Patch Notes 1.1.1

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Dear WANAKA Farmers,

In this v.1.1.1 Patch update, We are pleased to bring you an update with the main purpose for (New Growing Items) and other following changes:

Details of the update, please read below!

Update Details

1. New Growing Items

New Growing Items
New Growing Items: Seasons & Level Requirement

2. New Ingredient/Product Items

How to processing new Ingredient Items
New Production Items

3. New Quests

In this v.1.1.1 Update, We have changed the normal quest mechanism as below:

  • Daily Quest: We would add 13 new Daily quests besides 4 old quests. Everyday you will get randomly 04 Daily Quests. Besides, The “Farm work” Quest would increase the quantity of items taking care from 08 into 20.
  • Weekly Quest: We would add 7 new and remove 5/9 previous Weekly Quests. 4/9 previous WQs are adjusted the submitted Items qty and according rewards. Every week you will get randomly 04 Weekly Quests.
  • 05 removed Weekly Quests :
    • Vegetable Master
    • Tree Master
    • Farm Animals Master
    • Fisher Fisher
    • Recycle your trash
Daily Quest List – All product Items musst be 3-star quality
Weekly Quest List – All product Items musst be 3-star quality

4. Fixed Bugs & Improvements

Graphics: We changed the shader for the entire game, now the ingame images will look brighter, more beautiful, especially the characters.

UI/UX: Updated animation for UI, making the game come to life.

Rental System: Save the Filter settings after each use. Display Land Level on the listings. Change the term Land ID into Contract ID on the listing item and search filter

Performance: Add the LOD for 3D objects, improve the performance when playing games.

Server: optimize the APIs.

Others: Use multiple items in one go: Energy item for the character, Item increases pet’s stats (health, energy, satiety).

Review the previous Change Logs:

Land Rental system tutorial:

Thank you to the genuine WANAKA Farm farmers who have always been with us.

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