$WANA Staking pool V1 – Last 10 Days for Harvesting

Dear Beloved WANAKA Farmers,

Realizing many members among us had missed the due date July20 to harvest the interest WANA EARN. We decided to re-open the Old Staking Pool from 22/07/2022 until 31/07/2022.

Within and only this time, you have the chance to harvest interest that you missed doing in 15-20 July, 2022, read it again about the policy for old staking pool in this post.

Please try to do it before the July 31st, as it’s your last chance to harvest. Otherwise, you will have to open the support ticket here and wait for us to solve later in Jan, 2023

Regards & Sincerely Yours,


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Staking Pool V2 Disclaimer:

There are too many concerns and rumors about how we understand the new staking, like APR% declining, the reward counting rules, … So all of the collected questions would be answered in our new forum Reddit (Official from WANAKA Farm team)

Subreddit community (Official from WANAKA Farm team)
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