or apple plus mango to make people upgrade their lands


–> CPO | Sang Nguyen: Ya caculating…

Marketing | Leo Ngo: Thank you guys. It was great, see you next week

Art lead | 3K: I’m about to make some noise on sneak peek channel. Guess what’s interesting

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