Records from WANAKA Farm AMA- 19 Jun 2022

Wanaka Farm AMA
Wanaka Farm AMA

Hi Farmers, 

Today chat session will last only 60 minutes

__, the Devs have been continuously working last 2 days, please prepare your all questions and be fast.

Check 3 topics:

1. Game related stuffs

2. Wanaka Tshirt giveaway

3. Other concerns that we should know.

Let’s start~

Content lead | Farmer

 Hey Farmers,

CEO | Truong Tran

First of all, I want to say my deep thanks to all the 18 ambassadors who decided to help us regarding the Tshirt giveaway!

Content lead | Farmer 

→Facco We thank you for the trust!! We like the project and we want it to prosper!

Hey guys, first of all thank you for working all the weekend to bring servers back.

Second, this maintenance was to prepare multiplayer right? Have you planned to release multiplayer testnet this month or when is it supposed to be? Thank you team!


CPO | Sang Nguyen: It’s part of the server side update plan to be able to support multiple users at the same time, about multiplayer functions, they’re on progress, hope to be able to show off you guys  this month

We’ve comback after maintainance, sorry to keep you waiting, thank you!

CEO | Truong Tran

First of all, I want to say my deep thanks to all the 18 ambassadors who decided to help us regarding the Tshirt giveaway!

Content lead | Farmer

 Hi guys, hope you’re all well

Marketing | Leo Ngo

 yo yo Hi guys.

Art lead | 3K

Hi, this is looking better and better, thanks.                 I have a suggestion regarding  from the warehouse NFT :Keeping in mind that the ones that need a warehouse are usually going to be the players that have the most lands, or have raised their lands and usually have also invested in pets or/and incubators, and have played a lot. In short, those who have invested the most time and money in the game. Don’t you think it would be nice if the warehouse, in addition to being bought, could also be obtained with some difficult but accessible mission?


→Art lead | 3K About the warehouse.

We plan to let all users own the warehouse like station (of course at the lowest level and with certain limited functions)

Depending on the needs of each person, the warehouse will be upgraded to unlock more functions.

And remember, upgrading the warehouse will not be easy, it not just will cost you WAI or WANA, it will need to do much more. 

→Attica: cool!!

→0908849885: We have to buy warehourse by Wai or Wana or we have to staking to get a chance to own the super awesome warehouse

 Art lead | 3K: We want users to be more active in the game, work harder on their farm to own the warehouse. Instead  of a mechanism that uses money to buy it, it looks easy and tedious

I really like the game, even recently I bought another land, I have two now!

But I’m facing a problem due to the high cost to keep the farm producing. The trade of produced items is getting lower both in value and in quantity and the rewards of the daily/weekly quests are being insufficient to cover the expenses.

What does the team plan to change to improve this? Mainly for those who have more than one land, because we spend more energy than the others, considering that the energy generation is the same for those who have 1 or more lands.

Thank you for the commitment of the team that is always working to improve this amazing project!

Sorry for english, i’m using translator


@CPO | Sang Nguyen: I must admit that this is a difficult problem, even in real world, but anw we’re reviewing the issue of supply and demand for now, I think this will be easier when more functions are added later.

→Facco: There could be a greater gain in energy for those who have more than one land in use, that would be fairer. What do you think?

→Leyton: The game idea is to put on rent those plots that you cant take care of.

→CPO | Sang Nguyen: This has also been considered, but it has not been decided, in the long run, the energy system could totally change to accommodate what is to come

Hello everybody, happy Father’s Day 

Wanaka | Tincho | Spanish CM TG

Will the Wanaka team planning any in game event like Holloween before Wanama Farm 1 year Anniversary?


→CEO | Truong Tran Great Idea, we are thinking for the best.

 How are the minigames? I’m impatient, in the sneak peek they look fun. 


→Art lead | 3K: We are building script for different minigames.

Basically, gameplay will aim for simplicity and fun.

Keep follow sneak peek channel 

Is there any sneak peek of what forest land going to be like and what can we do with it?


I totally agree with you, that makes very very sense. Some NFTs have to be hard to own to make it more expensive and more meaningful. btw I pick #7 :D. thanks for your super cool ideal 


→Art lead | 3K: #7 will probably have to be a very high level warehouse. lol

In the game we have two mailboxes, one for decoration and one in the menu. Would it be possible to notify through them of future updates?


→CPO | Sang Nguyen: Nice one, let’s check 

Hi there,

Are you aware of the amount of items like seeds, alpha, beta, delta and gama that we are creating  And how useless they are for players? 

You made an update with new quest to burn items that we don’t need to burn because we use them to self care.

I know that you are trying to stop the amount of wai that we get from those quest but it’s clear that you must give us any option to burn seeds or alpha, beta, delta and gama.

In return you could give to players energy or just use those items to level up our lands. Both option sounds good to me.

Whatever it’s the options you take, this is something that should be taken into consideration. The more we level up our lands the more useless items we are creating. Nobody buys anything because we don’t need those items. 

