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Wanaka Farm AMA

We are opening the Chat in 5′. Be ready to join please. Today, there’s no specific topic that we can think of. So please ask what ever you would like to.

Content lead | Farmer

Halo guys!

CPO | Sang Nguyen

Good morning, thank you for be here with us.


Hi Dev. Will we have the most anticipated question update by the beginning of August?


Content lead | Farmer: Which question actually? We have many stuffs you know.

→ EeLieEars: A question in everyone mind. When is the next in game update? 😂

Art lead | 3K: Maybe nextweek 👀

0908849885: What will be included in the next update, sir?

Art lead | 3K: Combine ingredient for star, update new HUD, some fixed small bug. I think.

Hello everybody from Cuba have a nice day.

Michel Ortega

Art lead | 3K: Hi brothers, have a nice day everybody 💗

Luks007: My question is about the quality and weight of the harvested items using the pets, lately the most I got is quality 5, barely a 9. Did make a change on that? I’m filling my inventory with low quality items (1 and 2).


CPO | Sang Nguyen: @Dev | Tien Luong please check this case.

→ Dev | Tien Luong: got it

When are the forest land document going to be released?


Art lead | 3K: It was supposed to have happened this last week. But our Boss feels that the document has a lot of content that needs to be updated with more details. So we are developing more content. Expected to be released in about 1-2 weeks.

CPO | Sang Nguyen: It’s almost done here, expected within 1 to 2 weeks.

Currently, all land level can do the Quest, can we limit that? for instance, land level 15 can’t do the quest of land level 19 but level 19 can do the quest of level 15. This limitation will encourage people up land to higher level 


Content lead | Farmer: I think i know your point, but it will take away the meaning of P2P free market in the game.

CPO | Sang Nguyen: We are also thinking about tiering the quest, the quest system will need to get smarter as more new people come in.

Yes, the issue of the weight/quality of the harvested products is strange. It seems random and it’s not supposed to be that way. Also if it were possible to check the operation of “The baner” and “The huk”, they don’t seem to be having any effect. In fact, no mechanism to influence weight/quality seems to be at work. Thank you all!


CPO | Sang Nguyen: Sorry we will check this problem @Dev | Tien Luong

Hello team, are you planing on adding to the lands on the marketplace the characteristics about number of ponds and Experience that each land currently have?


Art lead | 3K: Please note that!

CPO | Sang Nguyen: got it @CTO | Thuan Nguyen could you help?

What happened to the idea of renting the incubators, is that still in the plans?

Because right now we totally depend on their owners for new pets and their evolution. And then of course the price they want to put on it.


CPO | Sang Nguyen: I think it makes more sense to come with the pet system update, which will increase the demand for incubators.

Guys, BTW don’t forget to Follow our CMC official profile 👋 at

Content lead | Farmer

→ Luks007: So if it reaches 2k followers, what would be the airdrop? 😍

Content lead | Farmer: I will try to consider both CMC and self-host airdrop on which one is better. As we have ~ 11 information / social media totally.

Good day teams and fellow farmers! Do teams have any thoughts on changing quest reward based on difficulty? Because as we all know if theres easy and hard quest with same reward then all people will gonna do the easy one only and when that happens certainly oversupply will come also and thats not good for market. also if possible in near future the rewards is change into items / utility to use that have monetary value except money / wai itself.


→ Dev | Tien Luong: Thank you so much for the suggestion.

CPO | Sang Nguyen: Actually we’re rethinking the quest system, I think it’s going to need to be more diverse and smarter, anw thanks for your suggestion.

Team. I have an Inmortal Pet and many times it haverst items of 0.xx stars, can you tell us how the 20% added from the pet works? or if is still in development?


→ Dev | Tien Luong: We are still watch it and analyze it. It we find it have any problem we will fix it immediately.

Hi guys, I’m sorry I am late I was having lunch. Any news on the listing on the main app sources such as apple store or android play store? Also I can’t wait to beat people at the amazing minigames you showed us. Is that going OK? Or maybe stop to get another priorities done before that?? Thanks for being in here answering us. Take care. 🤗


CTO | Thuan Nguyen: We are still developing, we need to prepare everything best before launch, thanks!

