Patch Notes 1.0.11

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Dear WANAKA Farmers,

?? In the v.1.0.11 Patch update, We are pleased to bring you an update with the “Spring” theme interface. This theme promises to bring freshness after the time your farm is submerged in the cold of winter.???

?? In addition to the theme change, we have made changes related to Pet Farm (Combine Pet, Auto Breeding, Auto farming / growing), Energy recovery support Pet and a few other tweaks and upgrades. ??

Details of the update, please read below!

Update Details

✍️ Pet Combine

We introduce the Pet Combine function as shown in the previously released Pet system documentation. Now you are free to upgrade your Pet Farm to higher rarity, in order to serve your Farm care with the highest efficiency.

Pet Combine Screen

Compulsory: The player must own the building item: Incubator, to use this function.

(1). The top first slot is called “Base“. The sufficient condition for Combine Pet is that the player needs to have at least 2 Pets of the same type or more (including Base slot). Use Hold & Drag Pets to slots.

  • After the player performs the Combine operation:
    + If the Combine is successful: Pet Farm will be upgraded to a higher rarity and the new Pet level will be taken from the Pet level in the Base slot.
    + If the Combine fails: The Pet in the Base slot will be kept for the player, the rest will be BURNED.

(2). x3 Slots for players to drag and drop other Pets (of the same type as the Base Pet) to increase the Combine rate. The more Pets installed, the higher the success rate when Combine.

(3). The $WAI fee when the player uses the Combine function.
Caution: The $WAI fee will not be fixed, but will increase gradually based on the rarity of the Pets brought to the Combine.

(4). Shows the percentage (%) of success at different rarity when doing Pet Combine.

(5). Showing list of Pets

Pet Combine Screen

✍️ Pet Farm System (Update)

Realizing the urgency and effectiveness of using Pet Farm in the game, on the other hand, we want to show the value of Pet more clearly at different rarity.

  • We decided to add 2 new functions to Pet Farm:
    • Breeding (Multi Breed & Breed All).
    • Auto Plant/Raise.
  • These 2 functions will not be available by default in Pet. Depending on the Level and Rarity, the player will have these 2 functions.
Updated Properties Pet Farm
  • Pet Farm: Breeding

Players can Breed many Growing items at the same time and Breed all of them if the player owns the Breeding function on the Pet Farm.

Pet System Screen

(1). Button for Auto Plant/Raise.

(2). Button for Breeding.

Requirements to open these 2 functions, please refer to the Pet Farm index table above

Pet Farm Breeding Screen

(1). Click this button for the player to control Breeding.

(2). The types of Growing Items that are allowed for Breeding will depend on the type of Growing Items the player is choosing to take care of.

(3). List Growing Items, players can select multiple Items at the same time (number is even) for Multi Breed.

(4). Consumes Energy and $WAI when the player does Breeding.

(5) & (6). Multi Breed and Nút Breed All. (Breed All: Pet will automatically Breed all Harvested Items of that type in the player’s Inventory)

Like normal Breed, Multi Breed will still be done in pairs, so the number of input items is only taken in even numbers.

  • Pet Farm: Auto Planting

?? In this update, in addition to the care functions (watering, feeding, harvesting) that were available before, now Pet Farm will have an additional function to help players grow plants and raise animals themselves. ??

Pet Farm: Auto Planting Screen

(1). Click this button for the player to operate the auto-plant function.

(2). The type of Growing Items that the player wants to automatically plant/raise will depend on the type of Growing Items being selected for care.

(3). depending on the Pet Level/Rarity, the maximum number of Items allowed to be planted/raised will be different.

(4). Players can customize the number of Growing Items for Pet Farm to automatically plant/raise. Each time the Pet takes action, it will subtract (-1) the index (appointed qty) until it is 0. When the setting index is 0, the Pet will no longer grow and the player will need to go to the setting again for the next planting.

Caution: If during the Pet’s planting action, the player’s Pet runs out of energy while the required number of Growing Items has not been planted, the remaining Growing Items will not be planted. The player needs to fully reload the Pet’s stats so that the Pet can continue to grow the remaining Growing Items.

  • Pet Farm: Action

We want to give players a more active play of Pet Farm’s operating equipment, instead of previously Pet Farm would do all designed operations including (Watering, feeding, harvesting) at the same time.

Pet Farm: HUD

(1). Perform Watering/feeding action.

(2). Take the action of Planting / raising.

(3). Take the action of Harvesting.

(4). Carry out the entire act of care in order (Harvest – Plant/Raise – Water/Feed)

✍️ Pet Halloween (Taking Effect)

Sorry for the long wait, Pet Paimoon and Bedlam now have the Energy recovery speed function.

  • Pet Bedlam: +15% Energy recovery speed.
  • Pet Paimoon: +10% Energy recovery speed.
Pet Halloween Updated

✍️ Spring Theme

Farewell to the cold weather of winter, our Art team has updated the “Spring” theme with a green and vibrant atmosphere. Everyone, please remember to turn on the sound and experience the game.

Spring Theme

Thank you to the genuine WANAKA Farm farmers who have always been with us.

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