Records from WANAKA Farm AMA – 17 July 2022

Hello Farmers.

Today our topics will be:

1. Staking pool concerns

2. Forest land concept 

3. Photo contest Wanaka footprints

 Let’s get start everyone.

Admin | Kim Chi

Wanaka | Tincho | Spanish CM TG: Hello everybody! Hope u have a great Sunday 
CEO | Truong Tran: Hi everybody

CTO | Thuan Nguyen: Hi Farmers, welcome to the chat with team today.

Hi guys, first of all thanks for the effort to keep our Wanaka always the best it can be!!!
A change was implemented in the quality and weight of harvested products, but this change caused several problems in the game and has been rolled back. Are there any plans to reimplement the change in product quality and weights again


Content lead | Farmer: How do you realize the changes? can you explain more?

TheBunnyRod: We have crops that do not sela any mutated but good quality and weight on average and other crops with mutates but very low quality and weight on average.

Facco: Friday (07/08) we noticed (my wife and I, she has an account for her with two lands) that the products were coming 70% with stars above 5 and most of them with 9 stars, but a good number came along of bugs, which were reversed on Monday (11/07) along with the increase in the quality of the products… at least that’s what we noticed.
—– Other question: I’ve already invested a lot at the beginning of the game, buying land, pets, leveling them, buying WANA at 3+ dollars each for staking, etc… I’m worried about having to put more money, is there any idea about facilitating access to Forest Land, whether in terms of WL or better values, for whom is an investor since the beginning of the project?

Will Forest Land be sold by WANA? And is there any estimate of value? Will it be like Basic, an amount in WANA relative to a value in dollars?About “Photo contest Wanaka footprints” In Brazil we still haven’t received the t-shirts, is there a possibility to extend the deadline for the event?


Content lead | Farmer: Thank you for the update on receiving the T-shirt. we all know the custom clearance in Latam is not very fast. Keep waiting please. The deadline can change if the last person receives it too late.

Michel Ortega: It would be good because the shipment of the t-shirts is also delayed here

Hello, very happy with the progress we are having and looking forward to hearing more news about the land  . Plans for items 1*2* date for an update 


Dev | Tien Luong: About crafting 1, 2 star items. we are developing. you will get it soon

As someone already said, we think the bonus in quality and weight provided by the pets are not working. I have two immortals lvl20 and two mythical lvl20 and 18… and I can tell you there is no 20% bonus being applied.


zekecuba: Something similar can be said of “The Huk” and “The banner”, they do not seem to have any effect on the final product.

Dev | Tien Luong: oh, Tomorrow we will check it , thank for the report.

Hi. Other than the staking update. Will there be any in game updates this month?


Dev | Tien Luong: Next week , we are going to publish the game to Apple Store and Google Play Store, after that we will update the game with crafting 1, 2-star item

Combine ingredient

 [About forest land] The preliminary document of ideas on the development direction of Forest Land has been completed.You will know our direction, first look concept, of course we will continue to listen to your comments afterwards to completeThere will be a meeting on Monday, after that will finalize the time to publish Forest Land documents for you guys

Art lead | 3K

Attica: And can you give us some progress on the forest land?

Art lead | 3K: Like I said on above.

Facco: Could you drop an image to quench our enthusiasm? We love sneak peeks!   

Art lead | 3K: After chat with team finish. you guys should press more and more react  on sneak peek.

Will be the marketplace implemented in the game so i dont need the website anymore and i can buy land and all other nft stuffs over the game?


 In the staking it turns out that the draw will be on December 31 they plan to hold the land forest by December or they will come out before that draw.


Content lead | Farmer: It’s not only depend on the product development, but the market timing is also a criteria. I think the big question about when to sell, how much to sell should be define later. @Facco @TheBunnyRod

Is it possible that we have some kind of communication with other players through the game? it would be good for rentals and buying and selling land


Dev | Tien Luong: About pushing game to Store, next week  we will execute , but when the game is available on the Store. it depends on the reviewing of Apple Store and Google Play Store. I hope everything will be smoothy.

Content lead | Farmer: We have an AMA with more reactions than questions, for the very first time. 

TheBunnyRod: Before, we didn’t have prayer permits.

On sale of forest lands. Has the amount that can be purchased per wallet in the whitelist been defined? Will it be just 1, 3, 5? And the price should be close to?


CTO | Thuan Nguyen: There is no specific plan, please wait for the announcement. The team is still preparing for this.

 Does the new staking give bonus points towards DAO system? how many GOLD farmers do we have so far?


Content lead | Farmer: It will synced with Wanaka Point soon, due to we change to the new staking pool just yesterday. Keep waiting 01 or 02 days. for WP snapshot, it’s also a nice idea.