Before I forget , I want to thank the team and specially @Content lead | Farmer for sending us the T-shirts and for looking the best logistics for each country.


Content lead | Farmer: It is also @Mod | Quynh Nguyen & @Admin | Kim Chi sweat working with them, especially the custom clearance troubles in LATAM.

Could it be added to the processed goat that also gave milk with 30%? It is that milk is super scarce and there are two recipes that use it. It is almost a unique case, I believe that no other ingredient is used in more than one.


CPO | Sang Nguyen: Goat milk? It makes sense i think 😄

Did you notice that goat processed in the factory gives only 3 star goat meat ? The rest of animal seeds give 1, 2 and 3 star meat.


Content lead | Farmer: It is privilege of 🐐 😀

Luks007: There are 11 pages of rare goat meat 3 star, that makes the price of goat meat drop.

Content lead | Farmer: It is the power of invisible hand 😂😂🤣🤣

In some remind chance: i would tell that the T-shirt photo contest deadline would be extend 2 weeks at least, for Argentina and Cuba cases.

Content lead | Farmer

Another thing they have to check is the multi breed with the pets. I always check the amount it gives with the multi breed and I never have more than 3 per breed. It always gives me the right amount or less than 3 seeds per breed. 


Content lead | Farmer: I think it is just a bad luck. Anyway how many times you have tried?

→ TheBunnyRod: I’ve tried it many times and different quantities and the result always gives me either 3 seeds per breed or less never superior.

CPO | Sang Nguyen: @Dev | Tien Luong okey, let us check once again later.

Max energy is 480. Is it possible to eat food until energy to go over the limit for the purpose of creating items. Eg: Every time i want to create 10x Pepower 100, i need to eat food until 400 energy then create 4x Pepower 100. Repeat the process another 2 more times. Why cant just eat food till 1000 energy then craft 10x Pepower 100 right away. It will be much more effecient.


CPO | Sang Nguyen: Noted thanks! 💗

A suggestion please. Could the wai animation be removed in the mutated? At least when the wai is harvested.


Art lead | 3K: @Dev | Tien Luong note that

And another reminder. I made some simple links directory at please use it in case you want to quickly introduce someone about Wanaka Farm project.

Content lead | Farmer

I think the many players who still breed manually would appreciate a weight/quality ratio ordering being added to that interface. Before it didn’t matter much, but now the ones with less weight/quality are being reproduced to process the best ones. And you have to be locating them in order to use them correctly and breed takes time. A weight/quality order based on the same scoring principle described in the WIKI for the ⭐ would help us a lot.


→ Dev | Tien Luong: Ok, thank you for the suggestion.

We have around 10 minutes left, friends~ 🙏😍

Content lead | Farmer

It is the perfect time for @Art lead | 3K to show us a preview to those of us who are gathered here. We won’t say anything 😜


Art lead | 3K: sneak-peek time 😆

An idea for quests that do NOT give away WAI. There may be quests that result in “status” or “improvements” for a set amount of time. Crop time reduction improvements or mutation rate improvement. Maybe X% production cost reduction or something like that. For one day for example. 

They are good advantages, but they do not imply creating more WAIs.


CPO | Sang Nguyen: you da man 👆

Let us have 5 minutes to recheck the questions. 💗

Content lead | Farmer

When are your plans to add genetic to the seeds? That’s the reason that we can only sell 1 seed at a time in the market, right ?


CPO | Sang Nguyen: It’s a complicated story, but yes, we do plan to create a gen for each growing item

→ Luks007: I like complicated stories, 👌👍, but I would like to hear it sometime.

Do you have any planned date for the update of the pet system that you mentioned above?


CPO | Sang Nguyen: I’m sorry it’s difficult to give an exact announcement at the moment but I hope it opens soon.

Have a nice day guys 💗

Love you guys 💗

Art lead | 3K

Sorry guys. Time is out. I will close the input messages now!

Content lead | Farmer


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