Records from WANAKA Farm AMA- 08 May 2022

Wanaka Farm AMA

Hello everyone, we are about to start the Chat, in 90 minutes, we hope we all can answers a lot of questions from you guys~ 

*Topics (prioritized):

1. New quests/New growing items

2. Wanatown/multiplayer/interactions 

3. App store listing execution

Admin | Kim Chi

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a good weekend!

Marketing | Leo Ngo:


Head of Development | Duc Hoang

Hello everyone!

Dev | Binh Nguyen

Hello friends,

CEO | Truong Tran

Yo yo guys ^_^

Art lead | 3K

Hello team, thanks for being here.


Good morning, so when are you fuys going to release the update? What exactly are we expecting on that update? Thank you.


CPO | Sang Nguyen: We’re focusing on:

– New Growing Items, New Quests

– Change Gameplay to apply app stores (A lot work have to be done, not only client side but server side).

–  Trying to release this month. Depend on situations we also add adjust something more.

→ ! edi don’t: Regarding change gameplay, what changes should we expect?

Dev | Tien Luong: The gameplay will be easier for new users, it will be suitable for both traditional players and crypto players.

 CPO | Sang Nguyen: It will mainly be how free users access the game, it will have to be as easy as possible, of course free to play users will need to have a really good experience that will be beneficial for generating revenue from people who like the experience.

! edi don’t: Is this like you are getting new users who will download the game in app store and when they liked the game, they will buy something from the in-app store? did i get it right?

 CPO | Sang Nguyen: Yesss!

! edi don’t: Then how will the crypto players benefit from this? sorry im not that knowledgeable when it comes to this.

Any updates about the app store listing?

! edi don’t

CTO | Thuan Nguyen: We are working for this, for example:

– Hide wanatrade from mobile app

– Add In App purchase feature

– And more…. features.

 CPO | Sang Nguyen: We are testing to add ads and IAP addition, the server also needs reconstruction to accommodate a larger number of users.

First of all, I wanted to thank you for the great job you are doing with the game!!! We need an increase in inventory according to the amount of land, it is very difficult to work 4 lands with the same inventory as those who have 1.


Art lead | 3K: We had plan for this. Maybe we will release building (inventory) NFT item for this.

Hello WanakaFarm teams! Will the buildings in the wanatown be sold to the highest bidders as an auction or will they be rented by the game itself in order to burn wais or return them to the game treasury wanas?


 CPO | Sang Nguyen: I think there will be some buildings with fixed functions, but we also think about letting users own properties here for free business or investment but that’s the future scene, for now we are focusing on building with fixed function first.

One suggestion is that there is a skill tree that is for each of the things that farmers can do but that costs resources and wai to unlock in order to make better quality products either by crafting or other kinds of things.


 CPO | Sang Nguyen: Noted, thank bro!

Would it be possible to have a factory option to mix pepower from 1 to quantities of 100? Or modify the pet rewards to more amount? Or be able to apply the pepower in various amounts?


 CPO | Sang Nguyen: I think we have already updated this case, you will see it in next update.

The new missions are this week?

T.P.A | Ozaru

 CPO | Sang Nguyen: Sorry it maybe took more time than that.

T.P.A | Ozaru: The new missions are necessary for the recovery of the economy… Why is their implementation delayed?

Dev | Tien Luong: Sorry for the delay. But this case is very sensitive, we must consider it carefully.

When are you going to be aggressive with marketing?

! edi don’t

Content lead | Farmer: We already start to do something, and you can assume that App store listing is a way to gain more organic players.

Are you awared that marketplace 1, and marketplace 2 are not synced? Land lvl for the same land ID are different. The one that is up to date is in marketplace 1.


CTO | Thuan Nguyen: There is a bit issue with data synchronization, the team is investigating and will fix it ASAP.

When do you plan to unify the marketplaces? It is very difficult to make comparisons between the two… And I have also seen that the levels of the lands are not updated in the beta marketplace, I have a land at level 19 and in the marketplace it is still at level 13…


CTO | Thuan Nguyen: Sorry, there is a little problem with data synchronization, the team is investigating and will fix it ASAP.

Have you contacted companies to advertise in the game, both in the farm and in wanatown?


Dev | Tien Luong: We must have wanatown 1st. Then it is easier to show to the companies. It is very hard to talk when we not done it yet.

Good weekend DEVs, One question: How many quests and new items are you working for the next update?

