Records from WANAKA Farm AMA- Oct 2rd, 2022

Wanaka Farm AMA

Hi guys 3k from with love

Art lead | 3K

Hello guys 

Dev | Tien Luong

Hi farmers, so excited with the new updated about UX let us know what you think of the current update

CTO | Thuan Nguyen

zekecuba: All the recent changes in the game UI have really pleased me. Nice designs and they help a lot in the gameplay, thanks.

Hello everyone, welcome to bi-weekly AMA

Content lead | Farmer

Art lead | 3K: I heard about new UX and some issuse about display Seed in Inventory. Please let me know

Fawad: Yeah, some people complain that seeds are not showing in inventory. I have no problem because on ground when we planting seeds are there. But if they also showed in inventory, it will be helpful

zekecuba: Perhaps they can be kept hidden and add a checkmark (Show seeds) at the top that, when marked, shows them. in this way it would be optional to show them or not. To everyone’s taste. @Art lead | 3K

Fawad: Yeah. It’s also good option.

Hello team Wanaka. Thank you for the update. We are enjoying new update Special thanks to 3K. Love your work.


Good, first of all my congratulations to the dev the game is getting better and better! I have some suggestions that will help the player 1- When you go to breed with the pet and you want to hit everything if it exceeds the energy you cannot (it would be better than when you hit everything, breed the max of the energy that the pet has and not do it manually) 2- those of us who have several slots for sale when we claim what was sold, the empty slots go to the bottom of the list. It will be better that the empty slots remain first 3- A button could be added in the factory when you are going to process all the seeds. to process all 4- Finally, I would like to know if the immortal pets will always plant all the crops as they introduce more? @Art lead | 3K @CTO | Thuan Nguyen @Dev | Tien Luong


Fawad: Immortal pets should always plant everything if we remove slots when we updated it will compromise the pet rarity.

Luks007: Bro, let the devs answer the questions, don’t assume. What it there is a level 2 immortal pet, or for future seeds you need to pay to unlock more spaces.

Fawad: For paying to unlock is good option instead of LEVEL 2 immortal. And I give my suggestion only brother. Because level are already pets have. 1-20

Luks007: All I’m saying let the devs answers the questions

Dev | Tien Luong: until now, Immortal pet is still powerful. we have many things to solve. so about pet immortal, it is not my concern right now

Art lead | 3K: note that

Whenever there is an update in the future. Can we have a changelog and explanation on why these changes take place? Like for e.g. Why the changes for water and feed? Why can we now buy 5k water and feed from Wana Shop. I thought we are going to rely on player driven economy where farmers buy them from Wana Trade from other players?


Dev | Tien Luong: Because it is more comfortable for all people when they can have more water and feed in inventory. some people run out of water or feed when they sleep, the result is bad harvested items.

Fawad: Yeah, I am out of water and feed every morning before this update.

Content lead | Farmer: It is a good argument, normally we make it in the TG/Discord announcement. For the water/feeding buying limit, I think we all agree to make it harder to earn by selling energy.

Hi guys, thank you so much for the new updates! It looks very cool. About “economy after the update”, I would like to know if we are going to try and find a new way to use the basic element before known as “gamma, beta, alpha…” and give them more uses, and about rhe uses you were planning to give to mutated items, could you give us some examples for them? Thanks again!


ANns BaBa: Earth too

Fawad: We may add potions of animal’s trees vegs and fishes to improve the own seed quality. For example, a factory for 2-star products. Like this any factory where we put potions to improve our seed quality?

MisterLemur: Hi guys, the mutated items have been answered already, could you please tell us if you are planning for us to use this element more? Or maybe introducing new quests?

Dev | Tien Luong: about the quest, I will adjust in 1.1.8 and balance some hard products

Luks007: I think we have all the ingredients for pastry quest.

ANns BaBa: Sir when 1.1.7 & 1.1.8 any date

zekecuba: How about quests that instead of giving WAI, give temporary improvements. Perhaps “increased energy generation”. Or items applicable to a land and that “increase the percentage of mutation”, “reduce production time”, “add a season that the land does not have”, “increase the level of the land temporarily”. These items could even be sold on Wana trade.

There could be daily quests that the improvements have a duration time of 1 day and / or weekly (more difficult and that burn more items) that the duration time is greater (maybe a week)

Dev | Tien Luong: yeah, you are right, we should have more quest that does not depend on WAI

TheBunnyRod: monthly missions to get some seasonal skin

Luks007: Don’t forget about monthly quest.

Luks007: People like decorations too, Or skins or a pet, but a regular pet

Dev | Tien Luong: you are right, decor is very interesting when we can go to land of each other. We can see how our friend’s decor their land

Fawad: Great

HoangLong: main quest, right?

