Patch Notes 1.1.10

Hello beloved Wanaka Farmers,

In this Patch Notes v.1.1.10, We are pleased to bring you all the following changes as below:

Details of the update, please read the content below!

Update details

1. Adjusting and adding new Quests

We will add more new daily/weekly quests and adjust the conditions of several current quests. Please read below details; the total quantity quests per day or per week will stay same (5 daily quests/day, 04 weekly quests/week)

A. Removing the Farm work quest:

In the deep consideration of changing the condition for Farm Work quest, we will remove it, it means you will no longer to do the watering/feeding 20 times a day to get the reward in $WAI and Organic Waste any longer. This quest slot is to be replaced by one random new daily quests.

B. Adjusting current quests:

Daily Quest:

  • Change The quantity of items submitted, or extra items are needed to complete some daily quests.
  • Vary the rewarded amount of $WAI of each quest in a range, no more fixed amount.
    Details will be like as below:
Adjusted Daily Quests Tier 1
Adjusted Daily Quests Tier 2 – 3
  • Weekly quest:
    • More following growing actions added, In order to make everyone involve in the Farming actions (Growing and submit harvested items), not only submitting product items.
    • Vary the rewarded amount of $WAI of each quest in a range, no more fixed amount
Adjusted Weekly Quest Tier 1-2

C. New quests:

  • New Daily Quests (To be randomly picked daily, replacing the Farm Work quest):
Random Quest to replace Farm Work daily quest
  • New Weekly Quests: Within the 4 random weekly quests/week, 02 more quests will be added amongst:

2. Re-opening Rental System

The rental system will be re-opened, which no significant changes 🥳

3. Organic Waste Policy

Changing the policy of Organic Waste obtained, Organic Waste can no longer be collected from Quest Farm Work, instead:

  • Organic Waste will only be produced from the Factory processsing of Harvested items harvested by Pet.
  • Harvested items that are harvested by Hand are unlikely to generate Organic Waste.
How to distinguish the harvested items harvested manually or by Pet


Harvested items Organic Waste generated through Factory processing
Crop Category4 Organic Waste / Harvested item processed
Fruit Category3 Organic Waste / Harvested item processed
Aquatic Category3 Organic Waste / Harvested item processed
Cattle Category2 Organic Waste / Harvested item processed
Orgaic Waste generated through Factory processing

4. Land upgrading cost

Basically, We lower the $WAI cost accordingly for lands that have less than 4 farming seasons: 01/02/03 seasons land, will cost 25%/50%/75% of the standard $WAI cost.

Seconding, $WANA cost will also be applied in any levels upgrading, with the Fixed dollar cost, and reflect into the game, based on the market value of $WANA/$BUSD.

For example: with the $WANA price 0.01, to upgrade Level 09 → 10, with the fixed dollar cost $ 0.648, you need 65 $WANA (round number)

Details updated in Wiki > Land > Land Level

Land upgrading costs & materials

5. Mutation $WAI reward

Base $WAI reward per Mutated item category would be changed as below table:

Growing CategoryCurrent base $WAI reward/NFTNew base $WAI reward/NFT
Crop growing items100 $WAI130 $WAI
Fruit growing items200 $WAI240 $WAI
Aquatic growing items300 $WAI300 $WAI
Cattle growing items400 $WAI320 $WAI

6. Pet’s promotions

A. Pet recipes: After V1.1.10 applies, the Pet recipes price will be increased from 1,000 $WAI into 3,000 $WAI.

B. Pet crafting material: After V1.1.10 applies, Qty of Potion II material will be reduced 50% as for Lunar new year promotion following the Xmas promotion of recipes.

7. Character’s energy policy New

No longer the same energy level, Farmers with more Lands working will have a correspondingly higher energy recovery rate:

Number of working land / accountCharacter energy recovery rateNotes
01 Land30 Energy/hourStandard rate (Same as before)
02 Lands60 Energy/hourx2 Standard rate
03 Lands90 Energy/hourx3 Standard rate
04 Lands120 Energy/hourx4 Standard rate
Character’s energy recovery rate according to quantity of land use

That’s all for v1.1.10 🥰

Thank you for your attention, and have a happy harvest!

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