Release note version 1.0.8

Lottery Cheap

Lottery Oink

Hi everyone! We want to list the changes log for the new update version today.

  1. Add New Building Item : Incubator Item
    ( You can start deposit your incubator into the game )
  2. Add Feature: Craft Egg, Incubate Egg
  3. Add New Pet Recipe Item : Taipa’s Egg Recipe, Rolly’s Egg Recipe
    Can get from :
    – WanaShop (Price : 20000 Wai for the first recipe, price will be increased 10000 Wai after each purchase, maximum 10 recipes per week, price will be reseted to 20000 Wai weekly)
    – Lottery OINK (500 Wai)
  4. Add Boost Hatch Time Items :
    Can get from :
    – WanaShop
  5. Update Wana Trade :
    – Add sort function
    – Change fee from 0.01 fixed in $Wana to 5% of transaction
    – Add Growing NFT to WanaTrade (Buy/Sell by Wana)
    – Add Clear All Functions on Sell Screen
  6. Change Reward and rate for Lottery
  7. Update Art:
    – Change skybox
    – Optimize 3D assets to performance

Thank you! Have a nice day!

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