Patch Notes 1.1.5 & 1.1.6

Dear beloved WANAKA Farmers,

In this v.1.1.5 & 1.1.6 Patch update, We are pleased to bring you all a completely new interface of the ingame New farming UI/UX along with the following changes as below:

Details of the update, please read below!

Update Details

1. Renaming some items/categories ✍️

From v.1.1.5, we have change the name of 04 growing item category names and 04 ingredient names to embrace the meaning and make it easier to memorize each asset type:

  • Growing item categories: We would change the calling names of Vegetable, Tree, Fish, Animal accordingly into Crops, Fruits, Aquatic and Cattle.
  • Potion Ingredients: We would change the name of Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma into Aqua Potion, Fruiti Potion, Cropi Potion and Cattle Potion.

2. Gameplay improvements

a. New farming UI/UX:

From v1.1.6, you will experience a totally new farming UI to manage your seeds, favourite items to grow each category in new card-style growing menu, instead of calling each items from your inventory.
Highly notice: From this update ‘seed’ will not appear in the inventory, nor to be called from inventory to plant, details will be explained later in this article

  • To plant a seed, minor differences from each device are:
    • PC: you can press ‘Q’ or mouse click on the active land plot to call the growing menu.
    • Mobile: Touch the main action button on right-bottom corner of your phone to call the growing menu.
  • From this menu, you can:
    • See full requirements for each one.
    • Pin your favorite items to first place in the queue by ticking the heart icon of each one.
    • See how many seeds in inventory to plan your growing.
New Farming UI/UX

b. Buying limit for Water & Feeding:

We have changed the maximum water & feeding buying and storing limit in WanaShop & Inventory,

  • The total quantity water or feed that the user can maintain in the inventory now is 5000 units.
  • Each purchase from WanaShop is up to 500 units.

It means, if you only wanna buy water & feeding from WanaShop, just do 10 times purchase of each items to fill the allowed capacity.

Maximum 500 items water or feeding in 01 Wanashop purchase.

c. Growing action for Crops:

Just 01 single plough to plant Cabbage

From v.1.1.5, for Crops items we have (1) Removed the the ploughing plot action, (2) Remove the dirty landplot after harvesting the Crops. That mean Planting action of Crops will be same flow and consume the same energy as the other 3 categories Fruits, Aquatic and Cattle 👨🏻‍🌾

d. Factory output:

Ingredient Items: Milk, Butter, Goat meat, Goat horn will have their chances to be 1⭐,2⭐ or 3⭐. They would be no longer 3 by-default as usual.

Milk with 1 quality

e. Selling multiple of Seeds in WanaTrade:

From now, you can sell more than 01 single seed per slot in the WanaTrade to maximize your sales upon time and effort listing. For explanation, please find details in below section 3.UI/UX improvements:

3. Major UI/UX improvements:

Pet recalling: There would be a confirm popup when you (mistakenly) press recall Pet. 🤷‍♂️

Mutation NFT sorting: Now you can sort the mutation in inventory to look for unharvested $WAI mutations

Seed qty display in inventory: From v1.1.6, you will no longer see the seeds inside inventory, but only to observe the (1) total seed qty via a short note on inventory backpag and (2) the qty of each via new growing menu

✅ WanaTrade improved UI with unit price of each item in the bundle offer:

✅ ✨Fixxing some bugs from Update v1.1.4

Thanks for your attention, and have a happy harvest!

Check again our new HUD update from Patch note v1.1.4

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