 About Forest Lands: I’ve already invested a lot at the beginning of the game, buying land, pets, leveling them, buying WANA at 3+ dollars each for staking, etc… I’m worried about having to put more money, is there any idea about facilitating access to Forest Land, whether in terms of WL or better values, for whom is an investor since the beginning of the project? I want to have everything from Wanaka, and I know I need to spend for that, hehe… 


Art lead | 3K: In the immediate future, there will be no answer for you about how to own forest land, or how to buy it. We want to focus on the gameplay of the forest land, how its development is really special and attractive. Before we discuss how to take player’s money

EeLieEars: No matter how special it is. I hope u will continue developing Basic Land and make it better than Forest Land, Will we getting any basic land level upgrade and slot expansion before introduction of Forest Land?

Art lead | 3K: We will not abandon Land Basic, and will not lose balance in the value of Land Basic and Land Forest. This  2 type of land  will have a link together.

Has the design proposal for plots in the air finally become possible? I think it’s a visually interesting idea, that land designs aren’t necessarily 2D. I mean, the game is in 3D obviously, but the land only has length and width.If it becomes a reality that there may be terrain at levels above or below ground and how to get to it, I think that would be very interesting in the future.


Art lead | 3K: About   plots in the air. We’re keeping that and still development

 Regarding the photographs, can we use photoshop?


Content lead | Farmer: let it go~ Elsa, the only limitation is your imagination~

I put it in suggestions but I write it here you could save the last search for what you sell in wanatrada when you sell several seeds it is uncomfortable to look for each one throughout the menu @Art lead | 3K


Art lead | 3K: Can you mention me again. sorry about that.

@Dev | Tien Luong  note that. We will dicuss about this on tomorrow.

 Many people come to me asking how the game is doing and wanting to know how much it is earning per month… I see that this is an important point to leverage the project, earn = more people. What does the team think about it?


Content lead | Farmer: This is a philosophy question. ROI is a question for any ponzi game actually. My ROI is zero because all the Wai was leveled up the land and craft the pet, sell the pet and buy the new land.So,You can tell them to stake first because the APR is clear as water now. Then win a land and play it for free~

How is the development of the barn going, I am excited that it is not only having it but also working to improve it as a player.


EeLieEars: Yes this. looking forward to inventory slot expansion

How is multiplayer development going, how many maps have already been designed?


Art lead | 3K: About multiplayer we are still developing, There is 1 map basically that has completed , and 1 map is in development. The problem here is about the server infrastructure. We’re having to handle with that. And first, we want to put the game on the App store before MUltiplayer is released

 Can a person get more than 1 prize in the 90 day stake of group III? Or get various rewards from different groups?


Content lead | Farmer: It will count on the rule / wallet. and a wallet can win all the pools if that wallet owner has enough wanas~

In addition to the visibility of the game, how can the arrival of non-NFT players benefit us?


Content lead | Farmer: Please explain, you mean traditional players? who doesn’t use crypto ?

CPO | Sang Nguyen: Like traditional games, they will bring in revenue through advertising and IAP

Leyton: And what will they be able to buy?? I only think about seed packs offers. Other games have seasson pass or something like that but what will they have in wanaka?
CPO | Sang Nguyen: There are many things, for example building items, customize items and yes seasons pass is good idea 

 A question about advertising I hope it is not very invasive in the game mode  it can be placed in future products such as beer etc…


Attica: Great, and will there be a way for the classic player to know that there is an option to get into the NFT game?

CPO | Sang Nguyen: I also think it’s good to promote a real product in the game. 

 My friend @Art lead | 3K  I will be able to raise rabbits on my farm at some point. 


Art lead | 3K: Sure man

Any concret news ?

T.P.A | Ozaru

Content lead | Farmer: We got $ 33.000 in $WANA locked after new staking pool release 12 hours. it can be good?

Link staking >>

T.P.A | Ozaru: 33.000 usd.. wow thats realy big money… and wanatown When?

As an investor and especially as a lover of WANAKA Farm, I am very happy and satisfied to see the team’s commitment, the concern to listen to the players and the seriousness with which they lead the project. Congratulations TEAM!! Keep up the great work, we’re counting on you to make this the best NFT game there is or will be! THANKS!!   


Content lead | Farmer: Thanks for the closing, haha, we are reaching 14UTC

 Is it possible at some point to start making some game usage metrics public? Let’s say monthly reports of the number of average players per day, how much WAI was “Mint” and “Burn”, new players, non-active players, etc.Also from the marketplace: Lands sold, number of contracts or plots for rent and how many are rented. I don’t know, things like that. So that players and the general public have a better idea of the state of the game.


CTO | Thuan Nguyen: Thanks to the suggestion, the team will add some reports to the Marketplace for this.

→lead | Farmer: @zekecuba @TheBunnyRod I know what you mean, I think later we will try to allocate the human resource, not right now. Thanks~

Yes, we ourselves can make some kind of beer of a brand for example. If you give us silkworms to breed, we can also work with clothing brands. 


Art lead | 3K: OK. Thank you all. Time to sneak peek.

Thank you allllllll 33.000.000 times. We will close the chat in some minutes.

Content lead | Farmer


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