Please, don’t come up with ” those items were mean to be use for pets ”  at least 90% does NOT have any pet or is willing to buy one. 

Also we don’t use them to take care of our harvest. It’s not worth it.

I hope you read this. Listen to your players. After all, we are the ones that play


→CPO | Sang Nguyen Got it! As I said before, the issue of supply and demand is being considered. We will have some plans for this.

Hello, first of all I wanted to thank you for the good work you are doing, would it be possible to expand the numbers in the factory/breedeo area? From the mobile it is difficult to distinguish them


Art lead | 3K Noted that, thank you

Guys the only active event in the game is Harvest Festival, I think that this and the lottery are a little bit abandoned. Harvest festival doesnt even include new growing items and now that everyone is growing new items wouldnt it be interesting to add them? Almost no one use this two in-game functions


Art lead | 3K: About Harvest Festival and Lottery.

We already have plans to remake them

It would also be interesting to be able to order the pets in the view to be able, for example, to order them or view them according to their position on the farm map. And it would also be nice, that the seeds assigned to a pet are not taken into account in the inventory since they have been assigned to a pet


One question if you allow me, does any of your team play wanaka regularly? Sometimes there are little annoyances that we overlook because they are not iamportant enough to write to support and that are only discovered if you play every day. Fixing these little things would improve the in-game experience.


→CPO | Sang Nguyen: we’re playing everyday, saw annoying in game already, and yes, we are trying to improve the little things, make the game better, Some things look easy, but technologically it takes longer

Land Seasons are permanent and cant be change right?

In the future, would the Wanaka team be introducing Farming Tech(NFT) to add one season to the land so that farmers can crop/animal that their land dont allow.

This Farming Tech(NFT) need to be build(Not sell by the Wanaka team) by the farmers using the available ingredients(100x Gamma2, 100x Beta2 etc)

Once the Farming tech(NFT) is build, it can then be upgrade(add more land slots), rent out or sell to to other farmers


→CPO | Sang Nguyen: Land Seasons are permanent and cant be change right?

=> currently, yes

In the future, would the Wanaka team be introducing Farming Tech(NFT) to add one season to the land so that farmers can crop/animal that their land dont allow

This Farming Tech(NFT) need to be build(Not sell by the Wanaka team) by the farmers using the available ingredients(100x Gamma2, 100x Beta2 etc

Once the Farming tech(NFT) is build, it can then be upgrade(add more land slots), rent out or sell to to other farmers.

=>  thank about nice idea but seem alot work here  , anw noted (edited)

→Content lead | Farmer: I think he want some secret tech to add more seasons, But i think give Farmers some honeymoon ticket is good, too, like 7 days with a season they don’t have is a good way, too. (I mean like a golden ticket, not permanent) 

EeLieEars: Yup this is what i meant. maybe some tix or items that will uses up a lot ingredients in our inventory to get additional seasons temporary

→Attica: I don’t like it too much, it doesn’t seem right for people who have bought another land to have the 4 seasons

 When are we having an economic impulse and marketing for the game? Also, what about the results of LUNA contest?


In this downtrend, going to app store is a goodway to obtain the users. Please give us 5 stars then and wordy reviews, hehehehe   About the LUNA Launchpad, They are asking to delay the result due to the recent bad market, as I know @Marketing | Leo Ngo

Content lead | Farmer 

→0908849885: You got my support. go go tiger

→Content lead | Farmer: Love you 3000 ~~

hello wanaka farm team!

I have three questions.

1) How do the project partners see the progress?

2) What problems do you see that must be faced?

3) At an economic level, they believe that the project can be maintained throughout this crypto winter.


→CPO | Sang Nguyen: I think the question can be summed up

Like other projects we are also facing difficulties this crypto winter, mainly the issue of investors leaving the market i think, but here we have a belief in the value of Wana that we are building, with the hope that it will bring real values, with real products

Hello @Art lead | 3K  friend first thank you for your great work I like your design style, a serious question very difficult to give us in construction mode the function of painting you walk on my farm I am a fan of decorating my farm @Content lead | Farmer @CPO | Sang Nguyen


→Art lead | 3K: Regarding the player interaction with building items, We are planning to improve it to work better. After that mechanism is improved, what you want will be done.

Guys, we are about to close the chat today. Only today we stop at 60 minutes because the dev team is quite tired after 2 days. Please forgive us and comeback to your farm hard-working!

Content lead | Farmer 

A player who could not be present at the AMA today. I wanted to ask if the robbery issue that was being worked on is still going on?


→CPO | Sang Nguyen: We’re seeing a lot of potential issues, so we’ll probably need to look into it a bit more.

 @CPO | Sang Nguyen @Art lead | 3K may keep on answer some more questions, but i will close the texting from users firstly. 2 more minutes.

Content lead | Farmer

Art lead | 3K : Ok. thank you guys for today.

See you 

Great thanks everyone for today. Have a happy Father day. 

Farmer Brian, a Father of 3 children 

Content lead | Farmer


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