Luks007: Right, maybe you could test with one just to see how it goes

Hello team, thank you for your work. I have a suggestion, for the spaces in Wana trade could you add an edit button so we can just change the price or the number of items we are selling instead of canceling everything.


Head of Development | Duc Hoang: Thanks!

→ Fawad: I think it will be harmful for economy because people rush to sell their products and prices will go immediately with in minute

Luks007: Why harmful? You are just changing the price anyways, instead of canceling and then going through your inventory, looking for the product, select amount, selected price. INSTEAD, JUST have an edit button and change the price without going through the whole process

Fawad: Yeah. We can add edit. I am just concerned when people Misuse this feature for selling products/seeds/items cheaply.

Content lead | Farmer: Wow, a lot of concerns and suggestions, thank you all!

Michel Ortega: Greetings to all from Cuba, great work on the update, congratulations. 1- The Recipes reappeared in the Wana shop next to the sugar, salt and pepper, I don’t know why they had started in the pet box, please check it.

Thank you

Content lead | Farmer: About the Code redemption, we will send out the blog post to instruct, however, you can imagine that the winner will get a gift code and claim the prizes from our marketplace website, and the prize would be sent into the game-account, not the wallet.

Dev | Tien Luong: When we change the recipes in pet tab. we got some error, we will change it to pet tab again in few days. thanks

Art lead | 3K: me right now

Luks007: So, what is that redemption code about?

Selling seeds in a bundle in Wana trade is what farmer has been waiting for but why is there no limit to the no. of seeds that farmer can put in one bundle slot?

Eg. Farmers can only sell in a bundle of 1, 3, 5 or 10 seeds in one Wana trade slot

By having no limits, farmers can put any number of seeds they want in Wana trade and EXPLOITING the slot as their own inventory storage.

Looking at Wana trade now, under the cow section last page, I can see some farmer already store some 85 cows in one slot. I wouldn’t be surprised if he would store more than 400 cows by the end of the month


Dev | Tien Luong: After I solve problem of mutated items in 1.1.7, storage will no longer problem. then they don’t need to store the seeds like that.

ANns BaBa: Any change in the pet combine feature in the next update?

zekecuba: Could you give any clue as to how the problem of the accumulation of the mutated will be solved? Will they have another use? Or can they burn in some other way? Processing it right now I find it very expensive (in WAI). If you were to process all of them, I think that more than half of the WAIs they give would go to processing.

Art lead | 3K: after that. maybe NFT item will put in new UX like growing item, even building item

Content lead | Farmer: This is a nice idea.

HoangLong: What happen in future if I play many accounts and many land with just one IP address? Do youban or not?

Content lead | Farmer: it is hard to say but if that happens, we will let the users have time to change their playing strategy.

HoangLong: thanks for your answering

TheBunnyRod: Can you tell us how you plan to make the mutated more useful (since these were the basis of the economy)

As a suggestion, @CPO | Sang Nguyen @Dev | Tien Tran @ADmin | Kim Chi maybe you guys can review the possibility of making the default 4 plots (1fish, 1 plant, 1 tree 1 animal) to let plant ANY of the option available (if unlocked). i mean, in the only one fish spot, planting ANY fish (taking as a starting point, when you stand on default land it says that has ALL the SEASONS). thanks

HexOldSchool (Darwin)

Content lead | Farmer: I think it is not prioritized right now, but we keep it noted in some chance(s) later.

Fawad: But if this happened in future it (default land) may have levels. Because we pay lots of wai to reach upper level and grow new items.

Dev | Tien Luong: about mutated problem, so sorry, I cannot tell more details. But I swear I will solve it.

Content lead | Farmer: Don’t be so pushing, beloved farmers kkkkk

zekecuba: Will the t-shirt contest prizes be awarded using the new redemption code mechanism? In such a case, how would the codes be received?

Content lead | Farmer: If you notice, the guide has been sent on our usual Anno channels. Our admins (3 legit people mentioned) will DM you your code, individually

about How long am i will receive my deposited. I deposit Wana and Wai. it’s success but not add in game. i asked admin she says I have to wait. I want to know how long because i want to craft egg and claim some egg soon.


HoangLong: can anyone answer me please 

lolopopz: same situation and it’s already 2 days and still not reflecting ingame

Content lead | Farmer: It’s quite private problem, we will check about it on Monday, and our admins will inform you directly

HoangLong: okey, Thank man!

TheBunnyRod:can you give us some progress of the event for the first year 

HoangLong: You are saying about road map?

Content lead | Farmer: The interface and database for quiz already are ready, we will test it next week. Launching date would be around Oct 24th

Fawad: Yeah. Waiting for that

Hi dev!!! good job I like a lot the last update!!


Dev | Tien Luong: Thank you so much!

