WANAKA Farm T-shirt Giveaway Campaign #1

Event result:

140+ winners, 18* whitelisted countries with Ambassadors,

List of contact person is below

Ambassador List (Discord user):

Our Ambassadors are welcome any new users who are interested in WANAKA Farm, too.

Don’t hesitate to ask them a question

Below was the campaign term and conditions (Took place in June 7th – 14th, 2022) 👇👇👇

🌠 Hi beloved WANAKA Farmers,

We are offering the very first giveaway of WANAKA Farm branding T-shirts in June, 2022 to our lovely farmers, who always support and believe in our project. And in order to execute this campaign globally, please help us to read and follow the proposal below carefully:

To be short, we want to select up to 10 countries x 6-12 shirts/country to send the shirts according to our game user portfolio data and your all registrations. We would like to choose the winners based on the form application & Wanaka Point (WP) that you have. The higher WP you own, the more likely you will receive our Shirts.

To execute this crossborder activity, we need some volunteers to become the WANAKA ambassador of each country, in order to take the shirts and dispatch them to the winners.

A country & its winners would be considered to win the T-shirts, if:

  • The terrain is in our country list (you can check the Application Form)
  • We get at least 01 dedicated volunteer to become Ambassador in each country, as to follow the campaign, receive the shirts and take care of the sending the shirts to our winners in their home country. 
  • We get more than 10 registrations for T-shirts winners.
  • There’s no limitation or minimum requirement on the Wanaka Point, but it is a reference to choose and prioritize in case we have too many registrations.
  • One person should only do one-time registration, for winning 01 shirt only, with your email, name, contact address, etc, … So that we can contact & send the gifts successfully to you. Your Wanaka Point should not be changed during the registration & 7 days after that.

How to check your WANAKA Point

Prefer to the Blog article below »
WANAKA Farm DAO System - Wanaka Point
WANAKA Farm DAO System – Wanaka Point

The T-shirts & international logistics cost are sponsored by WANAKA Farm Team. However, we need some domestic shipping cost in order to pay the local service providers. (expected 5-15$/shirt on average, we will announce the final cost after checking your registration address with the Ambassador). The winners will pay this cost to the shipping companies through the Ambassador.

Registering this campaign means you agree with us the below conditions:

  • As to be the T-shirt winner: You agree to pay the mentioned logistics cost above.
  • As to be the Ambassador: Sure you will get your own T-shirt, but besides, you agree to help us on receiving the shirts in bulk, spend your time to contact and send to each individual, Including but not limited to risk of losing time and other unexpected execution costs. However, we are sure you are our valuable supporter, and we will give more privileges in the future; i.e: NFT airdrops, whitelisted opportunities. …
  • We are not sure we have enough T-shirts for all, but we will try to consider carefully all the registrations. Our decision on the winners should not be disregarded or disputed.

Be the T-shirt Winner or the Ambassador, please complete the following form (Registration form open until June 14, 2022 – 15:00 UTC)


Please be aware that this campaign is first time running, and we are not sure we can finish it without the community, everything is up to your encouragement :)

The discussion after this announcement should only be posted on our Discord > “general chat . and according results of this campaign will be announced in each country room on Discord.

Many thanks & Sincerely Yours,

WANAKA Farm Team

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