Christmas Land Theme decoration contest

🧖‍♀️🧖‍♂️ Hello dearest Wanaka Farmers,

⛄❄️⛄Christmas 2022 is coming, to celebrate this event, we hold 1 contest:

🎶🥳Christmas Land Theme decoration contest🥳🎶


🎄Purpose: Introducing Wanaka Farm images to more and more people


✅ Decorate your farm in your own ways.

✅ Take beautiful photos and post them on your Social channels (facebook, twitter, instagram…) with a short introduction or thoughts about WANAKA FARM.

✅ Tag friends in the networks with the hashtag #WANAKAFARM và cashtags $WANA, $WAI.

🤔 Criteria: Creative freedom, fun and spontaneity. The more social channels you post, the greater your chances of winning. We’ll add up the number of interactions on your social channels, so even if you have a lot of friends on just one platform, no need to worry.

🎁 Prizes:

Prize pool 100$ for 10 winners – The payout ratio depends on the quality of the 10 winning candidates

✍️ Tips: There are Christmas items in the shop (free to buy) for you to decorate the Land more easily, more beautiful.

✍️ Try to take photos from every angle to be unique/impressive 😊

✍️ The event will run from December 24 to December 31. At 20h on the 31st we will close the registration form. Results will be announced after New Year’s Eve.

✍️ Please visit this form to fill in the link of the channels that you join: Or fill out the form below:

✍️ Judging Criteria:

  • 👉 The entry that has the most community interaction of all the Social channels you have joined (cumulative).
  • 👉 Complete the requirements with hashtag, cashtag, fill out the form.

😊 Let’s introduce WANAKA FARM to the world together!!

❤️ Thank you for participating and wish you all a peaceful and warm Christmas with your family and Wanaka Farm❤️

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