HR Update: Farewell CMO

Cakoin Co-founder/CMO

Official leave WANAKA Farm: Feb 13th, 2022
WANAKA Farm thay đổi nhân sự: Tạm biệt CMO


✌️ Dear WANAKA Farmers,

We are to announce that Cakoin our Co-Founder/CMO has resigned from WANAKA Farm, with the reason that she want to focus on developing her own private projects, and it has been approved by our board. ✍️

? We will quickly look for talented and virtuous person to take care this responsibility; According Marketing strategy will also have a stronger innovation in the near future. ???

We would like to make sure that this Change will not affect the ongoing announced roadmap and plans, hope you continue to trust and support the project to succeed! ???

Thank you so much!

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