CLUB | DarthAlak

Art lead | 3K: New growing items:

– Goat

– Orange 

– Plastic

– Fish

– Corn

CLUB | DarthAlak: GReat!!! I can’t wait for it. 

Luks007: What about the chicken and duck ? Are you still making the race ?

Art lead | 3K: I can’t reveal at the moment.

Luks007: No more racing then ? You post it a sneak peek

 CPO | Sang Nguyen: During development a lot of concepts are created, the choice of which items to add will need to be considered bro.

! edi don’t: Will this still be in level 15 land? or higher?

 CPO | Sang Nguyen: Some will be higher.

Luks007: Got to tell us to what lvl, so players start increase land lvl, means more wai burning.

idarrib: Why default players never reinvest and landowners yes? Always we are reinvesting the WAI earned. You never do anything that make default players reinvest what they earn. Only to the landowners leveling up the land or creating pets. @CPO | Sang Nguyen please answer: You should find a way where default players reinvest. Otherwise the economy will be broken as it is now if they only withdraw. Thanks!

 CPO | Sang Nguyen: I think for now we don’t have default land anymore if you are talking about “free to play” players, they are players who no earn anything from our game, just play our game and maybe pay for some stuff like what they are doing in a traditional game.

gluk: There are thousands and thousands of old default accounts,who do not reinvest anything, they only withdraw, rent land for 2 Wana and do not work it,they only sell the energy they generate,peppower,water, food. They could change the quest, that apart from energy, they have to give some item, at least. This promotes the wanatrade movement.

 CPO | Sang Nguyen: Sorry, i think there is an understood here. That’s why the upcoming quests will become burn instead of counting like now.

idarrib: It is a pity that Devs don’t see what everybody see @CPO | Sang Nguyen

mubent860: Rent is a reinvestment.Only now the demand is very low for supply and prices have fallen a lot.

Dev | Tien Luong: Thank you for the feedback, we are considering it very carefully.

Hello Devs, can we have a level filter on rental system please? it is hard to select land by land to see their level.


CPO | Sang Nguyen: @Dev | Tien Luong let’s consider this case.

Dev | Tien Luong: Yes, I noted.

Dev | Tien Luong: Thank you for the feedback.

And how many quest are you thinking to add in the next update or is not close the exactly number?

CLUB | DarthAlak

 CPO | Sang Nguyen: We will create a number of quests then will need to test each quest and select the appropriate quests so the number is currently unknown.

CLUB | DarthAlak: Thanks!!! 😆 !!!!

Will there be quests, in which new items are needed and mutated items are also needed? 

Will any mission be removed from the current ones, that you get wais, for doing nothing, simply spending energy without giving any item in return?


 CPO | Sang Nguyen: New quests will need to be burned instead of just counting as they are now.

Guys, we have about 15’ left and so far no questions about wanatown activities, which may entertain hard working farmers a lot!

Content lead | Farmer

CLUB | DarthAlak: Yes, about wanatown activities how much % of the project is already? And what is the vision the team have about the wanatown?


what kind of games/activities we’ll have in wanatown?


Dev | Tien Luong: We will have many simple games but they are very fun for anyone can play them.

Marketing | Leo Ngo: How about a live concert ?

HexOldSchool (Darwin): That is too oriental for this side of the world!… 😆

gluk: A karaoke

0908849885: You must be kidding us mr Leo. But that is fking awesome!

Marketing | Leo Ngo: It’s do-able!

Art lead | 3K: Not kidding bro!

 CPO | Sang Nguyen: That actually is one of features of Wanatown that we’re trying to do.

HexOldSchool (Darwin): With all my respect…dont.

It does not matter the number of quest you make if wai or wana worth nothing. What’s the plan to fix this ? Have you thought about using a stablecoin like bnb or USDT ? It’s already known that game’s token is a system that has not worked in any game, no even axie.


Marketing | Leo Ngo: Just dropping this idea in here, react if you think it’s cool. How about apply model of UST pegged, backed by Luna and WAI pegged backed by WANA. Just for fun.

What else can we find in the buildings of Wanatown?


 CPO | Sang Nguyen: Friends, or maybe your other half.

I think it’s time guys. Great to chat with all of you guys tonight!

Noted all the suggestions.

Marketing | Leo Ngo

I think that’s enough for this chat session. Let’s wish great dreams to the devs and bring more innovation to Wanaka.

Thank you all and have a nice coming week soon!

Content lead | Farmer

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