It doesn’t make sense to make an immortal pet and not cultivate all the crops, that’s why my question to the dev, it would not be fair that each new article makes us raise new levels


Dev | Tien Luong: But I will think about it, immortal pet can grow all seeds.

How long we can chat in game please


Dev | Tien Luong: I am planning it. I want to bring more social features to the game.

HoangLong: I like u Devs

Luks007: My friend Raikel wanted to ask you about Open Land, and being able to communicate with each other in game

Hi team, I made a contract for my level 12 land with a farmer long ago, keeped renewing since then. I´ve been leveling up the land to the point it will be level 15 soon, that means my rentee will be able to plant new items, therefore I should adjust the price in Wana for rent. Is there a way to make a change in price for next week and put a notification for my rentee or in rental system menu if he agrees or not? I could simply just set to know the renewal and make a new contract, but I want to prioritize my rentee who actually renews and plant items, instead of just renting for the missions and not plant anything


Dev | Tien Luong: Right now, we must wait the contract ends. I am trying to push feature for communicating in the rental system. I am trying to plan it

lolopopz: I think this can be solve if we have different role, like if you are a planter (supplier), all your quest is only related to production, then if you’re just a buyer (consumer) from Wana trade then your quest must not include quest for production people/player…just my two cents,

About new levels, we saw a sneak peek where we could see new crops, and they required level 25. Do you have an estimate date for us to start leveling up the lands again?


Dev | Tien Luong: About 1.1.7. my estimate is 3 weeks after 1.1.6. 1.1.8 is 2 weeks after 1.1.7. 1.1.9 is social feature (I am not sure, but trying)

T.P.A | Ozaru: What is social feature?

HoangLong: I really interesting with 1.1.9 social feature!

Dev | Tien Luong: Something like chat, communicate in rental system, friend system.

Luks007: Could we walk in each other lands? Or not yet?

Dev | Tien Luong: That is what I am thinking and want to do.

Art lead | 3K: Something like that

Fawad: And if friends lands are nearby, you it would be very amazing

Hi team, good job with last update. I just read the blog for the new function about reward voucher, and I would like to know long will the redeem code last?


Art lead | 3K: @Content lead | Farmer

Content lead | Farmer: This is first time apply, the vouchers are eligible until 31 Dec 2022 now. Later on, we will make it more clearly together with the winner list.

How about releasing forest land pdf? Any date soon?


Art lead | 3K: Pending now, we focus basic land at the moment

Fawad: Your work is

Alot of problem basic land need to fix that before something new release.

Art lead | 3K

Have you noticed an increment of new players? Are we growing in numbers?


Luks007: The number of active players, is it growing? Are new players joining? Thats what we need.

Dev | Tien Luong: I just tell you some points. But not detail. New player is joining – yes. Number active player is growing – yes. Because that is sensitive information

Content lead | Farmer: User your growth rate a month is 300-400, bro.

Luks007: That’s good to know, thank you for that.

TheBunnyRod: In the future do the chat with dev in the Wanaka chat

Waiting for that day when we live in Wana town. And I will buy a shop on Wana square no matter how long it will take. I will wait wait wait. For the right time. Love Wanaka always. Thank you again Devs. 


We have 15 minutes left, any missed questions?

Content lead | Farmer

1st year anniversary, any plans? Or another Halloween event


Content lead | Farmer: We have disclosed about the ‘quiz game’ in last chat session. These quiz event would mostly about challenge crypto players about blockchains, general knowledges, only ~ 20% is related to the game. We want more new users, and we will colab with some partner to spread the event.

I want previous music when the game starts that one. Is any option to switch the music? The previous one was very energetic music 🎶


Dev | Tien Luong: That is good idea. I will make the option to change the music

Fawad: Love you 😘

Good morning team and community. Will there be recipes that combine components of various types? For example: an apple pie that is made with sliced ​​apple, flour, sugar and butter. These items being complex would have to give more benefits, not just energy. They could also give you cosmetic items with a duration of 24hrs like random skins for your character or upgrades for your pets in PVP. Thank you, best regards.

Ice Cabbage

Dev | Tien Luong: About complex things, we need more time to calculate everything. We will do it gradually.

@Art lead | 3K please lower the disco music a little


Art lead | 3K: Yes

Last question in last ama raikel give suggestion regarding pet bag pack which includes seeds. Will it’s available in 1.1.7?


Dev | Tien Luong: His suggestion is about to solve the storage. I will wait after 1.1.7. if storage is still problem. I will think about it.

Fawad: Ok 👍

Luks007: It is kind of a problem as we speak!

Dev | Tien Luong: Yeah, I know. Let’s wait 1.1.7. Thank @all!

Time’s up everyone~ Thank you all for joining this week session! Have a great week ahead~~ 🥳🥳🥳

Content lead | Farmer

Have a nice day guys!

Art lead | 3K


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