Redeem your Reward Voucher – New function on Marketplace

Redeeming your reward code on the Wanaka Farm Marketplace

This article is to guide you how to claim the gifts granted by Wanaka Farm through ‘Voucher’ format.

Why we grant rewards

As many users already know, Any crypto or GameFi projects specifically would reward their users for joining the activities on social media, mini competitions, … with the special NFTs, it could be some collectibles or a powerful tool to support the game playing. Any enthusiasts that help spread the project awareness to the public, friends and family or achieve a high level of involvement could win the rewards from the development team.

For Wanaka Farm, we are honored to give you our ingame items, ie: incubators, pets, eggs, … or even other unique NFT items.

How do we distribute rewards?

So instead of sending some NFT directly to the wallets as before, we have developed the new function to Redeem the reward that the winners have to enter a code to Claim the rewards. The rewards would be stored in the associated game account, In-Game’s inventory section.

Use your Redemption Code to get the rewards, that would be granted directly into the game account.


  • You don’t need to spend gas fee for Redeem action.
  • You don’t need to Deposit the those items into the game. (Watch how to Deposit NFTs into the Wanaka Farm)
  • The redemption code can be used by any wallet, you can give it to someone else, as to introduce the project :)


  • This claiming action has to be done by You, the prize winners.
  • If you want to sell the NFT away on the on-chain marketplaces, you have to do the withdrawal it from the In-game’s Inventory into Wallet’s inventory on the marketplace website (
  • If your wallet is new to the game, you have to assign a log-in game account information (Email & Password) before you can redeem it. It means you would be ready to play Wanaka Farm with that account and the given reward.

Notices about the Redeem code function:

  • To access, check the Redeem tab at the left column of your account page on marketplace.
  • Every code has its expiry date, and can be used only once, don’t give it to anyone if you don’t want to lose your rewards.
  • This Redeem code function doesn’t work with $WANA and Land. These 02 items would keep the original way of sending wallet-to-wallet.
  • The code can be used by any wallet, If you are new or using a new wallet, you have to link an Email and corresponding Password for that new account.
  • After linking the email & password and redeem your code, check your In-game’s Inventory, or just log in the game to see your rewards 🤗
  • This function is to also meant give way for new farmers joining us incentivized by some lucky vouchers that they find from future events 😄
Link a new Email and Password for your game account first if you use the Code on a new wallet,

Notices about giving the reward of previous contests:

Recently, we have 02 contests as below to apply the redeem function. For the winners as announced, please check your Twitter inbox from Oct 3rd, 2022 to get the code individually from our admins (1., 2. 3.

Have fun playing Wanaka Farm 🥰

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