Patch Notes 1.0.10

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WANAKA Farm NFT Farm Game - Update v1.0.10

Dear WANAKA Farmers,

After the Lunar New Year holiday, we will send you an update patch v.1.0.10 detail. ?

In this update, we focus on fixing bugs that have arisen in the past 2 weeks and making a few changes based on community feedback. ?‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍?

??? Details of the update, please read below! ???

Update Details

✍️ WanaShop

Recognizing the need of players to buy Items in bulk: Salt, Sugar, Pepper, Hatch, We have changed the maximum number of Items that can be purchased in WanaShop: from 5100

WANAKA Farm NFT Farm Game - Update v1.0.10 - wanashop
Graphic Illustration

✍️ Inventory

Listen to players’ opinions, about the arrangement of Items in Inventory is quite difficult to choose, We have added “Filter” feature (Seed, Harvested, NFT) to make it easier for players to use items.

Please be noted that we will still continuosly improve the UI/UX interface in the next coming versions.

WANAKA Farm NFT Farm Game - Update v1.0.10 - inventory
Graphic Illustration

✍️ Factory

As part of the UI/UX improvement plan, on the Factory screen, we will default to displaying the Product Items list from the beginning, instead of having to click the “Select Product” Button first.

WANAKA Farm NFT Farm Game - Update v1.0.10 - Factory
Graphic Illustration

✍️ Pet Farm System

Pet Farm 2 weeks after launch, we noticed that Pet’s loss of Full/Hungry (Satiety) and Health (Health) stats, even when players put Pets in inventory, is a bit annoying. We will change the mechanism as follows:

When placing Pets on Land:

✔️ Health: -1 every 1 hour, -2 if Satiety <=5

✔️Satiety: -1 every 1 hour

✔️ Energy: -1/care action

When storing Pets in Inventory:

✔️ Health: -1 every 1 hour

✔️Satiety: -1 every 1 hour

However, every time you put a Pet in the inventory, the Pet will be deducted (-5) the (Health) stat and (-3) the (Satiety) Stat.

WANAKA Farm NFT Farm Game - Update v1.0.10 - Pet
Graphic Illustration

Watch more videos on How to use Pet

Wanaka Official Youtube Chanel
Tutorial series: How to use the egg incubator
Tutorial series: Accessing Pet System
Tutorial series: Pet stats
Tutorial series: Farm care and level up pets
Tutorial series: Add/swap growing items
Tutorial series: Pet farm care in action

✍️ Fixed Bug

✅ Error displaying NFT Growing Items (losing the display of mutated Item, difficult to harvest): Fixed DONE

WANAKA Farm NFT Farm Game - Update v1.0.10 - NFT interactions
Graphic illustration

✍️ Mobile Platform

We have added a camera angle change mode, to give players the freedom to choose the viewing angle when playing the game.

WANAKA Farm NFT Farm Game - Update v1.0.10 - Mobile view control
Graphic illustration

✅ Problem related to front camera notch: Fixed DONE

✅ Can’t enter decimals on WanaTrade: Fixed DONE

Thank you to the genuine WANAKA Farm farmers who have always been with us.

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